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    Essay Freedom Of Religion By Annie Laurie Gaylor

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    Americas freedom of religion is being questioned! People have many different religions and opinions, But some opinions are encouraged to stay quiet. Most people choose to stay quiet about It so they do not cause problems with the government or people who are uncomfortable with religion and worship. While many people believe it’s okay to have freedom of religion others feel that worshiping freely is wrong because it is not something they can control.

    Freedom of religion should be allowed in the united states.People have fought and even died so others can have freedom and yet Americans sit by and choose not to take it. This is the kind of thanks given to the people who worked so hard to give the rights we have today. Americans also have amendments that give the freedom to worship, or to speak freely. In the brochure “The Case Against School Prayer” by Annie Laurie Gaylor asks if children should pray in school or if they are allowed to pray in school, or if they have to freedom to pray in school. Children praying in school is the first step in religious freedom. In this brochure she brings in the pledge that is said every morning in so many schools around the world. So stop and think how many children or even the teachers understand what the pledge really means. The part that she finds to be the most important and chooses to focus on would be, “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” She uses this because God’s name is said and this makes some people uncomfortable, this shows the faith America was built on. People bring up the fact that school is for learning math and reading, not for ten year olds to pray. However, people cannot say anything against individual prayer because this is the right to worship and pray as needed by Americans. If children, or anyone else, want to pray no one can say anything or tell the people they cannot pray or worship because that is a right we have as Americans.

    The supreme court struck down religious instruction for the fear of losing control of the people. Weather or not they take away religious freedom is something else. So the pledge is not only a powerful statement, that speaks a lot of truth, but it’s something should be lived by. Looking at another source “The ACLU Freedom Of Religion” one will see the author says “Students may choose religious themes for school projects, and ACLU has protected their rights to do so.” This shows that the children may choose something that has to do with religion if they want to. Two different sources of evidence have shown us that even in the schools’ freedom is being tested and pushed to see how far the amendments will be allowed to be pushed. Looking at the article “What Religious Freedom Means” There is a moral standpoint of freedom, looking at the quote, “We claim the privilege of worshiping the almighty God.” Americans should be standing up for what they believe in. If it can claim to worship God people should act humble in worship him and take pride in worshiping the Almighty God (Weissman).

    Freedom of religion should be kept to a minimum if any. Looking again at the article “The Case Against School Prayer” seeing the point of view of others one can see them saying, “If we don ‘t deal with the economic issues we will need more that prayer to solve our problems.” showing more is needed than just blind faith to fix the problems that are in America. To fix some of the problems in America, they need something that can be seen and trusted in. This was a smart comment from someone who is trying to show America how to take control of their own problems instead of trying to leave it to someone or something else.

    The same source also shows, “Its not our business to have the protestant bible or the catholic Vulgate or the Talmud read in these schools.” Children have no right to have the bible in the schools’ so they can confuse other children who are trying to focus on their studies. Why should all religions be forced on young children if other people do not understand what religion is themselves. this is against the freedom of catholic beliefs having their “Bible” in the school, this goes for many religions. If America lets one religion have a say everyone gets a say which results in an unorganized mess. The source “Is Religious Freedom At The Tipping Point?” Has it all in the title. This states “Is a right not to be compelled to speak or act as thought what one knows to be true.” If everyone gets a say so how will that reflect on people who don ‘t say anything? people will be forced to have an opinion on something that is not cared about. Giving a right to speak but compelling us to speak about what they want is what the people of “religion” are trying to do. We also have the right to not say anything about religious freedom, people can stand by and tell the “religious” people that some have no opinion.But where is the freedom in that (Gaylor)?

    Now there is a limit on the freedom of religion as well as the freedom of speech. People can no longer speak freely about the God we serve or gods. We look at “Is Religious Freedom At The Tipping Point?” and see that in this article by Matthew Franck shows points that Religious Freedom has come under pressure. “We can not give the state power over the conscience of men and women, because we do not ourselves have any right to come between God and our fellow citizens.” Says Matthew Franck himself. However the supreme court has found many ways to change the documents and rules so everyone is happy even if that means pushing the truth every now and then. The Government cares about the shared moral happiness of the people more than the religious morals of Christians. When all the government is on the same page the sooner it may begin to recover a healthy nation of religious freedom and have fewer problems.

    America need religious freedom and the state feels like by giving that to America it is taking away some of the power they have over America. If this is looked at from a social point of view it can refer all this to a quote from the article “The ACLU And Freedom Of Religion” which states “Children are free to pray in public schools either as individuals or in groups.” Because it protects the freedom of praying in schools and in any public places. Religious freedom is a choice us as americans should have. This article by Jordan Weissmann points out facts from different religions and beliefs. Religious freedom allows everyone to express and act on what they believe in. Around the world however laws are being put in motion about the way people in different countries can worship. Different people and the people of the governments make that choice so Americans don ‘t have the freedom they should get, and they let them do it, The government takes the rights and do with them what they want so Americans don ‘t have to deal with the problems that come along with freedom.This is why people should stand up for our religious organizations and the freedom of religion in society. But there is much good that church members and people of God can do to strengthen religious freedom, by showing what its like to stand up and fight for what people believe in (Gunn).

    Freedom of religion is a right everyone has and everyone should be thankful for. This is said best in the article Because Freedom Can” by Alice Wagstaff, who points out the rights of the first amendment and which is protected by the ACLU. Being able to worship is not something we should “earn”, it’s something Americans deserve! The right to worship in churches, homes, and even in the stores where everyone buys food or clothes is what we as Americans deserve to do. it is not a privilege it is a right, this is something that is looked at when someone says “being an American” comes into a conversation. Everyone, if it is known or not, has a belief or an opinion, if they want one or not and people always state their opinion. Americans also have a right to show what one believes or to show the opinion. Also if they know it or not the show their opinions in their everyday life, just walking down the street many people can see what kind of person they are. So many have fought, risked their lives, and even have died so we can have our freedom and the future could be brighter for their children. People should be thankful for the ones who sacrificed so we can choose how to worship. To take away the freedom to worship is disrespect to who fought to get it. Lets take a stand and use the rights that were given to worship how it is felt needed to. And if the government thanks it will be easy to just take the religious freedom away showing them that America needs religion in our lives to help express what people feel (Wagstaff).

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