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    Romeo and Juliet Diary Entries Essay Essay

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    My time has come, I knew it would come soon, I am soon to be married. I don’t know what to do or what to think. When I was told the news my life flashed before my eyes, I saw myself in a loveless marriage, sitting at home in old clothes, slaving over a hot stove all day and looking after the children, what kind of a future is that?

    Getting married is an honour, because it shows you are wanted and the older you are the less likely you are to get married and your parents will have to look after you. I don’t want to disappoint my parents, but I truly feel marriage, at this stage in my life, is not what I want.

    I am not ready to make such a commitment. The man I am meant to marry I’m to meet at this party my father is throwing. I am supposed to like him, what happens if I don’t? Even if I like him, I certainly don’t want to marry him.

    My father, I think, will give me some say in the matter, after all it is my life and he is meant to love and respect me. My nanny is more like my mother, my mother and father weren’t around much when I was growing up and I feel a really strong bond between the nanny and I and she will support me whatever I choose, if I get to choose.

    This party is going to be the worst yet, I’m not even bothered about what I’m going to wear. Also I can’t enjoy myself because I know soon I could be married, possibly to someone who is not right for me.

    Come to think of it I know nothing about this man, how is the marriage supposed to last anyway? HELP! I can hear my mother calling, got to go.

    Juliet Capulet

    Dear Diary,

    Romeo, Romeo, I am in love with Romeo, not with the man my dad picked, Paris. Romeo is my ideal man, he is fit and has a really nice personality. We just click, we can talk to each other with ease.

    I know it is true love, when I go near him my heart goes wild and a strange sensation comes over me and I cannot bear to be away from him, even if he is a Montague.

    Romeo and I met at my dad’s party and he took my breath away. I probably spent less than five minutes in Paris’s company, I was too busy making eyes at Romeo. Glowing in the distance he was, he was wearing Levi jeans and an Armani shirt and he glided over to me and we started dancing, no words were spoken, it was as if we could read each other’s minds and we fell in love.

    The party turned out better than I expected, the food was delicious and the drink divine. The decorations were lovely and the place looked really welcoming. There was a wonderful atmosphere. There was a big turn out, all the family were there and friends of the family and so on.

    The music was upbeat and everyone was dancing the night away, including me, well actually not all of it! Romeo and I shared more than one kiss that night and from the time my lips touched his I committed an act of betrayal, because my family and his family have deep hatred for each other and have done for many years.

    I don’t care, it’s my life and even though I love my family, I love Romeo as well and I can’t imagine life without either of them. Maybe our marriage will bring the two families together. Just a few minutes ago Romeo and I had a deep, meaningful conversation. He loves me and like me doesn’t care what our families feel for each other, it’s what is in our hearts that count for something.

    Romeo thinks I’m an angel, that has blessed the earth with my presence and I think he is my knight in shining armour, come to whisk me away into eternal bliss. During our conversation my nanny called for me, her and my mother wanted to know my decision about Paris and I said, “see what develops”. That short chat made me realise that marriage is for me, if I met the right person and that is Romeo.

    I am willing to commit myself to Romeo and he is willing to commit himself to me, ‘Till death us do part’. Our families at first will probably go absolutely mental and there is bound to be more fighting between the two families, arguing within the families, sadness, anger and a sense of betrayal, but they will have to get over it, accept it and trust us. We are going to get married secretly and break the news once it has been cleared up that I’m not going to be marrying Paris and everyone has settled down, ‘Love can conquer all’.

    Juliet Capulet

    Dear Diary,

    God, he is the one person you supposedly can turn to in times of misery, well I think even God has turned his back on me. My life is messed up and it’s like I’m falling into a black hole and there is no way to end the pain and anguish I am suffering.

    Glorious fireworks is what I saw when I married Romeo, yes I went through with the marriage. The moment I married Romeo will be the most special memory I will ever possess. I am really, truly grateful to the vicar for risking everything to marry us.

    Devastating news came to me via my nanny, that same day and it broke my heart in two. My nanny was mucking about with me at first and I thought my husband was dead, my heart stopped, can you imagine your heart stopping? It’s a horrible thought isn’t it? Then I thought Tybalt and Romeo were both dead, and then I came to learn that Tybalt was dead and Romeo was his killer. Extreme feelings of sadness and anger quickly rushed to my brain, like a lion pouncing on its prey. I felt like I was betraying Tybalt by having these feelings for Romeo, but I was upset about Tybalt as well.

    Anger is what I felt, it was seething through my veins, because Romeo had destroyed any chance of us being together, then I realised at least he is not dead, that was a sort of consolation, I suppose. My life suddenly had no meaning, my husband was banished and my cousin Tybalt was dead.

    My wedding night wasn’t destroyed after all, I got to spend it with my Romeo, my man, my husband and I was on cloud nine all night long. Hugging him as soon as he came in, I whispered in his ear these words, “This night is going to be out of this world.” And he hugged me tighter.

    I was lying in his big, strong arms and I felt a feeling of comfort and happiness. He was stroking my hair and kissing my neck, we were at it all night, and it was brilliant!!

    Reality slapped me in my face when I woke up the next morning, the feeling of happiness drained out my body, when I realised I will possibly not have another night like this again with Romeo, it stirred up raw emotions.

    Romeo awoke and I tried to make him stay a little bit longer, every second counts, disappointingly he didn’t want to at first, he was scared of getting caught and killed, then he changed his mind and agreed, I started to realise if he was caught and killed I would never see him again, if he goes there is a chance I could see him again, the nurse started calling and Romeo was gone, my heart sank.

    Guilt, sorrowfulness, rage, isolation, all these and more I felt during a terrible row with my mother, father and my nanny, it is the worst set of feelings you could ever experience.

    My mom came in my bedroom and I was crying over Romeo, however my mother thought I was mourning Tybalt, I felt so guilty, because I should of being mourning him, I just couldn’t help crying over Romeo. Mom and I were talking and I lead her to believe I hate Romeo for killing Tybalt and I got worked up and what I really meant was that I want to be with Romeo and eventually I will find him and we will be together, I was talking in code. My mom had no idea, she was totally oblivious to the fact I was crying over Romeo, not Tybalt. I told my mom I didn’t want to marry Paris, I used Tybalt as an excuse, I said it’s too soon after Tybalt’s death, I know it was dishonest and you couldn’t begin to even imagine the guilt I was feeling.

    My father flew off the handle when he found out I was refusing to marry Paris and that was all I needed. Rage filled my whole body and I started ranting and raving at him. He stated that if I didn’t go ahead with the arranged marriage it would be as if I was never born, he would disown me, can you imagine your own father blanking you in the street? It brought me to tears, tears of anger. I should have told the truth, that I was already married, but either way he still would of acted the same. It was horrible, my own father calling me names, speaking to me like something on the bottom of his shoe. Falling to my knees, I begged him not to do this, to stop and see sense, but no not my father, he wasn’t having any of it and he turned his back on me and I felt a great sense of emptiness filling my body, my mom and dad were both gone.

    The feeling of loneliness drove me to my nanny the one person who knew everything, who could support me and where I could seek comfort, however that wasn’t the case. My nanny told me to marry Paris, no one will know I was already married and she also said Romeo is nothing compared to Paris. I was speechless and my head was spinning, then I recognised the fact that my nanny, my rock, had given up on me, I was alone in the cold, heartless world and then the vicar popped up in my mind and I decided to pay him a visit to do some truth talking.

    Arriving at the vicarage I found Paris there and I tried to tell him I am not marrying him, but he didn’t get the message, he went and finally I was alone with the vicar.

    Trembling like crazy, I told the vicar and asked for his advice. I felt dazed and so many emotions were going through my body, I felt limp. The vicar’s solution was a bolt out of the blue, but at least he didn’t turn his back on me like my nanny. The vicar suggested I took a potion, which would make me appear dead, so I wouldn’t have to marry Paris, it was to be taken the night before the wedding, and I wasn’t sure, but in absolute desperation I grabbed it. The vicar also told me to tell my family I was to marry Paris, that I wasn’t looking forward to, because I don’t like to back on my word, it was purely for Romeo and my love for him. The vicar also went through the plan and telling me what to expect, for example, the shock of waking up in tomb surrounded by dead bodies. My head was full of troubles and doubts as I was walking home. As I was telling my father I’m going to marry Paris I felt a feeling of deceitfulness. My father left me dumbfounded when he said he is moving the wedding up to tomorrow instead of Wednesday, the vicar doesn’t know this, and so I have to take the potion tonight. So here I am, sitting on my bed, holding in my unsteady hand the key to my future with Romeo.

    My head is full of queries, what if it is poison and I don’t wake up? What if I forget where I am? What if I freak out surrounded by dead bodies and Tybalt who is barely dead? What if…. what if I… I wake up to find Romeo and the vicar are not there. If I don’t do it I will have to marry Paris and there will be another web of lies spun, this potion can save me from that. No I can’t take it, what if things go wrong? I couldn’t bear not being able to see Romeo ever again. Romeo, Romeo, I have do it for him, to give us some kind of future, what if Tybalt haunts him? My hand is moving the bottle towards my lips, I would just like to say I’m sorry for all the trouble I have caused, but I have to what is necessary for me and my love, Romeo to be together. God bless you xxxxxxxxxx.

    Juliet Montage

    P.S Unfortunately this is not Juliet writing, it is the vicar and I know the real cause behind the disastrous deaths of Juliet and her one and only true love Romeo.

    It all started when I married Romeo and Juliet, all I wanted was to make them happy and I also thought maybe it would stop the families feuding. It was not that simple for Juliet because her father was determined that she was to marry Paris, he obviously didn’t know she was already married.

    When Juliet came to me for help I just couldn’t turn her down, her mom, dad and her nanny had disowned her and I couldn’t do the same, desperation showed in every nook and cranny of her face, so I devised a plan. Juliet, as it explains in her diary, had to take a potion to make her appear dead, so she wouldn’t have to go through with the arranged marriage to Paris. Queries were running through Juliet’s head and mine but I tried my hardest to reassure her as much as possible. I was responsible for getting a message to Romeo informing him of the events, however Romeo was not informed of the events because the man who was sending it wasn’t allowed out the town, because of a fatal disease that was being spread across the country.

    Breathless I arrived at the tomb, I had to get there quickly because of Juliet, and I stumbled across Paris and what I saw was Paris with an open wound in his side, lying in a puddle of blood, dead and I was deeply shocked and when I went in what was there was 100 times worse. Romeo was lying there clutching a bottle in his hand, dead and my heart skipped a beat. Looking across at Juliet I thought you poor soul. Peaceful and sweet Juliet looked lying there, to think when she wakes up her whole world will be turned upside down.

    Juliet starting stirring and she woke up light-headed. Feeling extremely anxious I rushed over and was trying to get her out of the tomb, for her own good, but Juliet was just sitting there asking for Romeo and every time she did my deepest sympathy went out to Juliet. Managing to get Juliet up I was pulling her gently to urge her out and she was responding slowly and then she saw it, Romeo lying dead and she went into a traumatised and confused state. Hearing voices I went into panic mode and I wanted Juliet to come, I suggested she could live in a convent, what was I thinking? I ran, ran for my life and left Juliet behind.

    How could a leave a thirteen-year-old girl in such a place? How could I leave her surrounded by dead bodies? That would be distressing for anybody, let alone a young girl, it brings me to tears. Selfishness that what it was, I was trying to save my own skin and I hate myself for it. It is all my fault, maybe if I hadn’t of married Romeo and Juliet, maybe if I didn’t give Juliet that potion, maybe if I didn’t encourage them, maybe if I just told the truth, maybe, maybe, maybe, if only I thought of all this before and maybe they wouldn’t be dead. I deserve whatever is thrown at me.

    I have been false-hearted and deceitful and my soul will never be the same again. I’m not worthy of God’s forgiveness. I’m a murderer, I left a thirteen-year-old girl to kill herself, for my own inexcusable, selfish reasons. I’m a vicar, someone you can trust, someone you can go to in your hour of need, well Romeo and Juliet done that and I messed up their lives, they are dead, dead, I can’t get over it.

    Statues are being put up to honour the lives of the young lady and the young man, who fell in love despite their families hatred for each other and died showing their love for each other. Also the Capulets and the Montagues have made peace, the deaths of their precious Romeo and Juliet has reunited them. Their memory will live on forever RIP.

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