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    English language arts Essay (1025 words)

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    Most assume that selfishness is both wrong and unhealthy. But is this true’selfishness means acting in one’s best self-interest Contrary to popular opinion, all healthy individuals do have some levels of selfishness. Dry. Issues displays a clear picture of selfishness through his Story The Loran. Likewise Hoses Griffith also does the same through his poem The Selfishness of Hearts. The main characters in the Story, Once-leer and the Loran prove 3 great point Of selfishness. The Loran is the story of a boy who’s looking for answers.

    Living in a ruined town, his little guy wants to know the Story Of the Loran, so he goes to the Once-leer, an elderly inventor,’manufacturer. The Once-leer tells the boy how the town came to be ruined, and most importantly, what he can do to turn things around. As a matter of fact Issues and Griffith reveal how selfishness is a curse of the human race through the use of literary devices; more distinctively that selfishness pushes people away. To begin, Issues uses mood to establish the theme.

    Selfishness is what causes most of our problems in the modern world. Currently, e are living in an era that is filled with much gluttony and selfishness, However, selfishness is a trait that all of us possess, but the amount of selfishness that we have can determine the type of person we are for example, the Once-leer sets the mood in The Loran by saying ‘No more trees. No more Thinned. No more work to be done” (52), The mood created here displays an enormous amount of selfishness from the Once-leer.

    He does not care about anything besides himself, As the demand for Thinned increase the Once-leer had to expand his factory to increase production and to supply the goods on what the people deed, another act of selfishness. As the expansion made appearance there were a lot of ecological damages to the surroundings which also creates the mood in the story; showing how greed affects everyone. Constant acts of selfishness are being carried out through the story. The Loran says that the Once-leer is greedy.

    Greed is defined as a selfish desire for food, money, or possessions over and above what one needs. ‘Thanks to your hacking my trees to the ground there’s not enough Trustful Fruit to go ’round” (35). Dry. Issues uses ending rhyme scheme to show how selfishness plays a role in The Loran. The Loran is upset with the Once-leer for hacking his trees to the ground do to the fact he can not feed. The book proves this when the Loran and his friends all leave since the place is no longer safe to live in, just because of the Once-leer and his selfishness for money.

    He created this disaster by cutting down lots of trustful trees, When the Once-leer executed that action, it shows how selfish he was by not thinking of others well- being also, In conclusion, think the Once-leer shows a great deal of selfishness in cutting the trees to the ground. The Loran warns and warns the Once-leer of the outing down trees but he does not listen and shows much greed, Selfishness, concentrating on one’s own advantage, selfishness can mean so much in so many ways, you can be selfish with just the little things you do.

    One example of imagery the Once-leer used was “The pond was still wet and the clouds were still Issues uses imagery to show one’s person selfishness to complete destruction to the land. Or how he says “l went right on buggering… Selling more Thinned”. Many examples that Sues uses in his story The loran to show how selfishness is a curse to the human race. Selfishness can be arises in Other sources as well as the poem the selfishness Of hearts. “Not all hearts are black, some are still red”(32).

    Griffith uses symbolism to show how not all hearts are black. Symbolism is the use Of symbols to represent ideas or qualities. He does a great job in expressing his point. Selfishness can be expressed in this by the way he says how all hearts are not black. There are people out there that see the good and are not as selfish. Throughout his poem he shows many examples of selfishness. Griffith also shows his power of his memo through this literary device path. “Joy in sorrow Laughter in pain No expectation of giving But all of receiving”(42).

    Pathos is a quality of an experience in life or a work of art that stirs up emotions of pity, sympathy and sorrow. Pathos can be expressed through words, pictures or even with gestures of the body. He uses path by telling us selfish this saying is. He says No expectation of giving taut all receiving this shows how selfishness comes into play. “Hands wide open. Greed in his eyes Only receiving fine things, rejecting the old”, Griffith use hyperbole to express this saying. Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech.

    It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression. He really defines this with saying Greed in his eyes. Dry. Issues displays a clear picture of selfishness through his story The Loran_ Likewise Hoses Griffith also does the same through his poem The Selfishness of He used multiply rhyme scheme through his story the loran Sues showed us how he helped show the understanding of the selfishness curse of the human nature. In conclusion, Dry. Issues did not just rhyme when he wrote this story.

    He was telling a story of our society today. He was telling children to take care Of nature because if we continue to disrupt it, there Will be no place for animals to live or trees to grow. Not only did he show us through his novel, Griffith does a great job as well in showing how selfishness is a curse to the human race through his poem. As described how Issues and Griffith reveal how selfishness is a curse of the human race through the use of literary devices, hope there is a better understanding of selfishness.

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