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    Drama portfolio work Essay (889 words)

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    In scene 1 it is set at the dining table and we have a house guest and everyone is very well spoken and very polite. But the children were so good, they even showed the house guest around the house, while I spoke with my husband he told me he lost his job and I broke down and we then tied in scene 3 in the same scene, I then told him I was pregnant and he took it very well and said that he was delighted and we will get through the financial side of things quickly.

    We also tied in scene 2 and 4 together. This time my family were very rude and straight to the point there was no set place to have dinner, my elder son doing drugs at the box we call a table. And my other kids where In front of the television. I told my husband that I was pregnant, and he asked if he was the father. When he told me he lost his job I got fed up and left I didn’t want to try and sort out my marriage I just walked out.

    From the play blood brothers my group was asked to do the first couple of scenes I played Mrs Johnston. I enjoyed this role as I had to do the scouse accent, and as I am originally from Liverpool it came naturally. In my group I had Claire who played Mrs Lyons, Daniel played Eddie, and Linda played the narrator. We didn’t change any of the scenes; we just changed how we thought they would be performed.

    Blood brothers review On November 27th 2003, I went with the school to the Phoenix theatre, in London; to see the Matinee performance of Willy Russell’s musical ‘Blood Brothers’ The play contained a cast of eight main characters: Mrs Johnston (Sarah Hay) – A middle class mother of a big family who cannot afford to keep the two brothers. She is an independent caring woman, who would do anything she can to support her children. Narrator (Philip Stewart) – The narrator has a strange essence in the play he is always on stage watching everybody on stage and comes across as a Devil figure but also as a kind stranger.

    Mickey (Stephan Palfreman) – Is the son that is kept. He has a childish character who takes after his mother with his independence. As the play progresses so does Mickey’s maturity. He is full confidence and can make friends easily as he grew up with a house full of people. Eddie (Mark Hutchinson) – Is the son that was given away. He is mature and well mannered He was grown up as an only chills and so has no experience or confidence when it comes to talking or making friends with other people.

    Mrs Lyons (Louise Russell) – Is a wealthy woman who cannot have children and so takes a chid off Mrs. Lyons. She is a paranoid woman he will do anything to stop Eddie from finding out the truth. Linda (Amanda Salmon) – Is Mickey’s best friend through out the play. She loves Mickey later on in the play, is not afraid to show it, she becomes best friends with Eddie, and may have secret feelings for him. Sammy (Daniel Taylor) – Mrs. Johnston’s eldest son, he has a metal plate in his head. Anyone can see that Sammy is trouble from a mile away; he is the cause for Mickey going to jail.

    Mr. Lyons (Stephen Pallister) – Mrs. Lyons Husband, He wants a child more than anything and doesn’t know that his wife can’t get pregnant, and so in a way he puts pressure on his wife to have a child and does not know that Eddie isn’t really his. He is away when his wife apparently gives birth The general story of the play is that Mrs. Johnston marries a man and lives happily with kids; until she has too many. When he gets tired of all the children, he leaves her on her own. Not being able to cope with all the stress, she finds her self a job cleaning for Mrs Lyons. Mrs Lyons cannot have children of her own and envies Mrs. Johnston.

    Mrs Johnston cannot afford to look after her children when she has twins, and was forced into giving one of them to Mrs Lyons Mickey and Eddie meet by chance and become best of friends then blood brothers. When Mrs Lyon finds that Eddie and Mickey have met she moves away. When Mickey moves to the countryside, he meets Eddie again. They grow up together and live happy until Mickey goes to prison for a crime his brother Sammy committed. He then becomes ill. Finally when two people meet and find out that they are twins they die. Is it the truth or just coincidence?

    The play took place on an open stage, with a large cyclorama screen that was placed at the back, which was lit with fairy lights to give the effects of city houses and factory lights. There were no curtains, and there was a small amount of floor space between the stage and the raised auditorium. Instead of the orchestra, playing at the front it was raised stage right hidden in the boxes, behind the stage set of flats.

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