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Death Of A Salesman (Success) Essay

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In the play, Death of Salesman, by Arthur Miller, the main character Willy Loman holds an American Dream of material wealth and personal popularity. As his oldest child Biff struggles to become a character which he is not, he faces reality as he realizes he is nothing but a low life creep. The Loman family also consists of Biff s younger brother Happy who is a clone of his father that seeks impossible goals without the general knowledge that lead truly successful people to follow the dreams of their hearts.

Linda played the old fashion typical mother; this character in many ways was loving, occasionally realistic, and most importantly the backbone of the family. I believe that the American Dream should consist of the following traits; self respect, love, happiness and giving. The Loman Family American Dream featured personal likeness, wealth, and a life of chasing misleading goals. The following explains, what in my opinion success is and who and what it takes to be successful. How do you measure success and what does it take to achieve that state?

Simply put no one becomes a success overnight unless you are one of the few extreme cases that believes that when you hit the lottery your are a success just since you have enough cash to wipe your ass with. It takes a person to realize what their purpose is here on this Earth. When you look back at an older age at your life, you must have a sense of accomplishment in some manner towards others and your self. A question one might ask to him or her self is; have I made a mark on society and was the mark a positive one or a negative one.

A positive impact on others lives is enough to keep me happy and enjoying life. When I look back on my life I will have not doubt it s was a success since I will have a loving family and home. Success will be evident in my occupation and family life. It was easy to see that Willy Loman had all the wrong ideas about success. Willy believed he was a failure and tricked himself into believing that the had achieved a whole lot in life and was going to pass on his success to his son Biff who intern would become more successful.

Willy lived a life with many struggles and had a hard time when things changed and got tuff he felt bad since he had nothing to show for. Willy had several flaws but was not loved by his children enough to give helping hand. Love truly is success, it helps you live to see the next day and appreciate what the plant and its residents have to offer. As sad as Willy Lomans life was I don t think that his sons had the right to abuse him the way they did.

This must have been the reason why he fell apart at the end as he saw the vision of his death insurance money making Biff success money simply doesn t cut it regarding this matter. As I am still young and focus my efforts on becoming rich, I hope to soon realize what my parents tell me, that money isn t everything there is life beyond money. It is hard to see that helping other and doing what you love best is really what counts when you re a young adult. To conclude one must come to understand that you should set goal that are realistic and have internal value not just the hunt of money.

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