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Ender’s Game: Full Book Summary

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Orison Scott Card wrote ENDERS GAME. Ender is a boy in the book who was taken away from his family at a young age to go and save the world.

But at the same time he loses the love of his life. The year is 3002 and a highly intelligent race of bugs has attacked the Earth twice. Nobody knows when they will attack again. So the people of the world have decided to be prepared and build an army. Ender is the main character in this book. When he was a baby he had a chip put into the back of his head by the government.

This chip told the government what Ender was doing, what he thought of, and what he had done. In addition to Ender having the chip, his older brother and sister, and other children Ender knew did too. However, the government removed the chips from his brother and sisters head. It starts off when Ender has to go to the nurse. There, the chip is taken out of his head too. Ender thinks that he has not passed the governments test, just like most of the other kids.

There is a bully in the school that has been battling Ender for a long time, but each time he would get close to Ender the government would come in and stop him. When this bully hears that Enders chip has been removed, he decides to go after Ender. After school that same day, the bully was waiting for Ender to come out of the school. When Ender finally did, the trouble began. Ender pulled some good stunts and beat the bully. The government saw this and thought that they were wrong about Ender.

The government had asked Ender that night if he would go with them. After Ender said good bye to his family and his only love, “his sister Vall”, he left with the government. Ender was brought to a space ship. There they left for the space station.

On the station they teach kids to be war commanders to stop the bugs from over taking the Earth. In the past, the bugs had attacked the humans two different times to try to kill and destroy all humans. But the humans won both battles. The second one Earth had won because they had a great leader. On the ride there some kid sitting in behind Ender kept hitting him. Ender thought of it in his mine.

He began to start to get when the boy was going to hit him next. Ender got the time just right. The next time the boy hit Ender, Ender grabbed his arm and threw him forward. The boy had not set his seatbelt in right so he flew out of the seat and started to float around and bounce off things. The boy had broken his arm before the captains of the ship saved him. Ender was scared that he had bad side like that.

He started to think of his brother again. His brother had always tortured things. Even Ender and other kids. Ender got scared and wanted to go back home, but he knew that he couldn’t.

When he got to the planet, he was put onto a team with other children he has never met before. He was afraid. The other children didnt treat Ender so nicely and even did everything they could to keep him away from them, including making him take the bunk right next to the door. At his bunk, Ender opened his locker so that he could get his uniform. When doing this he saw that no one else was able to open their lockers. This made everyone hate Ender even more because now they could see how smart he was.

At lunch nobody would sit with Ender. Ender felt very lonely. Then an older boy came and sat with him. After awhile he left.

Ender felt lonely again. When he was done with lunch he went back to his quarters. There he met up with the boy from the ship with the broken arm. The boy kept making fun of Ender.

After a couple of days of this, Ender got even .

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