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Enders Game And Out Of The Silent Planet Essay

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In both novels, the characters represent certain kinds of individuals in today’s society. They encounterjealousy, as well as many other conflicts within themselves, and human nature. Ultimately, these two novels deliver the inner conflicts of our society.

Both, Ender’s Game and Out of the Silent Planet are related in terms of the class structures of society, the qualities of the characters, and both characters’ struggles with others in the stories.

In Ender’s Game class structure is strictly military based.

The classes are comprised of Citizens, who are just common people, making up the basic population, but are separate from the other classes. “Thirds” are children who were allowed to be born. In this futuristic setting the novel takes place in. Families were only allowed to comprise of two children. However, in Ender Wiggen’s case, the government believed that he was the missing link, the great commander who would lead Earth to victory against the dreaded ;Buggers;. Which Ender does achieve.

Thirds, however, were shunned, picked on, and often left out because they were sought to be social out casts.

;Launchies; were the newcomers to the Battle School. They were always about six years old, and were often the lackeys of the older children soldiers. Next came the platoon’s. platoon’s were the main fighting group, which was just the basic soldier, they had little respect from others as well as themselves. Platoon leaders however, were the more desired positions at the Battle School.

They were the best of the soldiers, and were veterans. Chosen over a period of time, and flight reviewing were the Army Leaders. Each Army Leader was expected to act a certain way, hardened and wise, as well as strict. Those, who made it to Army Leader often graduated, and went to war against the Buggers.

Above these classes were the political castes. They were often corrupt and misled individuals, who often made many important decisions.

At others’ expense they followed through with their decisions, such as with taking Ender away from his family to train in the military. Orson Scott Card is quoted saying about the government that “the followers are ignorant and stupid and easily fooled, and the leaders are exploitative and cynical, manipulating others’ faith for their private benefit.;(Card, pg. 2) Which the government in his novel was often portrayed doing to the general public. One instance of this was, when Ender was attacked by Bonzo and a few of the other boys. Ender, ended up killing Bonzo, but Colonel Graff covered it up, and Ender had no idea that he had killed the boy.

Colonel Graff had also known that the boys were planning on attacking Ender, but did nothing to stop it.

;You have known for eight days that there is a conspiracy among some of the more vicious of the ‘children’ to cause the beating of Ender Wiggen;(Card, 201)

However Colonel Graff’s reasons for this are quite logical. Graff reason’s to General Pace, ;When Ender Wiggin holds our fleets in his control, when he must make the decisions that bring us victor or destruction, will there be military police to come save him if things get out of hand?; (Card,201)

Out of the Silent Planet, had a very distinct setting of its classes in society. The ;aliens; that inhabited the planet were very distinct in their nature and their looks, as well as their purpose. The planet’s inhabitants were subdivided and lived separate, living in villages that were only comprised of their species.

Oyarsa was the supreme being, Ransom believed Oyarsa to be God, but was in fact mistaken.

Oyarsa was an Angel, and he went on to tell that

“Malacandra(the planet which Ransom has traveled to), like all worlds, floats in heaven. And I am not ‘here’ altogether as you are Ransom.”(Lewis,119)

Through this Oyarsa means that, he only merely communicates to those inhabitants of the planet, which is why Ransom and others cannot physically see him, only hear him. When he does let himself be seen he appears to them in a great light.

The Hnakra, are tall slender, translucent being’s that dwell in the forest regions of the planet. Ransom’s first encounter with these creatures was his .

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