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Chapter 5 Quiz

Which of the following are photosynthetic organisms?
a. algae
b. cyanobacteria
c. plants
_____________ can directly use the energy of sunlight to make their own food, and _____________ must rely on other organisms to provide the energy they need to survive.
a. autotrophs; heterotrophs
What organelle(s) would a nonphotosynthetic algae need to be able to conduct photosynthesis?
c. chloroplast
Why do many species of algae appear green?
b. The chlorophyll pigment they contain is green.
Which of the following describe the ways photosynthetic algae and animals obtain and use energy.
c. Animals obtain energy from sugar made by light-absorbing energy producers.
What would happen to humans and other animals if algae, cyanobacteria, and plants were wiped out?
a. Carbon dioxide levels would rise.
b. Heterotrophs would not have a source of energy in autotrophs.
A new species you have discovered has the ability to absorb sugar for energy and also contains chloroplasts. What would these properties tell you about the organism?
a. This organism is both a heterotroph and an autotroph.
The energy of sunlight exists in the form of _________.
b. photons
The energy in a cereal bar is __________ energy. The energy of a cyclist pedaling is _____________ energy.
c. chemical; kinetic
Kinetic energy is best described as _____________.
c. the energy of movement
Each time energy is converted from one form to another, a percentage of that energy is lost as _______ or fails to be converted.
e. heat
The fuel used to run our cars contains _______ energy.
c. potential
Which of the following sequences correctly traces the flow of energy needed to move an automobile?
a. chemical energy; heat energy; kinetic energy
Why are photons critical to the process of photosynthesis?
b. Photons are needed to excite the electrons of the pigment atoms in chlorophyll.
Which of the following photon wavelengths contains the greatest amount of energy?
a. gamma rays
Glucose is a product of photosynthesis. Where do the carbon atoms in glucose come from?
c. molecules in air
Which of the following correctly describes the input (I) and output (O) of photosynthesis.
d. I – carbon dioxide, photons, water; O – oxygen, glucose
Which of the following accurately summarizes the process of photosynthesis?
e. Chloroplasts capture sunlight, water is split, oxygen is released, and carbon dioxide is used to convert chemical energy into glucose.
Photosynthesis can be broken down into two basic mechanisms (photo and synthesis). Which of the following describes these two mechanisms?
a. Photo – absorption of light; Synthesis – carbon fixation
Many biofuels require arable land for their production. Which of the following would limit the production of biofuels with this in mind?
b. The chemical energy ATP made from light absorption drives carbon fixation.
What energy source drives the carbon fixation process of photosynthesis, and where does it come from?
a. water use
b. energy use
c. fertilizer and pesticide use
Why did searching for unique algae species open new opportunities for their use as a biofuel?
a. The sugars contain less chemical energy than the lipids.
b. The sugars require an additional fermentation step to produce usable chemical energy.
c. The lipids can be used directly as fuel.
When considering which biofuel is the most sustainable, which of the following must be considered?
a. Their photosynthetic products are oils.
b. They are cheaper to grow.
c. They do not require as much CO2
d. They do not require as much fertilizer.
What is driving our search for alternative fuel sources?
a. legislation that requires a certain production of biofuels in the next 10 years
b. the dwindling fossil fuel resources
c. global warming from carbon dioxide emissions
Why are energy-rich lipids from algae more useful as a fuel than energy-rich sugars and other carbohydrates produced by photosynthetic organisms such as corn and wheat?
a. It made the process more cost effective.
b. It allowed algae to be grown in a wider range of locations.
c. It can make the process independent of sunlight.
d. It allowed for the use of existing forms of chemical energy.
Why are algae considered more valuable for biofuel than plants (such as corn)?
a. Arable land for corn and wheat biofuels is also required to grow food crops.
b. Arable land is not limitless.

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Chapter 5 Quiz
Which of the following are photosynthetic organisms? a. algae b. cyanobacteria c. plants _____________ can directly use the energy of sunlight to make their own food, and _____________ must rely
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Chapter 5 Quiz
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