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    Diabetes is caused by defective carbohydrate metabolism

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    This disease is caused by defective carbohydrate metabolism. It causeslarge amounts of sugar in the blood and urine. It can damage the kidneys, heart,eyes, limbs, and endanger pregnancy. About five percent of the United Statespopulation has it and about half are undiagnosed.

    A diabetic that is treatedlife span is lowered by one-thirdThere are two types of diabetes. Type I, insulin-dependent diabetesmellitus (IDDM). And type II, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). Type IThis type usually occurs in children and young adults, it is known asone of the autoimmune diseases. It is 10-15 percent of all cases. The pancreaslets out insulin that lets sugar glucose into all tissues in the body and inthis type of diabetes most or all of this insulin is not made.

    So all the extraglucose is let out through urine. If untreated this type could be fatal quickly. The body cannot get enough energy from tissue glucose so it starts to breakdown stored fat. With this people loose a lot of weight and they have fatigue. Your blood becomes acidic and respiration becomes abnormal. People usually diefrom diabetic coma until they figured out how to use insulin therapy.

    In bothforms it could cause a kidney disease from high blood sugar levels; bad sightfrom blood vessels in eyes rupturing, less blood going to the limbs could makethem have to cut them off. They have high blood pressure which increases heartattacks and strokes in diabetes too. Type IIThis type is found in mostly in people over 40 it progresses slowlyunlike type I. The insulin in the pancreas is produced in good levels but doesnot work right.

    It does not let the glucose in to the tissues just like in typeI. The people in type II are usually over weight. TreatmentThe treatment for both types is insulin injections and changes in theirdiet. They must spread out every thing that they eat in a day so they sugarcomes in slow. For type II they have to loose weigh and exercise more.

    Somepeople test their own blood sugar levels throughout the day and have insulinpumps.DIABETES Robert Quinn Brick Memorial High School January 23, 1997Science .

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    Diabetes is caused by defective carbohydrate metabolism. (2019, Mar 21). Retrieved from

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