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    17 test Reading Guide Harlem Renaissance and Great Depression

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    How did the NAACP and Marcus Garvey’s followers respond to racial discrimination?
    The NAACP fought to get laws passed by congress against lynching. Marcus Garvey formed a (UNIA). Universal Negro Improvement Association. He promoted black owned businesses and encouraged many African Americans to set up an independent nation back home in Africa.
    Describe the contributions of one artist of the Harlem Renaissance.
    One of the most famous Harlem Renaissance poets was Langston Hughes. He wrote about the daily lives of working- class backs. He wove the tempos of jazz and the blues into his poem.
    What problems did farmers face in the 1920s?
    The demand for food dropped, so farmers’ incomes went down. They could not afford payments on their farms, so they lost their land.
    What happened on Black Tuesday?
    Prices fell so sharply that people said the market had “crashed”.
    How did people in the cities and in rural areas suffer during the Great Depression?
    Cities across the country were full of homeless people. Some Built shantytowns and ate at the soup kitchens and stood in the bread lines . Rural Areas food prices continued to go down and many farmers earned less and less
    Describe two ways the Great Depression affected families.
    Many families pulled together and shared what they earned, and some families broke apart under the strain of poverty and unemployment.
    What was dangerous about how Americans bought stock?
    Americans were buying on margin. This was a problem because there was no way to pay off the loan if the stock prices declined sharply.
    Describe the three goals of the New Deal.
    Relief for the needy,Economic recovery,and Financial reform
    How did the New Deal provide help to different groups of Americans?
    The Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) helped to raise crop prices by lowering production. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) put young men to work building roads and planting trees.The national industrial recovery act (NIRA) sets codes of fair practice for industries.
    What action did the Second New Deal take to help farmers?
    They provided loans to help farmers buy land: New laws also helped migrant workers by providing better housing for them.
    What did the elections of 1934 and 1936 tell about the New Deal?
    Democrats increased majority of the election in Congress and also marked the first time African Americans voted Democratic.
    Why did many banks fall after the stock market crashed?
    Many people panicked and took their money out of the banks and the banks were forced to close.
    How did the WPA and NYA help people?
    WPA was set out to create jobs as quickly as possible. NYA provided aid and part time jobs to many high school and college students
    What are two continuing benefits of the New Deal?
    help make the economy more stable and developed the social security system
    How did some liberals criticize the New Deal?
    Liberals say that the New Deal didn’t go far enough, it should have done more to change the economy and Roosevelt should have done more to end the differences between the rich and poor.
    How did some conservatives criticize the New Deal?
    They say that is too big and too powerful, and that it also got in the way of free enterprise. They feel that the gov’t should not be so involved in the economy.
    How did the Second New Deal try to protect people?
    The Second New Deal protected people by having unemployment compensation, aid for disability, old age insurance and the Wagner Act

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