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    Blood Brother Essay (1490 words)

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    I am applying for the job of directing the new production of “Blood Brother”. I think that I would be suited to this position because I have a good understanding of the play. The story is based around twin brothers in Liverpool, separated at birth, as their mother cannot afford to keep them both, but later on an inevitable fall out between the boy’s leads to a sudden end. There are noticeable differences between the two twin brothers; Mickey and Eddie, as they are background and upbringings play a big part in their different characteristics.

    The first scene that I have chosen is the one in which Eddie returns from university to find Mickey looking very dejected. Eddie returns ready to party and have fun, but Mickey realizes that they are now very different and after a small fight with Eddie they part. To reflect Mickey’s mode in the scene I would use dark lighting to get the mood across as quite depressed and dejected. Mickey would be sat on the street pavement, staring into space, as this would give the impression that he was bored, not knowing what to do. When Eddie turns up to surprise Mickey, he would come onto the stage with a spring in this step, almost skipping with excitement.

    The lighting would change as he walked across the stage until he reached Mickey where it would darken again to suggest to the audience just how glum Mickey is, so much so that it’s putting a dark cloud over everything. When Mickey first speaks in the scene, in response to Eddies “guess who”. He says Father Christmas he would need to say it a flat monotone to get the point that he is depressed across, and a t the same time keeping his head low and not looking at Eddie too deep in his own thoughts to do so. Further on the scene Mickey explains to Eddie why he no long her has a job, but Eddie does not seem to understand why it is a problem. “Why….why I s a job so important? If I couldn’t get a job I’d just say, sod it and draw the dole, live like a bohemian, tilt my hat to the world and say ‘screw you’. So you’re not working.

    Why is it so important?” When Eddie says this it need to sound like ha has a carefree attitude to life, and that he does not really think of money and Mickey’s situation. This can be done by Eddie opening his hand, like he’s asking the whole stage why it’s a problem and spoken in a light hearted voice, almost chuckling like he doesn’t give a care to the world, basically saying its not the end of the world, you’re still alive. When Eddie is saying this to Mickey, he needs to turn away, like he’s angry that Eddie doesn’t understand his situation and that he’d much rather be in eddies shoes, with money floating everywhere and not worrying how he was going to pay for his next meal. Over all the scene is quite gloomy with quite a tense atmosphere between Mickey and Eddie, but Eddie acting cheerfully not taking into full consideration Mickey’s worries and being more bothered about the parties and alcohol.

    The next scene I have focussed on is where Linda, Mickey’s girlfriend, visits him in prison. The atmosphere is again quite hostile as Mickey is taking the anti-depressants he has been prescribed by the doctor, but Linda is unhappy that he is taking them, pleading him to stop taking them but Mickey again ends the conversation, like in the previous scene by telling her to leave him alone. The scene would again be dark and dingy to try to recreate the colourings and mood of the prison and prisoners. When Linda meets him she greets him by saying, “what are y’doin?” She should say this in a very shocked and angry tone, almost disapproving at the fact that he is still taking them. But then her voice would change as she changes tack, now trying to beg Mickey to come off them”listen, Mickey. I’ve told y’. They’re just junk.”

    Her voice would become sympathetic and quieter to try to make Mickey feel guilty about taking them in the hope that he will stop taking them. In the last comment that Mickey makes toward Linda, “Leave me alone, will y’? I can’t cope with this. I’m not well. The doctor said, didn’t he? I’m not well…I cant do things….leave me alone.” He should make it appear like he’s having problems just speaking, stuttering and then repeating the words gives the impression that he’s unstable.

    Mickey should be looking around, not wanting to make eye contact with Linda or any of the officer in the cell, which will also give the impression that he’s not mentally fit and finds everyday simple tasks a struggle. Over all this scene follows a similar pattern to the first one, being set in a dark and gloomy are and the atmosphere being tense between the two character and Mickey being very argumentative and refusing to stop taking the pills, even though Linda is very nearly on her hands and knee’s begging him not to take them any more.

    The final scene have chosen to look at is the very last scene in the play, where all the characters are in the town hall. Again the atmosphere is tense, so much so it could be cut with a knife. The two brothers are face to face, with about 10 metres between them, both holding a strong eye contact with each other to give the impression that Mickey is serious about shooting Eddie. But to give the impression that Mickey is still quite unstable and nervous at the fact that he’s pointing the gun at what he does not yet know is his brother, he need s to be breathing quite heavily. In addition, with a wide-eyed expression on his face, in slight disbelief of what Eddie has done and what he is about to do. The surrounding character all need to be taken aback, with shocked expressions, almost as if they are holding their breath, but at the same time petrified at what Mickey will do, as they don’t know what he is going to do with the gun.

    When Mickey first interrupts eddies speech and says “stay where you are”, to give the impression that he’s unstable his voice need to be quivering and shaking slightly, just to give the idea he’s not certain what is going top happen, that no one is. His facial expressions also need to be shocked, like a rabbit caught in headlights, still working out what he is doing. As the scene progress’s and Mickey become angry the lighting need to be tinted red to reflect Mickey’s anger in the scene.

    As Edward is stood up on stage, unable to move with Mickey point a loaded gun at him he also need to be shocked, speaking cautiously to Mickey just in case he decided to dire. So when he says “yes I remember” it need to be in a quiet voice, almost sounding like he is pleading. He also need to make the phrase sound like he remembers all the good times, so he’s remembering all the good things and the exciting places they went together. Giving a slight glimmer of hope to the audience that the very worst is not going to happen.

    As the police arrive the scene should be as quite as possible, to create a sense that the tension is mounting in the room, that all eyes are on the twins. As the bang of dickeys gun goes, the scene need to break into an up roar, with gasping and howls from the crowds and his mother and then the fatal shot from the police that hits Mickey. When the shot is fired the lighting need to go dark and a flash happens, giving the impression of an actual gun shot.

    Once the bang takes place, the crowd need to move trying to cower away from the action. The only people that move towards the two characters and they’re mother and the police. However, the police beating Mrs. Johnstonne to the scene, shooting Mickey down before she can stop them. Mrs. Johnstonne should then break down, unable to believe what has happened the loose of both sons in one short space of time.

    In conclusion, the three scenes I have described in detail are all very dramatic and all have tension in the air. I think if my descriptions are followed for the three scenes they would work well as a mixture of different lighting and character movements will create a very intense and gripping play. I hope you have taken my application of director into account and I thank you for taking your time to read it.

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