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    Differences and Similarities among Cultures Essay

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    Cultures are indistinguishable pieces of a broken glass, nil has the same size and form. However, despite those alterations everything is still of import because the glass could non be completed without every piece. They are all dissimilar for they value a specific infinite where they fit in absolutely. In connexion with Renato Rosaldo’s survey entitled “Ideology, topographic point, and people without culture” ,the survey claims that Culture could non be identified or seeable for people who have the same civilization as they have. To further explicate the alterations, Culture builds the connexion among groups of people. but it extends to that for the ground that harmonizing to Rosaldo ( 1988 ) , differences builds civilization and it is through the usage of differences, people can detect or could see the civilizations. In his article, he besides explains about the people who do non hold civilization. To be peculiar, the paper made reference that the Philippines is one of the states. This paper shall foreground the grounds why the groups in the Philippines are considered pre- cultural, cultural and post cultural while discoursing about a brief sum-up of Rosaldo’s survey. The intent of puting a sum-up is to supply the readers a brief background on what this paper is speaking about. After which, it shall continue in replying the inquiries 1 ) what are the possible troubles in presuming that there are zones of cultural invisibleness? And 2 ) are at that place people who have no civilization? Furthermore, this paper shall besides include illustrations to farther discuss and back up the treatment and cardinal constructs associated with Culture and the survey of Rosaldo.


    In the first portion of the survey, the writer is seeking to remember his experience when he was still a alumnus pupil and he planned to carry on his research in the Philippines. He was being forewarned by his Professor, verbally showing that the Philippines has “no culture” and that he must carry on his fieldwork elsewhere, but he went to Manila anyhow ( Rosaldo, 1988 ) . First it was raised that the Philippines has no distinguishable civilization or a higher signifier of civilization such as the people from the West states like the Americans, or some other parts of Asia like the Hindus, Chinese, or like the Indians. The writer explained that through detecting the people he can see no civilization any longer in a manner that the state lacks ethnographic basics. If people would seek to analyse the given text, ethnographic basics are the basic or indispensable elements in depicting a civilization. It is a factor that can be seen easy.

    Visibility and Invisibility of Culture

    On the following paragraph, the survey tries to explicate about the visibleness and invisibleness of civilization. Visibility refers to the quality or province in which something is discernible. In footings of civilization, Visibility in civilization negotiations about something that could be seen or observe. In contrast, invisibleness is the province in which some thing is non discernible. The paragraph confirms about the constructs of civilization visibleness and Invisibility and that the ground why most American anthropologist claims that Philippines have no civilization is because the Philippines embody the civilization of western people already. This means that Anthropologists could non detect the civilization of the Filipinos for it seems to be the same with the manner they live. In other words, because of the ground that there are several factors that are similar with the western civilization, the anthropologist assumed that everything is normal to them and that there is no civilization. Imagine, a individual could non detect that something is different unless he is non familiar with it. Likewise in this paragraph, the Anthropologist could non detect something for he thinks that those patterns and beliefs are merely normal and that there is nil new. It depicts that the people who study civilizations set a criterion so that they could be able to differences but in the instance of the Philippines, they can non see any differences chiefly because the Philippines lives on a westernized type. They farther concluded that Philippines have no civilization.

    Peoples without civilization

    Immigration is the act of come ining or traveling of non-native people into a state to settle at that place in a state to which one in non. Zone of in-migration is similar to a “ nothing grade ” civilization because immigrants ( like Filipinos migrating to the U.S. ) replace their indigen and former civilization ( i.e. , Filipino civilization ) with the U.S. civilization. Immigrants adopt the patterns, beliefs, and behaviors of the American citizens ( i.e. , socialization ) and go really absorb into the American civilization in that they behave and seek to go like Americans. Because immigrants are no longer practising their native and former civilization, and alternatively, endeavoring to be portion of a new civilization, they are “ people without civilization, ” that is, immigrants abandon their former civilization and yet they can non claim to be indigens of the American civilization.

    The Post cultural top and the Pre cultural underside

    This paragraph explains about the hierarchy of civilization in which station cultural is on the top and the Pre cultural is found at the underside. Post cultural refers to the civilization with usage of scientific and modern signifier of civilization. In add-on, people who live in the lowland like are referred as Post cultural. On the other manus, pre cultural is explained as the civilization of the indigens or the civilization who still value forms. They are the people who live in Highlandss or mountain sites. This thought depicts the hierarchy that if a individual lives in a modern manner, that individual could be found on the top of the rank while if a individual still pattern forms, s/he is believed to be inferior or in the bottom part. In connexion with station and pre cultural, Post cultural is found at the top for they live a modern life while the Pre cultural is at the underside for they live natively and that they follow forms of civilization.

    Scottish lowlanders and Highlanders

    Scottish lowlanders, as explained by Rosaldo ( 1988 ) are the people who live in the metropoliss and civilised topographic points. They have the inclination to accommodate easy to other civilizations for most of the people are exposed in other civilizations. Unlike them, upper Landers have a individual distinct in which they follow a peculiar form or manner of life. They follow their norms and they do non accommodate other civilizations. They are populating in their ain civilization.

    Summary and Conclusion

    Basically, the survey of Renato Ronaldo tries to explicate the civilization is built by differences. Differences help or do a civilization discernible or obvious. Possibly this is the ground why most American anthropologist sees nil in the civilization of the Philippines in the Lowlandss for the people in the Lowlandss adapt easy and that they have adapted the western civilization unlike in the upper land in which they are inclined and rooted with the forms that they believe. Peoples that are with “no culture” are to be most particularly applied to in-migration.


    Rosaldo, R ( 1988 ) . Ideology, topographic point, and people without civilization. Cultural anthropology, 3 ( 1 ) , 77

    -87. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //

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