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    Communism and True American

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    President Theodore Roosevelt and Senator Smith advocate for Americanization because they believe America has had enough outsiders. They tend to think that immigrants are the source of conflict for the country and that lack of nationalization makes them contribute less to the development of the country.

    According to President Theodore Roosevelt, the main reason why people should be Americanized is to make all people one nation and eliminate the national differences. The recognition of all people as American citizens will break the loose discrimination by origin. All people will be loyal because no matter their mother country, they will be recognized and treated as Americans thus avoiding the breakage of wars. On the other hand, Senator Smith argues that nationalization should be conducted to ensure that the country saves its resources for the nationally growing population. Meanwhile, America should prevent the flow of refugees from other countries which leads to war as people try to expand their lands. Again, it leads to overexploitation of the national resources as the country struggle to serve the growing population.

    The arguments are quite persuasive because when an immigrant becomes a citizen, he/she is likely to contribute to the goodness of the country wholeheartedly. They would consider America their country thus being their responsibility to remain loyal. The probability of war will also be low as all people would be advocating for the same objective, to protect and keep America safe.

    Woody Guthrie response to President Theodore Roosevelt’s proposal by accepting it. According to Woody, America is for all people despite their origin thus his song “this land is your land.” Alternatively, he might not be for the idea of shutting the American doors because it would hinder others from coming to the land he believes belongs to them as well.

    During the second world, there arose the communism which was made up of the non- liberal people who thought in the power of dictatorship. It is during this period of communism that America was realized. America has always advocated for the liberation and democracy rather than the use of force and violence to reach one’s ambitions.

    During the war, the loyal American citizens ensured that communists did not find their way into the country. They had the responsibility of checking the credential of all outsiders, signing treaties to ensure that they were not communists, as well as providing that they know the political and visitors they invited to their meetings. They were also to keep check of the political leaders who joined or resigned from communism to ensure that they did not interact with the communists.

    During the anticommunism campaign after the war, several elementary and high school teachers lost their jobs after being investigated for being named as the flourishing anti-subversive groups and persons. For some people, they gathered and distributed their bans which were received by fearful bosses and cast director who was as well afraid of being blacklisted in 1949, the Soviet Union was in control and was expecting the communism to Eastern Europe thus increasing anxiety and fear among the American citizens.

    McCarthy era continued to influence America by fueling the Red Scare. McCarthy created the atmosphere of emotion and mistrust in the early fifties. The publics were also afraid after the setting of a bomb in USSR. He claimed that communists were infiltrated part of America that had betrayed their motherland to serve the interests of the Soviet Union.

    Among the challenges, they faced in common is lack of proper working conditions. Most African workers in the plantations were exposed to adverse working conditions, and they also had a problem securing suitable housing.

    The seventh document states that there was chaos as ideological thinking was replaced by theoretic confusion. On the other hand, documents 8 stipulates that Americans suffer from a lack of education and discrimination as well. The final report American workers were undergoing lack of good pay and poor working conditions. They were highly mistreated while working in the plantations.

    Regarding the role of the three documents, the first one aimed at addressing the various cases of dissatisfaction that the university students were feeling. It outlines both the agendas in the form of the interests that the students needed to be fulfilled and the values they ought to maintain for them to ensure their needs were met. For the second case, it outlines all the challenges that Black Americans need to be saved from for there to be social equality. Finally, the last document addresses the situation of the American workers advocating for

    These arguments are persuasive. Social justice will only be attainable if the Americans themselves take the initiative and stop people that initiate the unfair treatment of the minorities in the society. The opposition American citizens ought to stand up and condemn the injustice for them to be treated right in the community.

    The Equal Rights Amendments passed by the Senate of the United States of America was sent to the states for ratification. The following are the issues proposed to be changed. First, the National Women’s Political Party introduced the provision of legal equality to all sexes and forbade discrimination by sex. Four decades later without the attainment of justice, there arose the feminism movements that won the requisition of the two-thirds vote from the House of the Representatives (Mansbridge, 2015). Subsequently, the application was ratified in 1972 and directed to the states.

    Again, due to the denunciation of the Equal Rights Amendments, sexual equivalence with the notable exclusion of when it relates to the right to vote is not sheltered by the constitution of the United States. However, the central government and all the states approved the important law during the 20th century to protect the lawful rights of women.

    The Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 to prohibit discrimination by sex; in the educational institutions and programs that are funded by the federal government (Melnick, 2018). The law was to ensure that the government does not support sex discrimination and instead protect women against such cases. Women are now allowed to het education from any level without bias; elementary, high school college, or even universities.

    The reason why the Americans with Disabilities Act took long to be signed was that of the complexity of the list. George Bush stated that the file was too long that he did not think he could finish reading all the people before the darkness fell. The list contained all people that were considered to have difficulties performing their primary duties because of the disabilities. The signing of the Act was an indicator that this group of people had finally received what they had long waited. According to Gold (2010), ADA ensures that they had equal opportunities as other thus not discriminated for their status.

    Maya mentions the descendants of passed on travelers; these are the children of the immigrants who are in the American land. He also says the Turks, Swede, German, and the Scot; all who were in the American soil together with their struggle and challenges of failing to be recognized as part of the American population. The statement root yourself beside me shows that they are permitted to become American citizens as well.

    According to President-Elect during the victory speech, Americanism is the spirit of togetherness that holds all American citizens to believe in their ability to achieve the American goal (Berry & Gottheimer, 2010). It is the cooperation of the Americans to fight against their enemies together despite their differences; Democrats and Republicans.

    To some extent, the election of President Barack Obama as the first minority president played a critical role in the definition of an American. It showed that black Americans are recognized as part of the American population. Over the period, blacks were being ruled making them feel less part of the country.

    America has not yet fully succeeded in attaining inclusiveness. Since the occurrence of the 9/11 attack, there is a rise of Islamophobia in America. Americans have become cautious of the Islam population to the extent of associating them with terrorism. However, the country has managed to keep the issue of national security on watch. The attack made America realize how vulnerable it was, thus becoming more watchful and agile.

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