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    Discuss the positive and negative aspects of kants Essay

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    idea of League of NationsAlong the years, we have witnessed in recent decades the ongoing globalization of world trade, followed by vast rates of investment, and witnessed a new interdependence of the global economic system. The income gap is growing at an unstoppable rate, both within countries and between developed and developing countries. This resulted in making poor people more poorer and rich people richer. There are many views and objectives of development. Long time ago, Kant believed in an idea for all the countries to united and have a similar history. Man through the help of nature developed into what we are now.

    At first we didnt have the vast technology that we have now so we used nature to develop. Every individual man would have to live for a vast length of time if he were to learn how to make complete use of all his natural capacities (Kant, 57). We could apply this now to the theory of Ricardo of comparative advantage. Where every nation should concentrate on what it produces the best and provides it to the world. This will provide the world with better goods and service because each country will be specialized it what it do best. If we live in a society every person could share his own thoughts of how to develop and improve so we leave much space for innovation.

    However, at the same time others believe that if a person works alone he always tries to become the best so he tries to be simply the best. Its true that people work best under the supervision of a higher power in other words a master. However this master should not forget the other person is a human and he has rights. For example, many multinationals are successful because they have good leadership so if we adapt this to nations.

    I guess we would live in a better world. However the problem is who should lead the world? Defiantly it will be a human being so will he succeed? I guess if the United Nations was given more power in solving national and internationals problems we would be living in a better world. However now the United Nations is under the control of a couple of nation, who have the veto right, mainly the United States. But to live in better world each country should have equal power in the united nations and for example Sudan should have the same vote power if the united states so as we could improve and share the same history.

    I agree with kants idea of living in a society of freedom with laws because the definition of freedom is different from one person to another. One person could walk naked in the streets and say I am free and consider that this is his right. But laws must govern freedom so as not the world to go wild or to make evil part of humans to control them. To conclude, the globalized world we are living in today developing countries are developing a slow rate and maybe this is because developed nations are happy at the situation as it is now.

    This is because they use the developing countries as markets for them to sell their own products. Also its giving the developed world the opportunity to control the world specially the united states, which believes that is the master of the world. It is clear that kants ideas have started the idea of globalization thousands of years before it started. Now we are using some of his ideas to live.Bibliography:

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