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    Essay about Mobile phone (1384 words)

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    How to purchase a smart phone.

    First ask, what is a smart phone? A smartphone is a mobile phone that runs on a mobile operating system. That can do more than a normal future phone, like for instance it can play games surf the web and play music.

    The first smart phones combined the featured of many different products like a PDA, a cell phone, and it also gives the phone email capabilities. It gives capabilities to write, read, and send e-mails from the phone, so in many cases it eliminates the need for a laptop and or desktop computer for email purposes. Newer phones have features such as the ability to listen to music, take pictures or videos, play many games, and surf the web. A big part of choosing a smart phone, is choosing which style of phone will best fit the person, touch screen phones now dominate the market.

    However there are many different types of touch screen styles for example, resistive, capacitive, surface acoustic wave, and infrared. The resistive touchscreen works by a flexible top layer of polyethylene and a ridged bottom layer of glass. Both layers are coated with indium a conductive compound, when a finger, or a pen applies pressure to the top screen and make contact with the bottom layer the electrical current is detected and the phones operating system (OS) notices reacts to where the pressure was applied. Common products that use these types of touchscreens are the Nintendo DS and the Nokia N97. (Engineers Garage)Figure 1 Nokia N97 (Daily Mobile)Capacitive touchscreens is the most widely used screen today, it works by using a thin layer of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), however this is different because only one layer is coated with the ITO.

    How it works is that the phone puts out a thin electrostatic field over the screen, and when a finger presses the screen the bottom layer of ITO senses the electric charge and forms a dynamic compositor. It is used by Apples Ipad, and the Samsung Galaxy tablet. (Engineers Garage)Surface acoustic wave touchscreen, it uses two transducers one along the X axis and one on the Y axis. The acoustic waves bounce across the glass and when something touches the screen and the wave is broken, the distance is measured and the point where the screen was touched and, that will be detected. The screen has very good image clarity. One down side to the screen is that the screen can be easily contaminated by dirt and oils from hands.

    Infrared touchscreen, the infrared screen is a grid of infrared led’s on the X and Y axis. The led detectors will detect any change in the infrared grid, and the phone will make the adjustment to where a finger touches the screen. A big part to purchasing a smart phone is the phones case, if a customer chooses to have a case. They range from almost indestructible cases like the otter Box Armor; it is waterproof at 6ft for thirty minutes.

    It is drop proof from 10ft, and crush proof up to 2 tons. So an individual can drive over the phone and it will be just fine. But the cases range top the small cases that just go around the edge of the phone, but many people don’t have phone cases they just have a screen protector. I am on the opposite side.

    I have the Otter Box Armor and I love the case it is very strong, not much screen glare when using the phone in the sunlight. The two down sides to this case are it is very thick, and it is very expensive it cost $110. 00. I know that sounds like a lot of money for a case but I however think it is well worth the money I spent on it, because if I were to break my phone a new IPhone 4S without a contract is $499. 99. So I think the money spent on the phone case, and the added bulk and weight of the phone of the case is worth the safety and security of not having to buy a new phone.

    (Kleinman)Figure 2 Otter Box Armor (Kleinman)Something that I would recommend when a customer buys a smart phone is, make sure to buy a car charger, to go with the home charger that will be provided in the purchase of the phone. Smart phones with large high resolution screen, will have a poor battery life if the phone is used a lot for talking, playing games, texting, etc. Many phones have battery saving modes, but a very effective way to extend the battery life of the phone is to turn the brightness down. Some phone cases have batteries in them so it will charge the phone as it is being used.

    A down side to these is that they are expensive they can go upwards of $150, for the juice pack PRO – outdoor edition. They also add a lot of weight to the phone and they can get very thick it may create problems when trying to take the phone put out of pants pockets. (morphie)Back in the day the only way access the phone was through a computer was through USB, and any number of cords due to every phone company made their own cords. However this has come to an end with Apple’s Icloud, the point of it is that an individual doesn’t need to manage all of their songs, documents, videos, and etc.

    if they purchase a new song on their IPhone it will be automatically downloaded onto the Icloud server. It will be put under their user name and they will be able to access it on any of their Apple devices that are signed onto the same Icloud account. It’s a very quick easy way to back up, store, or transport their stuff. How someone might go about purchasing a tablet, first off there are many different types of tablets.

    Whether it’s by brand, OS, screen resolution, speed, or for reading books. When purchasing a tablet ask what is the intended use for it, is it for reading books then I would recommend one of the kindle tablets, they are more based on reading books and magazines. It depends on which OS the buyer may like, like many people are very used to and like Apple’s IOS which is the operating system that most of apples phones and tablets run on. It is simple but very effective to do most everything like surf the web, play games and listen to music.

    It is very easy to learn how to use, that makes it perfect for the first time user. A big part of tablets today is the screen resolution. Like the Google Nexus 10, it has one of the highest screen resolutions of any tablet out on the market today at 2560 x 1600. The tablet with the most Random Access Memory (ram), it basically just helps the processor store little bits of memory to help the computer, tablet or phone run more quickly and smoothly.

    However the computer with the most ram doesn’t always mean that it will be the fastest. It will also depend on the tabletsOS the operating system. For instance a the new Ipad Air running IOS 7. 2 with only 1 gigabyte of ram could be just as fast as a Windows Surface Pro running windows 8, it all depends on how the tablets OS is set up and runs. (fingas)These are all subjects a potential buyer should pay attention to when they plan to go and buy a new phone.

    Important things like if they like the type of touch screen the phone uses, and if they like the way the phone is set up. Another big part to buying a new phone is the choice of what kind of case they may want to have, ranging from nothing to an almost indestructible case like, the Otter Box Armor. They should pay attention to screen resolution and the amount of RAM the phone has, but remember that’s not always the best way to choose a phone. Work Cited12 november 2013. 11 novmber 2013 .

    Daily Mobile. n. d. 21 11 2013 . Engineers Garage. 2012.

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