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Essays About Film Review

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Film review: Fight CLub (1999) and Commentary Essay

This is a film review intended for an educated adult audience with an interest in either the film Fight Club specifically, or cinematography in general. It is written primarily to inform, and secondarily to entertain the reader. The sophisticated vocabulary of the piece dictates its primary audience, as it includes abstract noun phrases such as…

Jaws & Deep Blue Sea Film Review Essay

Stephen Spielberg’s film ‘Jaws’ is a classic summer blockbuster, with all the horror, thrills, suspense and special effects you would expect from such a film. Originally produced in 1975, ‘Jaws’ is an American thriller (based on Peter Benchley’s novel of the same name). It does not contain all the typical horror movie convictions like violence…

Titanic film review essay

Today most people would rather watch a film than read a book. A film is a much more relaxing and, for some, enjoyable way of knowing a story, event, novel or play. Unlike a book, where you have to interpret the story and characters yourself, a film portrays the characters and scenery for you. The…



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Ocean’s 11 film review Essay

Ocean’s 11 is a remake of Ocean’s Eleven (1960), with George Clooney playing Danny Ocean rather than Frank Sinatra. If you didn’t already know, George Clooney is cooler than you are. He’s got the women. He’s got the money. And ever since he left his ER scrubs in the dust a few years ago, Clooney…

Film review for empire Magazine Essay

Film Review for “Empire Magazine” for “The Italian Job” (2003) In a Nutshell: A re -working of Peter Collinson’s classic action -packed film “The Italian Job”. But can the remake really top the original? This film still has the excitement of the last, and the thrilling adventure really kicks off when $35,000,000 worth of gold…

Film Review – 35 and Ticking Essay

In the movie “35 and Ticking”, four friends are trying to find their way to the lives they promised they would get by age 45. The friends have always dreamed of their “perfect family” , being married, with children. Cleavon is single, and he “works” for the sperm bank, and isn’t worried about finding love,…

Film Review – Almos’ A Man Essay

In the film, “Almos’ A Man,” Dave is a young boy who works as a farm hand who feels like he is treated like a boy but he feels like he should be treated like a man. He even quips to his mother that she often tells him “he is almos’ a man now,” during…

Film Review – Black Orpheus Essay

If you ever came across a man with the name Orpheus you would assume that his wife would be Eurydice? A vast majority of people would agree because of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice which was composed thousands of years ago. Marcel Camus tries to recreate the story of Orpheus and Eurydice in his…

Film Review – Blind Devotion Essay

Jubilee Project in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan recently made an extremely touching short film titled “Blind Devotion,” a masterpiece about unconditional love. The story goes when a devoted wife and her loving husband faced the biggest dilemma in their lives, which will put their commitment as a couple to an ultimate test. The double-pun…

Film Review – Children of Heaven Essay

The film” Children of Heaven” shows people a totally different kind of life. The film follows the main characters Ali and his little sister Zahra, who are born in a poor family in Iran. It shocks many students who first watch this movie. In China there are many families who are very poor, especially those…

Film Review – Dear White People Essay

There is an everlasting struggle for self-identity within the African American community. Primarily, due to the trauma created during American history. Many men and women have overcome the trauma, and found their own purpose for their life. Some attribute their self-discovery to a higher education. College is supposed to be a place to find out…

Film Review – Difret Essay

“Difret” is a movie about a young, 14 year old girl, who was kidnapped on her way home from school one day. Her name was Hirut and seemed very quite. She had just received a note from the teacher saying she could move on to the 5th grade. Unfortunate for her, it wasn’t a good…

Film Review – Forrest Gump Essay

The film, Forrest Gump has taught and given me numerous insights to the cinematography world and what lies behind it. I believe everything happens for a reason, and if a scene is shot in a particular method, there has to be a reason or an idea to justify it. The opening scene of the film…

Film Review – Gung Ho Essay

“Gung Ho” is a story of a Japanese company, Assan Motors, which comes to a small town, Hadleyville, to reopen a car factory. The story shows us that the Japanese and Americans have very different styles of operating a company, based in large measures on differences in cultural values. Hunt Stevenson is the employee liaison…

Film Review – Return to Paradise Essay

“Return to Paradise” is a movie about three guys, Sheriff, Lewis, and Tony who become friends while on vacation in Malaysia. The movie opens with the men obliviously enjoying their time in Malaysia with drinks, women, and hash. The vacation comes to end for Sheriff and tony the night after they may have partied too…

Film Review – The Devil Came on Horseback Essay

The documentary film Devil Came On Horseback is a tragedy that takes place in Darfur as seen through the eyes of an American witness, who has since returned to the U. S. to take action to stop it. It uses the photograph’s and first hand testimony of former U. S marine captain Brian Steidle to…

Film Review – The Lego Movie Essay

“The Lego Movie” is a story about becoming who you are, realizing you are unique and exploiting your strengths to become who you are supposed to become. Oddly enough, it happens to be in a utopian dictatorship that this story takes place, yet by the end it all makes sense and you are left feeling…

Film Review – The Pianist Essay

In “The Pianist,” director Roman Polanski reveals the struggles that Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Polish Jew and talented pianist, must endure as he struggles for survival in WWII Warsaw. As all that he has known and loved is torn from him, including his entire family and way of life, Mr. Szpilman must resort to any means…

Film Review – Tsotsi Essay

In the motion picture, “Tsotsi,” directed by Gavin Hood, Tsosti is a teenager without feelings, hardened by his tough life. Tsosti was not a criminal just because he encountered a hard lifestyle from young causing him interact in violent crimes for survival. After a series of violent crimes, he hijacks a car while driving and…

Film Review – Walt Disney’s Frozen Essay

Disney, as a production company, has been around for many years. From their first full-length animated movie, “Snow White,” in 1937, to the most recent Disney Film, “Planes: Fire & Rescue,” I’m sure close to everyone has seen one Disney movie. Disney has been around to not only entertain, but to also educate people all…

Four Film Reviews Essay

As a first time viewer of Sofia Coppola’s third motion picture Marie Antoinette, it was intriguing to look at her interpretation of the period and characterization of the young Marie Antoinette. I can see where is would be troubling for some viewers when sometimes the film comes across all wrong because of the use of…

Stranger Than Fiction – Film Review Essay

The film, “Stranger Than Fiction,” is an excellent movie in dealing with the stages of the Hero’s Journey. The use of imagery is also often used to illustrate the theme. The main character Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) commences on a journey of self-exploration and struggles to find balance. With his presumptuous lifestyle, Harold begins to…

Film Review: Glory Essay

On December 14, 1989, the movie Civil War based movie, “Glory,” was released to across-the-board rave reviews. Starring Andre Braugher as Private Thomas Searles and Denzel Washington as Private Silas Trip, the film gave audiences the chance to witness the close relationship between these two very different men. Starting out as men from different classes…

Schindler’s List: A Film Review Essay

Schindler’s List Set in the most hideous period of universe history,Schindler’s Listtells the existent life narrative of Oscar Schindler. Set in Krakow ghetto of German occupied Poland,Schindler’s Listtakes a expression at the life and development of Oscar Schindler, a Nazi profiteer who changed the class of tonss of Polish Jews. Despite originally siding with the…

The Dead Poet Society Film Review Essay

Submitted by: Jessica McCartyA movie, which is still as emotionally stimulating as it was when it first hit the big screen, is Dead Poet Society. This modern drama effectively uses the aspects of music, splendid acting, and realistic scenery to create a must see movie that will strike the hearts of its viewers over and…

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