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    Chapter 19

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    trade of spices and luxury goods
    Europeans benefit from exploration to new lands
    god, glory, gold
    what were the three reasons for exploration
    Bartolomeu Dias
    Portuguese explorer who traveled to convert non-christians
    time period?
    advances in technology
    another reason for exploration
    sturdier ship that sailed effectively against the wind
    Muslims used to determine location
    who created magnetic compass to better determine direction
    was the leader in applying sailing innovations
    Prince Henry
    why was Portugal enthusiastic about exploration
    Prince Henry
    who set up navigational schools
    Bartolomeu Dias
    1st to reach the tip of Africa
    Vasco de Gama
    found a direct sea route to Asia, profitable voyage
    Chris Columbus
    spain sailor, thought to discover America
    Line of Demarcation
    imaginary line that divided territory from Portugal and Spain, eased tension
    Treaty of Tordesillas
    treaty that moved line of demarcation to give Portugal move land
    because it divided land and ended tension
    How did the Treaty of Tordesillas ease tension between Portugal and Spain
    gave Portugal control of Spice Islands
    Why was the capture of the Moluccas important
    Dutch East India Company
    the Dutch established trading post in India to profit from the spice trades
    because they were richer and more powerful and controlled many trading posts
    How were the Dutch able to dominate the Indian Ocean Trade
    English East India Company
    focused much of its energy on establishing outposts in India
    French East India Company
    also tried to develop trading posts, faced constant attacks from the Dutch, never showed much profit
    stayed unaffected, mainly port cities
    how did the arrival of Europeans in the East affect people in general
    encouraged new adventure and curiosity
    what role did the Renaissance play in launching an age of exploration
    oversea exploration in East and spread Christianity; Barolomeu Dias
    What was prince Henry’s goal and who achieved it
    Dutch, English, French, Portugal, Spain
    What European countries were competing for Asian trade
    Ming Dynasty
    dominate power in China (1368-1644)
    drove Mongols out from China
    set up agriculture, Confucian standards,
    What did Hongwu do to make China a better place
    next ruler after Hongwu
    launched 7 voyages to explore new lands
    Zheng He
    led all 7 voyages
    thought China was a big, rich country
    What do you think people of other con tries thought about China after one of Zheng He’s visits
    offended Confucian beliefs and high taxes manufacturing were high
    why did China not industrialize
    invaded China and caused the Ming Dynasty to collapse
    Qing Dynasty
    invaded,ruled and expanded China for more than 260 years
    Qing Ruler: lowered taxes, support of intellectuals, first to gain trust of the Chinese
    Qing Ruler: China’s greatest size and prosperity, expanded presence of European missionaries
    pay tribune, use special ports, preform Kowtow
    what did you have to do to trade with China during isolation period
    1st to trade with China during isolation period; followed rules, importants of tea
    Great Britain
    wanted to trade with China but did not want to follow isolation rules
    because of increase in irrigation and fertilizer
    why did the population increase during the Qing Dynasty
    Yonglo moved capital in his reign
    How did Beijing become the capital of china
    China withdrew into isolation; self-suffiant
    What evidence indicates the China lost interest in contact abroad after 1433
    Christian religion, tried to convert non-christians
    What did Christian missionaries bring to China
    military leaders
    Warring States
    what was the time of violence called in Japan
    Daimyo’s fighting for territory
    what lead to fighting in Japan
    Oda Nobunaga
    defeated rivals, seized capital, wanted to unify Japan
    Oda Nobunaga
    who committed seppuku because he failed to unify Japan
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    followed Oda Nobunaga, defeated daimyo, invaded Korea, tried to unify Japan
    Tokugawa Ieyasu
    completed unification of Japan, became shogun
    alternate attendance policy
    how did Tokugawa keep rebels down
    spending every other year in the capital, taming daimyo
    how would alternate attendance policy restrict the daimyo
    Tokugawa Shogunate
    ruled Japan for 2 centuries, founded by Ieyasu
    noh dramas
    plays based on tragic themes
    type of theater, costumes and mime acting
    because Japan was a rich country with spices and luxury goods
    Why did Europeans want to open trade with Japan
    fire arms
    one thing that Portugal brought that Japanese were very interested in
    Francis Xavier
    A Jesuit, led first mission to Japan
    Tokugawa Ieuasu
    who banned Christianity from Japan
    Chinese like merchants; Japan didn’t: both outlawed it in isolation period
    How was the treatment of Europeans different in Japan and China? How was it similar
    Dutch and Chinese
    who were the only two countries allowed to trade with Japan
    powerful daimyo were fighting for territory and land
    What happened during the period of the Warring States
    shogun, daimyo, samurai, peasants, merchants
    What was the structure of society in Tokugawa Japan

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