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    Comparing the Two Leaders as Leading Figures of Communism

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    The propaganda poster that shows no matter where communist people live, they will unite and still are proud of losing the space race and returning with a victory of the Nuclear war. The image tries to persuade the viewer in believing Kim Jong UN is a great leader as the statue was built in recognition for immortal remembrance of what good deeds he has done for North Korea. The image shows the gratitude the people of Russia still have towards Stalin for his hard work he performed for his people and its country and marched in celebration as shown for his 70th birthday.

    The value of the source is that it is a form of propaganda to make people believe that they should align themselves with communism as it is the overall winning team as they won the more important battle which was the nuclear war, they proved that they were more intellectually smarter than the capitalists however as the capitals made a pen you can write with in space and the communists out smarted them by using a pencil. The value within this source can be seen through the evidence of showing that Kim Jong UN was a great leader, so great that he was placed in the Mansu Hill Grand monument which is a great honour for someone and promotes the outstand dignity and intellect that the communists have. The value in this source is shown through the respect given towards Stalin as he did not force the people to do this to him and they did it out of pure will. This could be used as a form of propaganda as well as to show one that they have fee will power and they will have something strong and powerful to believe in when they are in desperate times.

    Limitations The only limitation within this source is that this propaganda poster is limited to only being able to be used for war against Capitalism and no other forms of politics. And soon the poster would be irrelevant as in today’s day and age communist and capitalism will be no more as both are relying on each to grow which defeats the purpose of each system existing as they depend on their counterparts. This image is limited as it does not have any specific reasoning as to what Kim Jong did in order to have his statue built which makes one question if he actually deserved having his statue built. This source is limited to the worth of the source as shown that through the passing down of the worth of any information, some information is either lost or misinterpreted so there could be a possibility that the true reasoning of the people performing this gift was not only his birthday but instead they were also followers of his ideologies and beliefs and some were forced against their will to partake in the ceremony.

    Without a doubt it can be regarded that Kim Jong UN’s methods of Communism is considered greater than that of Stalin’s through the history, background and path each men took to climb up to power. The child of a poor shoe cobbler against the prodigal grandson of the founder of North Korea.

    We will begin with Stalin, a true leader, as he had a vision, a mission, a goal, a planning and the drive to go through with the plan till the end. This could be shown through the battle of Stalingrad for example. On 23 August 1942, when the German Wehrmmacht began an assault under the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as he wanted Stalingrad for seeing how it would benefit his propaganda considering it contained Stalin’s name in the land. Stalin’s forces was able to hold Hitler’s army back for a while then soon Hitler’s Luftwaffe controlled the skies and used many air strikes.

    Stalin believed in his country and his people, so much that he even made men who were able to carry a gun fight for their country as well as enlisted the women to dig trenches at the front lines. The casualties was growing at a rapid pace however Stalin pleaded with his people not to retreat as he had faith of victory. They did not with the help of Order No. 227”Not to step back” as this law stated should they retreat they would suffer the penalty of a trial by military tribunal and the was a chance that they would receive an the end of the war in February 1943, Stalin succeeded in reclaiming Stalingrad and had captured nearly 100 000 of the enemy soldiers and this proves that his men had more faith in him as he guided them to win what was seen as an unbeatable battle.

    Events as the Arms race (source A) and WW2 would not have come to be as the Communist were seeking equality but in the same process protect themselves against the West and did so by attempting to completely convert all land into a land of communism, and WW2 occurred because the capitalist turned Germany into a hostile and bitter country, it is what pushed the acceptance of Hitler and the Nazi power. So by some people it was seen as just to align themselves with the communists as the capitalists was threating their way of life.

    In 1924 Stalin with other leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev were in power of the “All-Russians Communist Party”. The people were warned of his ambitious by Lenin before his death, which soon came to be. Stalin exiled leaders or followers to Siberia, executed them or imprisoned. One of the leader (Bukharin) was accused of crimes by Stalin and executed in 1938. Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico by Stalin’s agents in 1940 and those that remained in their residents, remained in terror because of his secret police, the NKVD, translated to “The peoples commissariat of internal affairs” The key features of Stalinism include its reliance on dialectical materialism to support each of Stalin’s decisions, its cult of personality and its idea of socialism in a single country (source D).

    This strengthens the argument off Stalin being the better leader of Communism as he has made the people aware of the fact that he relied on them more than they relied on him for survival, hence the Russian citizens felt more at ease to follow Stalin as they believed they would move to a brighter future and grow their land with Stalin. This can still be seen today as the latest polls shows that 36%, the majority of people believed as such, Stalin as more of a positive leader. Substantial evidence could be that he transformed an “illiterate peasant country “into one of the worlds superpowers, he drastically dropped the crime as mentioned by Chuck Garen, a resident. He also decreased child mortality which made it very clear to the people that although some of his methods was seen as inhuman or wrongful, he only did that to move his nation and its people forward and decided to bear the burden of all the wrong so no one else would have to do so, and so he is seen as a hero by many, which strengthened his cult of personality (source c)

    Soon the NEP was introduced. This was a policy that acted as a temporary retreat from the policy of centralization and more, it was a major Factor in the rule of Stalin as he supported Communism and the NEP promoted the this ideology which made Stalin be seen more as a great leader. He used propaganda such as poem of praise, movies, parades and statues to increase his followers as shown on source C, which could be seen as the raw reason why to prefer Stalin due to the main reason that in today’s news, Kim Jong un is trying to work with the enemy president Trump as he believes in Capitalism, the sole enemy of what both Kim Jong un and Stalin had been fighting for, which is communism.

    And finally to Kim Jon UN still the current president of North Korea. A leader with true roots of a political past (Make reference to Sources F). Political rule was seen as his destiny from the very start of the establishment of North Korea as his Grandfather Kim II sung was the founder of North Korea. Once Kim II sung passed away in 1994, a wider socialistic influence of North Korea famine broke out, this was remembered as The Arduous March. This turned the ruling Communist party to be “moribund”, so already North Koreas leaders was not seen in a good light which makes some believe that it is just to say Stalin was the better leader considering the experience he has as to that of Kim Jong un.

    Putting aside it had admin tasks as a political entity, the party was revived as a political institution by Kim Jong-Il to cope with the party’s declining but as well as to boost Kim Jon UN’s succession who is his all of their effort to be seen as caring for their country was only to strengthen the relatives position in politics to ensure that their family had a larger say in laws and regulations to please themselves instead of what the country needed, His son grew the party exponentially causing it to thrive as an institution. Using his power as supreme leader, he dismissed his uncle known as Chang Song-Thaek. He thought strategically as he built his power through the central Military Commission. You could say all he tried doing was to continue the family legacy left behind.

    They all interlinked as Kim Jong UN was mostly improving North Korea as through the use of communism, how so? Through the rough and long process of dismissing people and replacing them with more qualified people as well as order is more easily maintain seeing as Communism launches law to benefit the majority and rules are obeyed more as they were aware of the consequences everyone would receive should one person not obey or support Communism (source E), in the same breath as Communism was always interpreted from Marxism which was interpreted by Lenin to create Marxism-Leninism, and so came about Stalin interpreting an already misinterpreted system and formed Stalinism. Much like Stalin Kim Jong UN promoted himself through statues as shown in source B which is the Mansu Hill Grand Monument in honour of all the Korean leaders that represent the immortal acceptance of the deeds they performed for Korea. It is not shocking that the two had similar ruling methods as seeing as they both supported Communism, the same ideologies whoever they applied it differently to grow the economy without the aid of Capitalism.

    Unlike Stalin, it came to the impression that Kim Jong UN was seeking aid from the enemy as pre the meeting with Donald Trump and made agreements with each other which was to complete denuclearization in Korean Peninsula. This can be seen as unforgivable as a communist land has made agreements with capitalists for the first and as seen by the people this should not have happened as ever since the establishment of North Korea, no agreements were made as to stay loyal to the economic ideology of communists must only align themselves and seek aid from other communist countries.

    However Kim Jong UN can still be seen in a good perspective as a wise leader by some of his followers as to throw away his beliefs and pride in order to prevent North Korea from collapsing as other communist and capitalist countries have fallen from arrogance which shows that Kim Jong UN actually makes decision that will grow the nation as Stalin had to do so as well and for that reason we have to give him some recognition as a country that does not evolve with the times is either a country that will be lost in time or is sure to collapse.

    Without a doubt with reference to the evidence shown in the above, the only rightful answer is that Stalin was the better leader in the use of Communism as he was for the people and proved it more times than Kim Jong UN has and he did not only receive his followers from terror as some sources would try to make you believe as he fought many battles in the m=name of Communism and for the sole purpose of growing his land instead of only growing himself. Whereas Kim Jong UN has still not endured and gained as much experience as Stalin has, as he grew up in an already established family whereas Stalin had to crawl his way up from a peasant to one of the most powerful leaders that deserves acknowledgement for rise his peasant and illiterate nation into becoming a superpower.

    I have come to an understanding the although most sources have made it come to believe that Stalin was an inhuman and overall bad person, he was not as bad as the article I have read over. This is due to the fact that as most leaders, they only share the scandals and negatives to the public that would either amuse them or put the leader in a bad light. None what so ever of his victories and good deeds have been shown but I have learnt he was still highly respected by all those who both loved and despised the Russian leader. He stayed true to his economic ideologies and systems unlike Kim Jong UN, however Kim Jong UN has also provided with great reasoning the need for change because he showed us without change, a system would only fall as he has realised through the past leaders mistakes. This in turn made me understand that eventually there would no longer be a communist and capitalist society as shown in South Africa because each system will need each other to prevent the collapse of a nation. Sometimes you need to be the 0one to do the wrong to make sure someone else does not carry the burden, so make one person who will willingly suffer with the guilt of doing wrong than having an entire nation bear that burden.

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    Comparing the Two Leaders as Leading Figures of Communism. (2022, Nov 28). Retrieved from

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