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    Scared monologue – Anne Of Green Gables Essay

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    Why am I here? I didn’t do anything. It was them. Have they sent me here? I’ll make them pay. They’ll pay for this. All of them. I’m alone, no wait Lucy!

    Ann: “Lucy let me come down, I’m going to fall off!”

    Lucy: “No you won’t, don’t be silly Ann, come on trust me you won’t fall off.”

    Ann: Lucy please I ‘m scared, let me come down, I wanna go home now, it’s really dark

    Lucy: please Ann we never have any fun, let’s just stay for a little while longer then I promise we can go home, ok?

    Ann: no Lucy, I want to go home, you don’t understand, there are things there, I can see them, I’m scared can we please go home, please lucy, I don’t want to play any more. I want to go home, please, I’m scared, please. (sobbing now)

    Lucy (annoyed): God Ann, stop being such a baby, there’s nothing there. Don’t tell me you’re scared of the dark now. Sheesh, what’s there to be scared of, see there’s nothing there, stop acting like a baby, and let’s play for a little while longer.

    (Shadows are suddenly behind Ann, whispering to her)

    Ann (in a scary and different voice, says the words silently and slowly): there’s a lot to be scared of Lucy, you didn’t want to go home did you, then pay for your mistake

    Lucy (scared now): Ann what’s wrong, why are you talking like this, ok, if you want to go home then let’s go, I don’t mind, I don’t want to play anymore. We’ll go home. Ok?

    Ann (in the same voice as before): it’s too late now, you wouldn’t go when you should have gone, it’s far far too late now, you’ll have to pay for your mistake, everyone does. Bye, I won’t see you again. Not for a long time. (Suddenly lunges forward, grabs Lucy by the throat and strangles her.)

    Ann (screaming, sobbing, begging): help, some one killed my sister, help, please someone, please help. I saw them, they strangled her and ran away, please help, please. Please, please someone, please.

    Ann (looks forward to the audience) – they did it, I know they did, everything was fine before they came, we were happy, me, mom, dad and (sob) Lucy. We were happy, but they came and ruined everything. Shadows appear, when parents are talking about Lucy’s death, she talks in strange voice again “Don’t blame me for what happened, I warned her, but she wouldn’t listen to me, see what happened, it’s all her fault, she should have listened to me. And now you’re blaming me as well, don’t blame me for Lucy’s mistakes, I’ll make you pay, I’ll make you all pay for this.”

    She is about to lunge forwards and strangle them like she did with Lucy, but suddenly she freezes, shakes her head, looks confused, looks around her sees her parents, with the shadows poised right behind them, screams and runs out of the house, shadows follow behind her, parents can be heard screaming Ann come back, their voices become distant till they fade away. Leaving her on her own, sitting in the middle of the stage, rocking back and forth and starts talking.)

    They killed her, I first saw them when I was 10, then they kept coming wouldn’t leave me alone, its been 13 years since my sister was murdered. Oh lucy, sweet lucy, I’m sorry, sorry about what happened. They wanted to kill mom and dad, but I didn’t let them, I didn’t, I made sure they didn’t. It was them, they came like a tornado and caused destruction in all our lives. They did it, it was them I know it was, I’m so sorry. Miss you loads.

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