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    Construction of Nuclear Power Plants

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    With the development of science and technology, energy and pollution are the topics of concern to everyone. So whether to build more nuclear power plants or not has become a question for many countries. Nuclear power plants can cause pollution, but they can also bring us enormous energy benefits.

    First, unlike fossil fuel power generation, nuclear power generation does not emit huge amounts of pollutants into the atmosphere, so nuclear power generation will not cause air pollution, and nuclear power generation will not cause carbon emissions, and will not aggravate the global greenhouse effect. Now the air quality of the earth is getting worse and worse.

    Because people burn fossil fuels, or cut down forests, they produce a lot of carbon dioxide, which will lead to the rise of the earth’s temperature, which is the greenhouse effect. Global warming will make global precipitation chaotic, glacier melting, sea level rise and so on. It will not only endanger the balance of natural ecosystems, but also threaten the survival of human beings.

    On the other hand, due to the greenhouse gas emissions on land, the temperature difference between the mainland and the ocean becomes smaller, which results in the slowdown of air flow. The haze can not be dispersed in a short time, resulting in the increase of haze weather in many cities and affecting human health.

    Second, The energy density of nuclear fuel is millions of times higher than that of fossil fuel. Therefore, the fuel used in nuclear power plants is small in size and convenient for transportation and storage. A 10-megawatt nuclear power plant only needs 30 tons of uranium fuel a year, which can be transported by aircraft in one voyage. Therefore, using nuclear fuel can reduce a large part of transportation costs and time, which is also a kind of energy saving.

    Nuclear fuel also has certain harm, nuclear power plant will produce radioactive waste, or used nuclear fuel, although the volume is not large, but because it is radioactive, must be carefully treated. If not handled well, it will cause great pollution. But this problem is not impossible to solve, as long as the country sets strict waste disposal rules and has serious punishment measures, waste disposal will not cause a big problem.

    Others say the cost of investing in nuclear plants is too high and the financial risks for power companies are high. But according to the current development trend, the traditional thermal power generation is not enough to meet the later market. Therefore, making changes earlier is the best choice for the company and the country.

    Finally, the advantages of the development of nuclear power stations outweigh the disadvantages, which is the trend of future development. As long as strict regulations and protective measures are done, the world can save a lot of energy and get more benefits.

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