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    Comparing The Giver and Farenheight 451 comparison Essay

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    compare contrast essays Comparing The Giver and Farenheight 451 Here are two societies. One is the society in The Giver; there is no war, crime, and hunger. Every person has a job although the job is assigned by government. Another society is the one in Farenheight 451. Firemen are people whose job is to hunt down and burn books in the society.

    Both of the two societies are not normal. There are some similarities and differences between The Giver and Farenheight 451. First, there are main characters that have similar characteristics in two societies. In The Giver Jonas does not easily accept rules of the society since he wanders between the truth and rules of the community.

    Montag, the main character in Farenheight 451, is a book-burning fireman. One day he decided read the books which he burns. As a result, he steals some books and hides them in his home in violation of the rules of the community. Secondly, people in both of the two societies do not think the past seriously because the past has just passed. In The Giver people do not want to remind of a little dead boy in their mind. Also, people in Farenheight 451 do not read a book since the book such as biography of David Carperfield makes people remind of the past.

    However, an impression people can get from those two forms are quite different since one is a written book whereas the other is film. Written words have obvious and clear meanings so that readers can have crystal clear feelings. For example, in The Giver the readers may be able to feel clear meaning of the paragraph, He was not starving, it was pointed out. He was hungry. No one in the community was starving, had ever been starving, would ever be starving (p.

    70), since it is written in words. While, film Farenheight 451 cannot have those same effects on the audience since it carry its theme on a screen. It cannot describe the details like The Giver. Here is another difference between The Giver and Farenheight 451. The Giver, almost all the information is carried to people by the Givers memories since people could recognize other societies by books even though there are some ordinary books in every house. On the other hand, in Farenheight 451, there is only TV and no books since books are considered as something which makes people unhappy and guilty, so people are banned to have books in their home.

    That is, books make people melancholy because there are some ideas in those books like philosophy or sociology. Finally, when some people who committed a crime or violated some rules are punished, the people in the society in The Giver cannot know how they are to be punished. And there is only one word, release, meaning the punishment. On the other hand, in the film, Farenheight 451, the people could see the scene of punishment by TV. Both the societies in The Giver and Farenheight 451, were the ones under controls and there is no freedom to the people in the societies. While I compare and contrast these two societies, I feel grateful to have freedom such as I can buy books, read them, and do study which I want.

    Reference Lowry, L. (1993). The Giver. New York, NY: Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc. .

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