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    Edward’s office with a gun Essay

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    This section gained an emotional response from me as it made me feel nervous about the relationship going on behind Mickey’s back. I also felt happy because Linda had found someone she could rely on to keep her happy. The next section of the final scene is when Mickey sees Edward and Linda together. The mood created in this part was full of revenge and hatred. When Mickey had seen them he was bursting with rage. I could tell this because he had a scowl on his face and his jaw dropped. He was furious with Edward for stealing Linda off him. His voice became deeper and hoarse and his breathing became heavy. He clenched his fists.

    The pace quickened. Mickey ran across the stage, using the whole of it. Mickey grabs the gun. The speed in which Mickey fled was very fast, this added to the chaos of his rage. The leaves were removed off stage to show that the Location was changing and that they were no longer going to be outside in the nice clear countryside. To make this part very effective the lights changed. Instead of using bright colours for the countryside scene, they changed to red. A strobe light was used effectively, this could be to show that the pace had quickened. The red light could be associated with danger and bloodshed. The rest of the stage was washed with dark red, this made me believe that something evil and sinister was about to happen.

    The Narrator began to sing a song called “Mad Man” this reinforced the image of Mickey’s rage as we could see him turning insane with fury. The words were appropriate to what was happening on stage and they were directed at Mickey. This rock song helped to build up the atmosphere and the fast drum beats helped reinforce the fast pace. The last section of the final scene is where Mickey bursts into Edward’s office with a gun. Thinking she can help, Mrs Johnstone then tells them they are both twins and fitting in with the superstition they both immediately die. This part is the most emotional part of the whole play as it combines tension, shock, nervousness and sadness in a very short space of time.

    Edward is terrified in this scene as Mickey is holding a gun to his head. He communicates this to the audience by the fact that he stumbles and stutters all of his words. He holds his hands to his head, as if they could protect him and he is almost crying. On the other hand Mickey isn’t terrified. He has the highest status on stage. He is shaking but not because of fear because he has so much anger built up inside of him. He showed this by the harsh tone he spoke in, his face being screwed up and that he kept eye contact with Edward.

    The two men are parted but Mickey keeps moving closer to Edward showing that he is invading his space. This happens a few times until Mrs Johnstone finishes her monologue. Mickey’s last line “You mean I could have been him” finishes the relationship between him and Edward. Just at this moment a policeman shoots Mickey, in the dying second Mickey shoots Edward and both brothers lie motionless on the floor.

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