Essay about myself – example of yourself essay for students

Purpose of the essay about myself

Writing an essay about yourself is not an easy task because you have to be self-critical. Sometimes universities or colleges require such an article to understand the student’s personalities. Depending on the main purpose of this paper, the essay about myself can differ. Other reasons may include competition participation, writing novels, letters, and even preparing for a job interview. After you have already discovered the primary objective of the essay about yourself, you can begin thinking over the structure and outline. Read the text below to understand what to write in your paper. It illustrates the overall idea of this type and gives you lots a sample of the structure. The following essay about myself is a good example of this type of writing.

Essay about myself sample

Personality is what makes us unique and special. Our character determines who we are and how different we are from others. It is possible to find people who have similar appearances, but we will never find identical personalities. I am going to prove this by taking the example of my character. My goals, my achievements, my favorite activities are exciting and differ from the ones any other person has in this world.

Positive attitude to everything that happens is my value number one. My family taught me that no matter what happens it is significant to preserve a sincere smile on our faces. Even if something bad occurs, my parents told me to find something positive. As long as we are alive, there should be something good in the surrounding world. This philosophy helps me to be happy and satisfied with everything that I get.

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As to my activities, I am studying at school during the 10th grade. Philology is my specialization because I adore everything that is connected with Linguistics. I learn French, Italian, and Latin. In the university, I am going to add two more languages and learn them more in-depth. Learning languages is my passion. When I hear a new word from Italian or French, I am immersed in the beauty of its pronunciation. Also, I adore Latin because this language is filled with life philosophy and wisdom.

My parents always support me with this choice of academic specialization. And it is no wonder because my family has always been related to linguistics. My father is a professor at the university, and my mother is a teacher of Spanish. They encourage me to seize each opportunity and work hard to achieve my goals. They say it is not the final achievements which I get at school but the process which makes us stronger. That is why I try to enjoy this time when I am working hard to get my goals. My family is my biggest support. Therefore I listen to their precious advice.

I have various hobbies at school and home. Dance is my favorite activity. I adore ballet, that is why my parents gave me an opportunity to attend a dance school. This activity inspires me to practice even at home. This marvelous hobby is one of my greatest achievements. Every day after ballet classes I feel that I have gained new experience. To my mind, our everyday work should be our main achievement.

I adore spending time with my family. We have a tradition of spending Sunday together. I have a sister who is a student at the Medical University. Although she does not have much free time, she manages to find some hours for spending them with us. My parents are proud of us because we appreciate them a lot. Even when I become a student, I will always find time for my family.

To conclude, I am happy about being who I am. It is true that I am not perfect just like anybody else. However, I am a student of my mistakes. I will do everything to make my family proud of myself, that is why I am going towards achieving my goals with perseverance and smile on my face.