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    Charles Dickens Essay (1891 words)

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    Over the pages going through page 54- 55, it shows that Charles Dickens had a detailed style as he writes about Scrooge. He is shown a writer of social realist, this means Dickens likes and observes a comparison and enjoys using a mix of details. He describes the old from the new and his style changes from time to time. On page 57, there is a point where Scrooge had finished the party, and he has shown as a different man. “During the whole of this time, Scrooge had acted like a man out of his wits. This shows Scrooge changes his character very often but he dint reflect upon what had happened.

    “He corroborated everything, remembered everything, and enjoyed everything. ” This describes Scrooge backs everything up. Corroborated means backed it up. As the story expands to 61 pages, Scrooge had already shown his huge changes with his characters. On page 61, there is a feeling of seriousness and dullness, the first spirit is having an argument with Scrooge. Scrooge is having a feeling of a bit dreamy with a mix of scared. “Show me no more! Conduct me home. Why do you delight to torture me? ” Scrooge is angry and annoyed. He wants to leave badly. The first spirit showed Scrooge the flash back of his childhood.

    It had showed Scrooge the happiness and joy. There is a comparison during these two pages and paragraphs. “No more, I don’t wish to see it, show me no more! ” Now, Scrooge is getting more anxious, he is trying to leave. He gets really scared as he watches more of his childhood. As Scrooge tries to leave, the ghost forces him and his mind to continue watching what is going on in his childhood. On page 65, Scrooge is shown as very scared and very frightened. He keeps on asking and begging the ghost to let him go as he can’t stand of what is going on anymore.

    “Spirit, said Scrooge in a broken voice, “remove me from this place; I cannot bear with it anymore! ” This quote shows Scrooge is completely lost his emotions and begs and pleases for the spirit to let him out of this place. He said it in a broken voice which shows he is begging for his life and crying for the exit. It shows Scrooge is begging for everything as he wants the exit badly. On page 70, there is an encounter that Scrooge with the Ghost of the Christmas present. Scrooge’s attitude had changed again but Dickens has showed that he doesn’t like meeting with the spirits.

    “Scrooge entered timidly, and hung his head before this spirit. He was not the dogged Scrooge he had been” Scrooge is shown as very scared and still hesitantly. “And though its eyes were clear and kind, he did not like to meet them. ” The ghost is described as a very impressive. “It was clothes in one simple deep green robe, or mantle, bordered with white fur. ” The appearance of this ghost is rather strange; it appears with robe and white furs. Scrooge’s thoughts has changes towards the ghosts when he said, “You have never seen the like me before.

    ” Over the last few pages, Charles Dickens shows that Scrooge wants to finish with this ghost and done with. This shows even more obvious when Scrooge said “Spirit, conduct me where you will. ” This quote shows Scrooge had given up and saving him, and just told the ghost to do what ever he feels like to do with him. After Scrooge had interfered with this ghost, he had become more scared and horrified. The story of Christmas Carol stretches to 88 pages now, and we can state that the writer Charles Dickens enjoys using the language of drama and old English. He likes using dramatic encounters with ghosts.

    He shows a deep description that Scrooge has when he meets with every ghost, and the way he is acting and feeling. On page 88, Charles Dickens had come across a plain, bare, lonely countryside. He had described the countryside to be a very lonely place but with a lot of happiness made by people because it was still Christmas time for them. People were described there as a very joyful exciting experience, they were celebrating Christmas nearby the sea. Charles Dickens had used a type of strong languages at describing the places and Scrooge’s character over the pages from 88 to 100.

    Other than strong language, he also used a lot adjective in these pages. An example of adjectives he had used was this word abject. This word was used to describe Scrooge and his character, the meaning of this word is to describe someone pathetic and hopeless. Charles Dickens had described Scrooge’s character with this word, clearly shows he wants to show the readers, Scrooge is a hopeless and pathetic scared man. The story then continued to the first hundred pages. Here, Scrooge had realized the life time of the ghost is running out, the ghost is fainting away and is about to leave.

    The ghost is weaker now, and hasn’t talked as much as before. As the ghost get weaker and weaker, Scrooge feels he should ask the ghost about its life and his life. His sense of curiosity had increased here. “Forgive me if I am not justified in what I ask” Here, shows another character change in Scrooge’s character, he is asking for mercy and forgiveness. He is asking it as if he was shy and embarrassed, he also shown the respect of his attitude to the ghost, as the word forgive me in the quote.

    Other than respect, he was also scared of the ghost because the quote shows he wants to ask the ghost question but he was sacred to do so because he thought it might offend him and insult him. The first 100 page of the story had showed a lot of information what Charles Dickens wants to show us through the character of Scrooge. There had been a lot of character changes with his attitude and characteristics. So these 100 pages were very important to the story as it was a strong old English introduction. Lots of these pages had introduced us of how Scrooge reacts and faced each ghosts.

    His changes of behavior when he faces each different ghost each time and the changes made the different story styles. He gets different sense of experience over these ghosts all the time. For example, he gets scared and mad during the time with the first ghost. He had interfered with the second ghost, “Ghost of Christmas” which had resulted to bring him joyfulness and sadness. He was first to be happy with because he had his flash back to his childhood, but as it passes time, he got enough of it and begged for an exit. Scrooge had a look at the present, past and the future which had made him not so joyful.

    After passing the first hundred page, Dickens had build up a new image and his words had became stronger and richer. Boys and girls were described as ignorance and were representing disadvantages of the children in the world. Scrooge had become anxious during these few pages and desperately says “I fear you more than any spectre I have seen” As Scrooge faced with this last ghost, “The ghost of the future”, he got more anxious and seems to have more changes in his attitude. On page 109, two words had stood out at describing the thing happening.

    “Disgorged and frousy”, these two words that something is ragged, almost torn apart, dusty, messy and dirty. The place is described to be a very dirty and messy old place. Page 111, “Why wasn’t he natured in his life”, this quote shows he is not giving any respect to the ghost, he just thinks and juts have vision of what might just happen. His attitude is poor and is showing no respect. “Spirit, said Scrooge, shuddering from head to foot scariest encounter, future” This quote on page 114, show Scrooge is very scared a horrified. It was probably his most scared experience than facing the previous ghost.

    He gets more and more horrified as it continues to page 124. On this page, there is a very hideous and detailed description of the grave yard. Scrooge was very curious to know the moment of him in a complete terror. He completely lost his conscience and his body almost gone numb when he saw a grave with him name carved to it in the middle of the grave yard. He completely lost the feelings when he saw the grave, he didn’t know what was going on. He was thinking, is this a dream, or a message or a warning, or something which will change someone’s life.

    The story begins to slow down as it approaches to the last ten pages, Stave 5. The beginning of stave 5 describes Scrooge was extremely happy that he remain alive, and the fact that he is back. He was thrilled as he found himself not dead and still alive. People including Scrooge were very happy on the streets because it was still Christmas. Although Scrooge had been going to with a few ghosts, and had made him scared and sorrow, but he was very happy now because as he can see other people are celebrating Christmas on the streets.

    As he sits down and watches people dancing and singing carol songs on the streets, he feels very happy but inside of him, he still feels very thrilled and scared. After Scrooge had came back to earth, Charles Dickens had used a word “Chuckle” a lot, its use was to create the hype of Scrooge’s attitude and character. As he begins to leave his house and walk, he sings with people and dance with people. He walks through the streets and made jokes with people. Scrooge is fooling bob, being angry but is actually faking. His character had change again to become a jokey man as before he was a straight hard man when the story got started.

    Throughout the book, we can clearly see that Scrooge had changed his attitude and character quite a few times in each of part of the book, especially when he meets each different ghost. During the beginning of the story, he was shown as a dull person, firstly he dulls himself, not making any friends and chatting to anyone. He was alone by himself, isolating himself from other people. He had gone through the all four process of life time. Happiness, angry, sorrow, joy, these are the four main process that Scrooge had entered and experienced through the whole story.

    After he faced the first ghost, he then reminded of his childhood, this is when he encounters with the “Spirit of the Christmas”. He had totally changed in his attitude and character as he became a child again. He was described to be very cheerful and happy. As he sees more of his childhood, he got really sad and scared. This might happens because as he watches more, he thinks of himself in the life time that he is having now and he is feeling sad and not happy as the flash back continues. He is feeling ashamed of himself of what he is living with now. He was embarrass to face himself now and the past time.

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