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    Fake News and Media in Our World

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    Rhetoric is a persuasive use of a language that has been around since philosophy ages. The term rhetoric can completely change the way we think critically by engaging us emotionally. We have the ability to communicate in different ways using the same information while adding our own little personal twist to it. In doing so, we may engage our audience differently, it could possibly change the way they receive the information and depending on how much of a personal twist we add can determine if the information is the same. The application of one’s credibility is called Ethos, The application of one’s emotional state is called Pathos and the application of one’s argument is called Logos. Rhetoric is a language used to persuade the audience in different ways by utilizing the three formal approaches outlined above.

    Of the three formal approaches outlined earlier in this learning module, I think the application of Ethos would be the most effective approach for communicating in a contemporary rhetoric situation. Ethos is an approach used to establish the speaker’s credibility through intelligence, character and good will. The speaker must be very knowledgeable, give good information, have dependable sources, and must understand the need of the audience completely. This approach is a better way to persuade your audience and keep them holding on to your every word. While utilizing this approach you are able to directly tailor your speech around your audience. This allows you to give the audience exactly what they came for, as well as helping you to make believers of them by allowing them to see you as a person that knows what they’re talking about. It’s very important that the audience feels that they receive the information they needed and wanted in order for this approach to be very effective.

    Pablo Bowczkowski is saying that the influences of fake news is causing unnecessary stress, commotion and it is causing the public to respond in an irrational manner. Fake news publishers share information with the public that is believable and based off of current situations. I think it is done as a means to misinform, redirecting our thinking and forcing us as the public to question everything happening around us. When the truth is actually told it gets questioned by the public because of the fake news that was also given to us in the form of reporting news. It doesn’t matter if it is celebrity news, economy news, or political news. They feel like drama and emotion sells. Sadly, the fake news reporters are correct.

    The approaches they are using to report the fake news is the application of one’s credibility, this would be Ethos. The application of one’s emotional state would be Pathos. They report exactly what the world wants to hear, carefully coming up with the perfect way to deliver the information and at the perfect time. Think about every time you have stood inline at wal-mart and looked to your right or left, seeing all the gossip magazines on the rack. You see the scandals, the world ending and every celebrity sleeping around. Maybe you have watched Facebook and have seen all the stories on our president or of the wars starting again, all of these appeal to our emotions, forcing us to have some type of reaction.

    Pablo Boczkowski is very pessimistic about the future of journalism, seeing how the future of journalism is being destroyed. Pablo Boczkowski stated, ‘There is ambivalence toward an information infrastructure in which the barriers of access to having one’s voice heard are lower than in the past, and where the reach is potentially much broader. Second, there is a growing perception of limitations in the ability to detect bias in a media environment in which editorial selection increasingly relies on algorithms. Third, there is a crisis in the cultural authority of knowledge that affects not only journalism but other key institutions of modern life, including science, medicine, and education. Mainstream journalistic organizations would increasingly have to demonstrate to the public the veracity of the news and denounce the falsity of alternative accounts rather than take for granted the aspect of the reception experience.'(Pablo Bowczkowski).

    With this being said, Journalists will have to make sure their sources are credible on every article published under their name due to the surfacing of fake news and media. Myself now taking college courses, I will going forward make sure my sources are credible by asking for hard evidence for the news they are reporting. Such as pictures, legal binding documents and police reports, ect. I really feel that there are several qualities a source should have and needs. Some of which qualities should not be limited to but should include is expert point of view and qualification to the source. It is very important to use quality information not scraps. This will help your credibility and will allow you to give precises, correct information.

    The consequences of fake news through out the American society could be potentially life threatening. It has a way to force it’s way on the world. Think about it, there are some many people, young and older in age that can not think clearly for themselves. How about all the youth in our society with extreme depression problems? They are big targets for these fake medias and news. They feed off this section of our public, off of their emotional state. We must be mindful of fake news and how we allow it to create our point of view toward everything in the world.

    Social media has made it very accessible in many ways, shapes and forms. In this day and age fake news spreads easiest with in your smart phones and mobile devices. These give you the quickest access to the sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. These sites where meant to help keep family and friends in touch with one another, giving them ways to feel close when they may be so far. That the way they should stay. Our political views, personal information or any type of harassment should not be on social media.

    I think it is safe to say that everyone has an opinion and a very point on fake news in our world. Everyone as the fake news surfaces do different things with it. I think it is terrible that these fake news journalist are okay with some of the things they throw into the world, watching our public take it in and help it spread. I often catch myself wondering what is happening with our world and it’s people. How can someone morrally encourage such behavior, spreading so much hatred and sick demented things? How can someone feel okay with creating such drama or inflict pain upon others.

    In conclusion, I want all of us to take the time to realize that peoples lives, careers and life have been affected or changed completely due to some of the things posted on these medias. Our children are learning horrible ways out of things, such as depression by taking their lives on these medias. They are learning about sex to early, learn hate and drugs as well through these sites. Nothing is limited anymore, as long as there is internet you can get just about anything. Is this what we wanted are world to come to? Is this the world be want for our children ? In my opinion the world would and could be a better world with out the fake media and news.

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