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    Different Types of Interrogations Are Conducted in Different Situations

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    It simply means asking questions in a motive to extract (or) collect information from a person who is may be a suspect in a crime or a witness in a crime. Interrogation is a very useful technique in solving crimes and to collect information about a belonging of a person.

    Mainly interrogations are done by law enforcement agencies and military personnel’s. Mainly we are very familiar with interrogations done by police officers, cbi, ib, narcotics department and other law enforcement agencies. In India most of the interrogations are done by torture which may be divided into first, second and third degree.

    In the time of interrogation you have the right to remain silence and to have an attorney. You can answers the questions in the presence of your attorney. In many cases interviews with the witness and the victims may lead to interrogation. If you have any information about the crime you should pass the information to the law enforcement officers.

    You should cooperate with the law enforcement officers. If later it is found that you have a connection to the crime then you can be punished by justice. The law enforcement officers use a number of techniques in order to get information and confessions from the suspects.

    In India mainly interrogations are done in the police station or in the presence of one or two police officers it is easier to interrogate in police station. Interrogations are mainly done in interrogation room in the police station.

    The police officer when he interrogates the suspect mainly he is looking for confession by the suspect or any lead that can lead into solving the crime. In order to interrogate the suspect if the police have any solid evidence against him then the police can ask the judge for custody of the suspect or an warrant against him. if the police is keeping you in custody without an warrant then it illegal.

    So in furthermore there are the techniques of the interrogation how a interrogation is done different techniques involved in it .next is resistance training for interrogation how can we tackle and resist the interrogation what to answer and what not to answer in an interrogation.

    Types of Interrogation

    • positive and negative cop.
    • mind changing drugs.
    • up and down pride and ego technique.
    • discerning truth.
    • enhanced interrogation techniques.
    • positive and negative cop.

    It happens in every normal circumstances where there are two interrogators, interrogating the suspect when one of the interrogator usually take the opposite side. When one interrogator supports you top give the confession out while the other frightens is normally based on the human psychology so in order to gain sympathy. It is a very well-known and use technique used in basically every law enforcement agencies. It basically involves to gain trust of the suspect.

    Mind changing drugs.

    The common mind changing drugs are the truth serum is sodium pentathol, sodium amytal and scopolamine .in earlier days alcohol was used as a truth serum. As we know the drugs used are illegal in interrogation .But in order to use it you have to get permit from the court . In India the statement in the test is not admissible in court as evidence it is used as corroborative evidence


    It is a very old and ancient technique for interrogation .it is used from the cold wars by the cia and other agencies like the kgb,raw,mi6 etc. The main techniques used into torture are pouring water over the head covered with cloth which induces lower oxygen in the body. The second technique is sleep deprivation. In this the person is kept awake from months until he confesses and the use of electric shock torture can be of two type physical and mental torture. Also psychologically the person is a small space for months until he confesses. And put him in a coffin and close him until he suffocates. There are some unconventional methods of interrogation used by different law enforcement agencies around the world is illegal.

    Up and Down Pride and Ego Technique

    Definitely it involves in abuse the subject by verbally and emotionally breaking him down until he confesses his is more like to manipulate the subject in order to get a confession.

    Discerning Truth

    It is more about lying to the subject making false promises and comforts. So in order to do this first we have to gain the trust of the subject until you get a confession or a statement.

    So practice and observation made by the interrogators help to do so.

    Resistance to Interrogation

    Resistance to interrogation is basically a kind of defence force training to Briton soldiers and to other NATO Soldiers i.e. North Atlantic alliance of around 30 countries for preparing soldiers for resisting various interrogation techniques like humiliation and torturing on the soldiers by the enemies.

    The soldiers go through in some practice like

    1. Hooding i.e. putting a cover over the head of the soldier, this is a kind of torture and its purpose is to perceptual isolation.
    2. Sleep deprivation i.e. where the soldier is not given enough sleep or we can say insufficient sleep.
    3. Time disorientation
    4. Long nakedness
    5. Sexual abuse
    6. Denial of water and food etc.

    Most of the techniques are against of international laws if they are going to be used in the interrogation process.

    During the interrogation process, soldiers should maintain the silence in respective of practice that are going to be exposed on them. The information having three parts can be submitted such as – serial number, rank number and name.

    The practitioner and the soldier are having the rights to request for returning each and every hour to the unit.

    Standard RTI aimed at special armed divisions of American and government of Europe hides the tortures which are criticized by United nations and the techniques of interrogation which are considered to be authorized, they are mostly denoted along sliding scale. The soldier can be exposed to slight pain before going to be exposed to many torture methods.

    During the interrogation, a resistance training denote to any kind of training which is provided to the soldiers through their own organisation which avoid concentration in the interrogation process in an event which got captured. They are executed by the programs which are discussed as the SERE training.

    The training can testify the person’s ability to confront interrogation methods actually, the individual who comes in the training session and this shows what are their ideologies. This training doesn’t construct the new abilities which can confront interrogation but instead of these it set the person’s ability to confront interrogation which are based upon the ideologies.


    At last I want to describe that interrogation is a very crucial in police investigation and in major operations conducted by intelligence agencies all over the world in order to get valuable information about terrorists and major attacks.


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