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    Coursework on Revenge Essay (851 words)

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    A few years ago, I had a son out of marriage vows. It was an accident. I love my son very much, but his father abandoned me during the pregnancy and immediately moved in and married another girl before our child was even born. Now, though I am only on the fringes of his family, I am still very much a part of it. His mother and I are close. For my own good and the benefit or our son, I have tried to give up my anger and resentment for what this man did to me. His wife, however, hates me with a passion simply because I exist and have what she has wanted for herself – a son, the very image of his father. Over the years, his wife has called me on the phone, taunted me, insulted me, keyed my car, and done her best to out-do me in any arena. I have not reciprocated, but instead focused on my self and my son.

    Then one day an opportunity too good to pass up came my way. My son’s father has visits every couple of weeks with our son, when his wife is at work which he and his mother (yes, a mamma’s boy) feel is best so as to not upset his darling wife. So he comes around and I am sweet as honey to him. My appearance has changed substantially since we first met. I am now, quite frankly, strikingly beautiful. This has really bothered this man, because the girl he married has “gone to pot” should we say, and developed some nasty habits. On a recent visit, he felt it necessary to confide in me the details of his marriage on the rocks.

    Apparently the jealousy his wife feels towards me has driven her crazy. And her unwillingness to satisfy him has made him drift from her. With wide eyes and a caring smile, I have commiserated with him. The sparks between us grew each time we saw each other, until one evening, I let him kiss me. This has developed into a full-blown affair, sex and all. He calls me desperately wanting to know when he can see me again. Not because he cares for me or enjoys our conversations, but because he wants to get his rocks off and knows where to go. I have stayed sweet, but I remember just what kind of a man he really is. Each time I speak to him, he begs me to never say a word to anyone, so I am telling the world.

    Decided that being his mistress really isn’t much fun for me, and I really wouldn’t mind if his wife and family found out. To me, having this affair end was no loss. And I received some diabolical pleasure when I imagined his wife’s face when she is told the truth. When I think of this man’s marriage falling apart by my hand, I am reminded of how my own life fell apart as a result of my pregnancy. It was a downward spiral that crippled me and altered my life permanently. Yes, I think he needs that.

    So what did I do? One evening over a glass of wine with his mother, I steered the subject to the news of how I had met a wonderful man, but that he was married. Initially, she was happy for me, then warned me to stay away from married men. I acknowledged her, and then told her all about him and the wife that he says is such a misery to be with. I told her that when he meets up with me, he tells his wife that he’s going out to have a drink and be alone for a while, and then comes to me instead. I also included enough personal detail to help her realize just whom I was talking about. It got quiet for a moment, then I said, “You don’t think…. is having an affair, do you?”

    She replied with a no, then I asked, “Where do you think he is really going at night when he says he’s going for a drink alone?” At this, I could swear the bottom dropped out from beneath her and she just stared at me. I took a sip and looked up at her. I told her that I wanted to end the affair I had began with this man in question but that he just wouldn’t leave me alone. The rest of the evening was tense, and we parted early.

    That was just a week ago, since then I have received two heated phone calls from him, wanting to know what I said to his mother, who, of course, immediately went to his wife and conferred with her on the issue. He is receiving a lot of heat at home, and his wife is talking about leaving him. But the bombshell has yet to come: I saved all his phone messages, which are quite explicit. His mother wants to come visit me this weekend. I think I’ll check my messages while she’s here.

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