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    English Literatures Assignment Essay

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    Priestley structures his play to ensure that it ends on a note of high drama. How does he ensure the audience feels this tension in the final scene of the play? The play of “An inspector calls” takes place in the dining-room of the Birlings house in Brumley, an industrial city in the north Midlands. It is an evening in spring 1912. The play is about an inspector who goes to the Birling family’s house about the death of a young girl called Eva smith/Daisy Renton who has just committed suicide.

    His name is Inspector Goole, and he went to Birling house to investigate about this girl that committed suicide. The girl drank some strong disinfectant and burned her insides out. The inspector starts questioning by disturbing a family celebration. The family’s name is the Birling. They were celebrating the engagement of there daughter Sheila Birling who was getting engaged to a man called Gerald Croft. They were both rich and upper class family.

    The characters in “An inspector calls” are; Arthur Birling and Sybil Birling (parents of Sheila and Eric). Sheila Birling and Eric Birling are (children of Mr Birling and Mrs Birling). Gerald croft is the (fianc� of Sheila). Edna is the (worker of Birling house). At the rise of the curtain, the four Birlings and Gerald are seated around at the table and discussing Sheila’s engagement with Gerald. The Birling family were having a dinner-party. All the characters are in a happy mood. At first they were all having a good dinner. They are celebrating a special occasion and they are pleased with themselves. The Birling family were very pleased with Sheila that she is getting engaged to Gerald. Just before the bell rings and the inspector arrives at Mr Birlings house.

    The inspector breaks the happy mood when he arrives at Birlings house. When inspector enters and he tells the Birlings family about young women who died in the infirmary, she’d swallowed a lot of strong disinfectant and burnt her inside out. He tells them that Eva smith is dead. She had taken suicide. Inspector point to every one of them had something going on with Eva Smith. The inspector investigates a suicide in the Birlings house because there seems to be a lot of reason. He wants to make the family realise, what responsibilities they have and that their behaviour has an influence on others. The inspector asks lots of question to the characters. All The characters they turn out that they are all, more or less responsible for this awful death.

    Inspector begins to ask each of one of them about their relationship to Eva Smith. The characters begin to say what they have done to Eva smith are: Arthur Birling who get sacked from her first job because she asked for a pay rise. He is trying to say that if he gave them a pay rise they soon would be asking for more and more so what he has done is right. Eva smith worked for Birling and company, she want into strike to ask for more money. The strike begins failed. Eva was also sacked because she was a ring leader. Arthur doesn’t expect that responsibility.

    Sheila Birling who get her sacked from her second job. Eva smith change her name to” Daisy Renton” and starts working at Midlands, a clothes shop in December 1910. At the end of January 1911, she’s suddenly sacked. Sheila threatened not to shop there again if Daisy isn’t sacked. Sheila sacked her from second job because she was angry and jealous. Sheila feels guilty about what she has done because she admits what she has done and she says she will never do it again. Sheila has also been changed by the Inspectors investigation.

    Sybil Birling works for the Birling for the Brumley women’s charity organization, which helps women in distress, Daisy Renton goes to ask for help because she’s pregnant. Sybil refuses to help because she calls herself Birling. She also thinks she’s lying and rude. She wants to blame the man who’s made her pregnant. Gerald croft knows the Eva smith/ Daisy Renton. He meets her in a bar in March 1911. She’s very poor and doesn’t have money to eat. They become friendly and start to have an affair. He ends the affair because he never thinks about marrying to a lower class women. He helps her to live happily. He is affair with Eva smith/Daisy Renton and lies to his fianc� about this. He doesn’t feel bad when Eva smith kill herself. He wants to believe he has nothing to with Eva smith.

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