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    Feminist Reflection (604 words)

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    Feminist therapy is based on the integration of feminist, multicultural, and social justice concepts. This therapy uses psychotherapy approaches. The therapist tries to learn about what issues are contributing to a client’s problems in order to understand the client.

    “A central concept in feminist therapy is the importance of understanding and acknowledging psychological oppression and the constraints imposed by the sociopolitical status to which women, underrepresented, and marginalized individuals have been relegated.” (Corey, 2015, p. 339).

    Those who follow this practice try to understand the roles of men and women within the clients lives, using this to understand what their relationships are like being a woman. They look at the socialization of women with others and then look at how those relationships affect their identity development, goals, self-concept, and emotional well-being. This therapy looks at if their client is giving away their power within relationships, most of the time the client isn’t even aware of this.

    Those who follow this practice try to keep in mind the gender socialization, sexism throughout the client’s life, and use related “isms” when working with their clients. They use gender fair approaches that explain the differences of behavior in women and men within the socialization of process. They also use a flexible- multicultural perspective which is when they use certain strategies that apply to individuals and groups for all different ages, cultures, genders, abilities, or sexual orientation.

    Personal Reflection

    For feminist therapy I feel as the name will turn quite a few people away. The word “feminist” has a stigma attached to it in today’s generations. I think this therapy has a good idea behind it but I’m not sure how well using feminist therapy would work within different populations. I enjoy that this therapy shows women what ways they are giving up their power. I have noticed that most women shy away from being bosses and managers because the men in their lives have always taken those positions. Especially in the work field, you can easily see how the number of women in boss potions is slim.

    Application of Theory to Diverse Populations

    According to the book, feminist therapy tries to be gender fair, interactionist, flexible-multicultural, and life-span oriented. Feminist therapy tries to promote political, social, and environmental changes within the counselling context. They work with the client more as partners in figuring out the client’s problems. They also work together when setting goals and choosing strategies.

    They acknowledge the cultural issues within the clients lives and understand the reality of people’s lives. They acknowledge what populations experience privilege and what populations don’t. This therapy would have issues with those women who do not have the same beliefs, for example they might not agree that women are giving up power within relationships. Just like in all therapies, the therapist runs the risk of pushing their own beliefs onto their client.

    Application of Theory to Area of Study

    For my field of study, I would like to work closely with those are have autism. I would truly enjoy helping them live more efficient and happier lives. I would work with my clients by helping them understand those feelings they can’t control or can’t quite understand. I would work with this population by helping them express themselves in a better manner.

    In my opinion, Feminist Therapy would not be the best type of therapy to use with this population. Although, I might be working with women and they might be experiences loss of power I believe that it would be a different type of power loss than expressed within this therapy.

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