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    The Diary of Eva Smith Essay (526 words)

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    The story follows the tragic tale of a young woman in the beginning of the century left to fend for herself after being hurt and taken away from the things and people she most loved in her short life. Just before the World War started in Britain, inside she is slowly losing her own battles. August 1910- It’s been a long and endless summer. Aunt Beth was nearly killed because of that sickly disease goin around and I couldn’t refuse what little money I had left for her medicines. It’s the same story or something similar, with the other girls at work.

    Going for a whole summer with any money coming in. It’s hard. The girls and I have set up a protest for higher wages. If we’re lucky they’ll listen, but I doubt it. that Mr Birling is too smug to understand, they all are. August 10- We were so ready to face him head on, but the way he looked at us, as if we were trespassing on holy land. He didn’t even look me in the eye that coward, he simply looked ahead as if I wasn’t even there, like I had no right to exist. The whole meeting with Mr Birling tore down any hope of justice I had in me.

    But I’m not doing this for money or to bring Mr Birling down. I’m only trying to give hope to all the other millions of faithless people. I’m trying to tell them that there is hope and there is something to look forward to. There is a wall between us and the rich and prosperous, the higher we try to climb it, the higher it becomes. I’ve seen the brightness, the happiness and the security, so I know there is alot to hope for and I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. But then I stop. I look around me. The memories come flooding back along with the

    tears. I remember the dreary surroundings, the prisonlike atmosphere. Then my smile fades, the dreams disappear and recede into the distance. I remember the way I fit in so well with the shadows of my four cornered room. The blackness so dense no light can shine through, so hollow there’s no escape and so infinite that there’s no hope. Mr Birling with his elaborate talk on respect and earning what you get. He revolted me. What does he possibly know about respect? He places himself above us all as though he were God.

    What does he honestly know? He is just an exmaple of the many others just like him and worse. In the eyes of God we are all born equal and no better then the other, we are not scum or a nuisance to society, we are society. Some day the upper class will wake up from heir fantasies and see just how merciless and vile they are. They walk around so blinded by their own conciet, that they don’t see that as many baths they have, as many pairs of gloves they wear, they still walk the same polluted streets and breath the same stenched air.

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