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    Critical reflection Essay (688 words)

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    I had to also disengage from the group appropriately (National Occupational Standards 8. 4) I compiled a report for my work record 2 which I researched and prepared myself without any input from anyone, only going with guidance from previous reports. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of work, which gave me the independence to organise it in my own way, and I feel proud to be able to have achieved all the relevant information after discussions with everyone concerned and I feel it gave me authority to make a decision based upon my findings. I was able to obtain information independently, which gave me great satisfaction.

    I feel I have the ability to be able to get on and do things independently and present information accurately. I have learnt as a social worker, decisions sometimes need to be made instantly, which affect people lives and it has to be the right decision. In dept research is necessary to be able to have credible information. As social worker authority it is essential to make the right decision at the right time. Direct Observation 1 was another good experience for me as it was a joint assessment with a male social worker and the client was a female from Iran.

    The service user could not speak English and a translator was booked for the meeting and on several occasions whilst seeing her doctor the service user had suggested she did not feel the need to have an interpreter and brought her sister in law. Being an Asian female I picked up upon the cultural aspects of the female, which my colleague was oblivion to. I did suggest that service user may prefer a female interpreter and also due to the nature of her illness she may prefer not to have a male present.

    It finally emerged that due to the small Iran community in Solihull she felt she did not want her personal life known, and that everyone in the community knew each other. I learnt sometimes service users were apprehensive in providing information and a wider outlook should be given to the reasoning behind certain things. I also learnt service users are vulnerable and require sensitivity at all time as well as confidentiality and reassurance. If in the future I came across anyone from a different background I would research the cultural differences beforehand and have a better understanding of their needs.

    My supervision sessions have been extremely important for the basis of my learning for both practically hands on experience and theory and knowledge behind it, which has identified the areas where I need to improve. I have used feedback constructively in order to do things differently and understand the reasoning behind certain things to develop further. I have found my overall learning experience valuable and have learnt to adapt to situations as they arise. Throughout the placement I referred back to GSCC Code of Practice and my academic learning from Principles of Social Work module to ensure my practice is ethical.

    My values have developed and I realise the importance of service users to control their own lives and to promote their independence (GSCC Code of Practice 3. 1) and to support them to make informed decisions about their lives. And the services they receive (GSCC Code of Practice 1. 9), as service are their own experts. Service user feedback was constructive and positive and I learnt a great deal from how service users perceived what I did for them. I was reliable and dependable (GSCC Code of Practice 2. 4), and honoured work commitments, agreements and arrangements (GSCC Code of Practice 2. 5).

    Service users in both my case studies felt listened to and action taken to help them. My colleagues also gave me feedback which has been positive to enable me to gain more confidence in the MDT meeting when discussing service user’s issues. I have found the Practice Learning experience has been vital for applying theory to practice, and I have found it very rewarding. 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our University Degree Social Work section.

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