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    Crusades, Renaissance, Reformation

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    Describe how feudalism worked in Feudal Japan (social characteristics)
    The Shogun gave the Daimo land and appointments to office in return for military service and loyalty.
    L o r d
    K n I g h t s
    P e a s a n t s

    Shogun (Emperor)
    D a I m y o
    S a m u a r i

    The European hierarchy
    L o r d
    K n I g h t s
    P e a s a n t s
    The Japan hierarchy
    Shogun (Emperor)
    D a I m y o
    S a m u a r i
    Identify the lasting effects of the Crusades on European economics and education
    Trade increased between Europe and Middle East resulting in the growth of towns and the middle class. Brought new ideas to Europe, drew Europe out of isolation, helped end feudalism and spread of Islam.
    Identify the lasting effects of the Mongol Empire
    Largest empire the world has ever know. China started training with the west and created a link between east and west.
    Identify the trade route between the Middle East and West Africa.
    Muslim traders had to cross the Sahara Desert on camels to get to West Africa.
    Identify products traded between North Africa and West Africa.
    North Africa traded textile, horses and salt for ivory, slaves and gold from West Africa.
    Describe how Islam spread to West Africa
    Muslim merchants from North Africa brought it into West Africa. Arabic language spread quickly from the Middle East to N. Africa.
    **Explain how trade on the Silk Road affected the cultures of the people involved.
    People exchanged cultural ideas along with goods.
    **Explain how the Crusades affected the cultures of the people involved.
    Contact with Muslims brought new ideas to Europe
    Describe the growth of towns in western Europe during the Middle Ages
    The Crusades helped end feudalism and trade increased which allowed people to leave the manors and move to towns.
    Identify the role of the MERCHANT in Europe
    With the growth of trade merchants became wealthy and powerful. They often sat on town councils.
    Describe how trade routes were established between Europe and the Middle East.
    Europeans were introduced to Muslim products/ideas during Crusades. After crusades, trade increased between Europe and Middle East.
    Identify products or ideas that traveled between western Europe and the Middle East.
    Muslin, fabric, melons, apricots, sesame seeds and a renewed interest in the classics from the Middle East.
    Describe how trade routes were established between China and Europe.
    After the Mongols invaded China, they start trading with outsiders.
    Identify products or ideas that traveled between China and Europe.
    Silk, jade, porcelain, tea, sugar from China wine, glassware, and metal goods from Europe.
    Describe how trade routes were established in West Africa.
    Muslims conquered N. Africa and they started trading with each other. Muslim merchants from N. Africa trade W. Africa for gold.
    Identify products or ideas that traveled on West African trade routes.
    Salt from North Africa, Gold from West Africa.
    Describe the rights found in the Magna Carta.
    Protected rights and privileges of the nobles. Also, “no freeman” could jailed except by lawful judgement of his peers, King was not above the law.
    Identify connections to rights American have today.
    Habeas corpus – can’t be held unless charged with a crime.Bill of Rights – list of Rights all Americans have.
    Identify changes in power guaranteed by the Magna Carta.
    King was not above the law.
    Rights and liberties.
    Explain how trade along the Silk Road affected cultures of the people involved.
    People exchanged cultural ideas/goods
    Printing and moveable type
    Books could be produced more quickly and cheaply. Spread new ideas, discoveries and inventions.
    Art and literature
    Displayed humanist ideas, realism and beauty.
    Reformation (growth of influence of the Catholic Church
    Movement against Catholic church, which brought new Christian churches
    Identify areas of Protestantism on a map
    Luthern – Germany, Prussia, Denmark, Normway, Sweden
    Anglican – England
    Calvinist – part of Scotland, Netherlands
    Describe characteristics of the systems of government found in France, Spain, England and Italy
    France, Spain, England – Monarchy’s

    Italy -CityStates

    Describe important motivating factors for European exploration
    To find new trade routes to Asia
    Fame and glory
    To spread Christianity
    New knowledge
    An organization of merchants or skilled worker.
    Rebirth of interest in art and learning from classical times.
    A movement against Catholic church that resulted in many new Christ churches.
    Mercantilism (economic)
    System in which colonies provide wealth to their parent country.
    Government in which citizens choose their leaders.
    Common law
    Body of rulings made by judges that become part of nations legal system.
    Supporter of the arts.
    Medici Family
    Wealthy, powerful family in Florence, bankers, Renaissance
    Henry VII
    King of England, formed the Church of England b/c pope would not grant him a divorce
    Ferdinand and Isabella
    Queen of Spain, supported Christopher Columbus expedition.
    William Shakespeare
    Famous playwright, poet, actor
    Invented the moveable type printing press
    Martin Luther
    Wrote 95 thesis, against the selling of indulgences

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