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    Exploring the work of a poet Essay

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    Shell, was an American poet, singer, songwriter, cartoonist, screenwriter, and author of children’s books. Mr.. Shell Silversides was born September 25, 1 930 in Chicago, Illinois. Not much is known about Mr.. Sultriness’s younger life except for the fact that he started to write at the age of twelve, but at the age of 20 he enlisted in the U. S. Army, in 1950, and served in the Korea and Japan. While there he became a cartoonist for the stars and stripes magazine, When his stint with U. S. Army was up Mr..

    Silversides he soon began drawing cartoons for ammos magazines such as Look and Sports Illustrated, but The work he did for Playboy put him in national recognition. (http://www. Faculty. Weber. Deed) As Playboy rose Shell Sultriness’s would to, as Playboy put his cartoons in every issue for 13 years straight. While at playboy Silversides began exploring other areas of creativity which included writing music, contributing poem to the magazine and even wrote the books of Playboys magazine and even wrote the books of Playboys “Thieve Jibes” and its sequels.

    It was not until 1963, when Shell met Ursula Nordstrom, when he began to step out and write material for children. As a children’s book author Mr.. Silversides wrote the wildly popular “The Giving Tree”, which was and still is one of the most discussed children’s books of all time. Sadly Shell’s career came to an abrupt end on May 10, 1999 when he suffered a massive heart attack at the age of 68, but still his funny way of writing poems and his children’s books are highly favored and read in classrooms all over the world today. (http:// www. Poetry’s. Mom/poet/Shell_Silversides) One of my favorite poems that Mr.. Silversides created is called “One Inch Tall”. The theme to this poem is being one inch tall can be looked at as a cool aspect to a retain extent. For an example, being able to walk under doors or even surfing in your kitchen sink on a piece of gum can be fun and all of us sometimes wish we can do those things. Being one Inch tall limits you from doing all of the things a regular sized human being can do Like hug their mothers, not having to run away from nun drops of water, and most importantly getting stepped on.

    Another poem that stood out to me was “Zebra Question”. In this Silversides poem, I think of my little five year old brother asking questions when I read this poem. By the time you finish answering his question, you are so confused you forget what the question was. Put myself In the guy shoes because I can relate to him. Every time I would ask my little brother a question or two he follows up with twenty questions and at the end I can understand why in the poem the man says, “I’ll never ask a zebra about stripes… Gain”. (Shell Silversides) Shell Sultriness’s was perhaps the most widely popular children’s book author of the 20th century. Critic Megan Roseland has rightly called him the “poet laureate of kids. ” Sultriness’s story “The Giving Tree”, as well as his volumes of poetry for children translated into numerous languages, and are Internationally celebrated. Sultriness’s verse and Illustrations In his books Although sometimes compared to Dry.

    Issues, his poetry for children has a more rebellious edge, often promoting anti-establishment antics, and frequently ridiculing the rules of conduct put forth by adults (mentalist’s. Com/Shell Silversides). Critics generally agree that the greatest strength of Sultriness’s poetry for children lies in his effective use of humor. Commentators also note that the appeal of Sultriness’s verse for children is partly due to his simple rhyming schemes. His verse has been praised for its speech like qualities. These qualities render Sultriness’s poetry accessible and easy to read for children.

    Many critics have noted, however, that he is “by no means a skilled or inventive technician, in terms of meter and rhyme” (Gale Coinage). In conclusion Mr.. Shell Silversides was not only unique in making cartoons and writing children’s books, but also in the sense that his work was very entertaining and comical. He was a skilled man of many talents such as singing and writing and he saw the opportunity to go far with his work and he took full advantage and that’s why today Silversides is considered to be one of the best poets and author of all time.

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