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    Characteristics of Different Animal Feed

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    Frischen Zutaten is effortless to pack and travel with. It can be placed in a cooler for a day trip or shipped to any vacation destination upon the clients’ arrival. Our loyalty program will also interest the clients of this wealthy ‘Platinum Triangle’ with free delivery once enrolled in automatic recurring weekly or monthly shipments of our pet food. These clients live for convenience; being able to have their pet’s food delivered on time, without requiring continuous online ordering, will be a crucial selling feature. Frischen Zutaten meets the demands for convenience, quality, nourishing and environmentally friendly products that upper-class populations constantly claim. Frischen Zutaten not only cares for our environment but also the animals at the local pet shelters. The shelf-life of Frischen Zutaten is shorter than standard pet food due to obligatory refrigeration. We donate all products approaching ending dates to the local animal shelters in optimism of providing extra time for those fur babies to be adopted.

    SNHU Pet Supply Store should use concentrated marketing and direct marketing to promote Frischen Zutaten. Concentrated Marketing is a strategy where a product is produced and marketed for a very well- defined and specific segment of the consumer population (Bhasin, Jose, & Weerasinghe, 2018). The customer segment can afford Frischen Zutaten and are willing to pay the cost for the premium food their pet deserves. The customer segment is also engaged in the well-being and health of their pets, so the veterinarian would be an excellent place to direct market for individual or medically necessary pet requirements.

    By placing Frischen Zutaten in local specialty pet food stores and training the sales staff, or placing a well-educated company spokesperson there for special event days- presenting samples and explaining the advantages of Frischen Zutaten, the consumer can acquire an overall comprehensive understanding of how and why the benefits compensate for the price of the product. These direct marketing events can also transpire in dog parks or on the beautiful beach. Consumers and potential clients can sign up for special Pet Perks by simply registering their pet. Pet Perks will include discounts, reminders, pet life-stage information, birthday greetings, and coupons by email. Concentrated and Direct marketing prices are ordinarily cheaper than other marketing prices and are practical for modest companies with restricted resources like Frischen Zutaten.

    SNHU Pet Supply Store should avoid the use of mass marketing while promoting Frischen Zutaten. Mass marketing is a strategy used to attempt to reach the greatest amount of possible consumers. However, segmentation is entirely disregarded. Being that Frischen Zutaten is a higher-quality product, it is essential to market to the demographic that will freely spend the money necessary for the product, and within the region the product is accessible. Traditional mass marketing channels are generally more costly than other marketing techniques. If the cost of Frischen Zutaten could ever be reduced to contend with regular market rates, then mass marketing possibly could be useful.

    Frischen Zutaten is customizable, delicious, and nutritional pet food. Due to our all-natural ingredients, modification, and refrigerated servings, our product cost is fittingly priced above the artificial ingredient, dry, standard pet food. The product benefits outweigh the difference in price by providing convenience, quality, and providing additional years to their pets’ life due to maintaining a healthier diet. Our target market is equipped and prepared to pay the variation in price for having their wants met, and expectations exceeded related to convenience, exceptional quality ingredients and healthier products for their pets. These potential clients take extraordinary care of their pets and treat them like family. Only the best will be adequate for their pet, and the best pet food available on the market is Frischen Zutaten.

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    Characteristics of Different Animal Feed. (2022, Mar 21). Retrieved from

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