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    Comparison of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting Essay

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    Comparison of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting a Man Inspecting His Stables; Ships Unloading Merchandise and Relief Block, Plucking and Roasting Fowl, Herds Crossing Water By shackles Comparison of two Egyptian Sculpture Relief Depicting a Man Inspecting His Stables; Ships Unloading Merchandise and Relief Block, Plucking and Roasting Fowl, Herds Crossing Water In Egyptian art, the greatest achievements are tomb relief, huge number of tomb relief shows the people who were rich enough at that period want to bring their rich and glory even after they dead.

    The Early royal relief are somewhat too idealism on the figures, heir figures on the tomb relief are usually rough on the surface. However, the technique of making tomb relief developed extremely quickly starting from the 3rd Dynasty; the techniques were already extremely advanced, and styles are increasing a lot. Using the finely detailed decoration in the tomb relief are the tradition way. This kind of technique that shows the figures standing out slightly above the Egyptian period continued through the 6th-Dynasty and into the Middle Kingdom, especially using for royal monuments. Visual-arts-cork. Com) There are many characteristics that diddle kingdom and new kingdom have are clearly crucial and a little different from each other, including the details of the techniques, color and style. The Tomb Relief from late dynasty 18 and Relief from a tomb at E-Light are the two tomb relief which have some commons and differences; both of them are tomb relief and both of them are about the farming figure, there are some figures about people working in different sections and also a lot of animals on that too. The Egyptian art’s function was twofold.

    Firstly, the function shows the god’s glory and making the passage after-life more comfortable. Then, the function Europeanizes the information and the value of the Egyptian art. The life in Egypt was generally stable such as the cultural and life; even the arts, including their architecture and sculptures, also painting, metalwork, goldsmith and ceramics. (visual-arts-cork. Com) Most of the art works in Egypt have the characteristic which is ‘highly conservative adherence to traditional rules’ (Neil Collins, visual-arts-cork. Mom), it had a good affection on focus on the order rather than creativity and artistic expression. (visual-arts-cork. Com) During The Middle Kingdom, with its capital at Thebes (2000-1786 B. C. ), was a brand new age of experiment and invention which grew out of the turbulence of the First Intermediate Period (2134-c. 2000 B. C. ). (encyclopedia. Com) Most of the forms of the Old Kingdom were retained; However, the traditional unity style was changed. The development of formalism was mixed with a meticulous delicacy of craftsmanship. Precancerous. Com) There were more from the artists’ inside thought, most of them were successful in tomb relief or sculpture, like the rock-cut tombs at Ban Has are outstanding for freedom of draftsmanship, and the sensitive portraits of Stories Ill ND Amendment Ill were all extremely famous and successful in doing the Egyptian arts. (Precancerous. Com) Also, their figures are more idealism on the torso but realism on their head and face, the animals were set as a line organized. (encyclopedia. Mom) The Relief from a tomb at EL-Light is from the middle kingdom, it has found reused as a door sill that in a door of a later house by the modern cemetery near the pyramid, possibly from the tomb of Ankhs. Inside the picture, ancient Egyptian outdoor life is preserved clearly. Two men sit in a tent and preparing for a meal that the tomb when will later enjoy. The man on the right plucks the feathers of a large goose, and the other one on the left roasts a duck on a spit over a low fire that he brings to glow with a fan. The other birds, a bag, and two rolled-up sheets of cloth were hanged up from a line above.

    Then, on the bottom of the picture, a number of cattle have Just emerged from swampy water, and some water spilled because the herd is on its way to higher ground. (Wall texts from Mutest) From this tomb relief, the function is a traditional Egyptian tomb relief that is showing the daily life even including the errors’ lives. It reflects the life at that period, even a tiny thing like preparing for a meal. Zoom in to the lines and the expression of the three- dimensional from, the technique the sculptor used is fine and smooth. These two men’ figures are not naturalism; the pose and the arrangement of the figure are neat and orderly.

    Especially those animals, the cattle are all the same. Additionally, one symbolist thing is the pose that the man holding the ducks neck. This tomb relief is realism on the face and idealism in the torso, also extremely well done in some specific details. The New Kingdom’s art (1570-1342 B. C. ) can be seen as the final development of the traditional classic Egyptian style of the Middle Kingdom, there is a combination of the drive inspiration of the Middle Kingdom and the monumental forms of the Old Kingdom. This period’s painting are famous because boldness of controlled vitality and boldness.

    Their sculpture usually emphasis on bulk, solidity and impersonality. In some single scenes, or the works on the wall from ceiling to the floor, each figure had its place properly and was not allow to overflow its space. Then en of the most table achievements of Egyptian craft men was the technique when they put human figure in a space, it seems to be cramped or overcrowded, but the they still take control of the whole picture’s balance. (visual-arts-cork. Com) Then, The Tomb Relief from late dynasty 18 is a perfect example of this period.

    The pictures of this relief use the cattle that being force-fed while the tomb owner followed by several retainers on the right of the picture. In the bottom of the picture, ships unload their produce that is first heaped on shore then carried away by porters. This relief block almost certainly came from a tomb at Memphis. With an infusion odd liberating energy and ideas from Marin, private relief work flourished in Memphis in the post-Marin period and at that period, the wealthy people more like to let the figure on the tomb relief more naturalism. Wall texts from Mutest) This way that shows the life of workers is a terrific way which be used to show the multiple stages in a developing sequence of actions, rather than the frames of a strip cartoon because it is clearer. During the Old Kingdom, the agricultural is one of the most popular themes for most of the tomb relief. (visual-arts-cork. Mom) Also, the wall paintings during that period which shows plunging, sowing harvesting and threshing the grain are all symbolist faithfully represented.

    It shows the herdsmen working in the pastures taking care of the cattle so prized by the ancient Egyptians even other views depict the trapping of the waterfowl especially in the Nile marshes and fishing in the river itself. (visual-arts-cork. Com) Because of these views from daily life let the sculptors were able to use their initiative and let themselves feel free and explore a little of theirs imagination and retreat. When they show the dead man and his family, it had to be more presented in regular poses as a description: larger than life, strictly proportioned, and always calm and somewhat aloof, (visual-arts-cork. Mom) However, The rural workers on the estate could be shown at their daily lives in a relaxed way, something with lives or energetic can be usually captured, and that always have an outstanding characterized which can symbolize the ancient Egyptians. (visual-arts-cork. Com) While the offering-bearers, symbolizing the funerary gifts from the estates to their rod, are depicted moving towards him in formal and stately procession, the peasants at work in the fields seem both sturdy and vigorous. (visual-arts-cork. Mom) Look inside the tomb relief techniques, it clearly shows the details and the meaning of the whole story, every people have their own characteristic and different poses. Further, the tomb relief from here is becoming more three-dimensional. Even when we see these two tomb relief and find out they look remarkably similar from each other, they are all about the daily life in Egyptian, they all shows the real unusual smoothly techniques that people in that period have the highly developed skill of making the tomb relief. Using tomb relief is the good way to reflect their owner’s life and the dynasty they were in.

    The relief from a tomb at EL-Light shows the owner’s power and their wealthy life; the second Tomb Relief is a little different from the first one, it show about the owner wants to be more kind, they were not like to show their glory anymore; they more want to have a kind of feeling of realism, but the way they show is mostly idealism from the torso and the heads. The most preference is the level of the three-dimensional of the tomb relief, the middle kingdom seems there is a start of doing this, then it is getting more three- dimensional until the New kingdom.

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