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    The Dangers of Chemicals

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    Journal 42/22/04 . 4. (a) This is true, as stated in the textbook, “Any synthetic ornatural chemical can be harmful if ingested in a large quantity. ” Alsosome chemicals that are not toxic can be more dangerous then toxicchemicals.

    It all matters on the chemical concentration and on theamount of detection are found. (b) This statement is true in some part, small dosages or smallexposures to toxic chemicals we should not worry about because ourbody can genetically adapt and clear out such chemicals. There arethree ways that it is possible to be exposed to harmful chemicals andhave there effects be insignificant. Enzymes found in the liver helpbreak down, dilute or excrete small amounts of most toxins to keepthem from reaching a harmful level. Individual cells have enzymes thatcan repair damage to DNA and protein molecules.

    And, cells in someparts of the body reproduce fast enough to replace damaged cells. (c) This is not true; genetic engineering can not reduce or eliminateall types of exposures to toxic chemicals especially if we are facedwith a large abundance of a certain type of toxic chemical. . 6. I think that pollution levels should be set to protect everyoneincluding the most sensitive and the average person.

    The mostsensitive people so not make up most of the population but they domake up some of it and they also deserve to be able and go outsidetoo. Also, if the population outside effects the most sensitive personit probably also effects the average person but at a different level. I think it is beneficial to all to set the population level to protecteveryone. . 7.

    (a) Lifestyle1. I go tanning ( skin cancer 2. Drive a car ( car crash 3. Take airplanes ( plane crash 4. Drink alcohol 5. I don’t eat that healthy or really exercise (b) Live in a city 1.

    Can get hit by a car or t 2. Pollution 3. Around smokers (second hand smoke 4. Everyone lives pretty close to one another ( can catchillnesses 5.

    (c) What you do for a living ( Student 1. Stress 2. Can get sick easily ( always around people 3. 4. 5. Some of these risks are voluntary and some are involuntary.

    Goingtanning, drinking alcohol, not eating healthy, not exercising are allvoluntary risks. If I want I can do something to avoid the risk. Whileother risks you can not avoid such as the pollution in your area. . .

    Reduction of risks:1. Eat Healthy2. Exercise3. Be aware of your surrounding4. Avoid dangerous situations5.

    Do not to drink alcohol or do drugsI actually plan on trying to be aware of my surrounding; I thinkthat this one is very important this can avoid a lot of risks. Ialso plan on trying to eat healthy which will probably happenfor a day or two and then I will most likely go back to my oldways. I would like to say that I will exercise but I do not haveenergy to, when ever I think of exercise I never want to do it,I rather watch TV. I never try and get myself in dangeroussituations, so I think that will be easy to part take in. I donot do drugs but I do drink which I probably will not change orstop.

    Chapter 12 . 2. It is rational for a poor couple in a developing country to havefour or five children. This is true because the more children you havethe more children you can send off to work and make money for thefamily to survive. Also, in developing countries the infant mortalityrate is very high, so some of the children that a family might havewill die at an early age because they do not have proper resources.

    Some changes that might induce such a couple to consider theirbehavior irrational is that the infant mortality rate might decreaseand also there is less need for their children to work, so they do notneed as many kids. Having that many kids would serve as a negativebecause they do not need to work but their family does still have totake care of them, so there are more mouths that need to be fed. . 4. This would not immediately stop global population growth because ofthe age structure.

    The age structure is the proportion of thepopulation at each age level. It would take at least another 50 yearsto stabilize the pollution growth. . 8. (a) I agree, if the United States want to try and achieve a certainnumber of population growth then they have to reduce the amount ofimmigrants they allow into the country.

    (b) This should be done by watching the borders more carefully andmore strictly and making sure that they do not let in too many people. Also we should put a limit on how many people can become citizens eachyear to try and reduce the amounts of immigrants. Also, maybe weshould have stricter laws about illegal immigrants and what happenswhen we find them in the United States. (c) I disagree, I do not think that the Untied States should givefamilies financial incentives to have more children to preventeventual population declines.

    I think this because if money isinvolved it is very likely that a lot of families are going to wantand partake in this and this can cause a reverse effect of what theyplanned it would cause an overpopulation, which would be anotherproblem. (d) I agree, I think it would be a good idea to try and stabilize thepopulation. If this is done, then we can reduce unnecessary resourcewaste and consumption because we would know how much we need toproduce according to the population and in return we would have lesswaste. Also, if there are less people then there would less wastealtogether, which would help with our pollution levels in the UnitedStates. (d) I agree, I think that everyone should have the right to have asmany children as they want as long as they are able to support thekids financial and they are not depending on the government for money.

    Even though it goes against my response for question d aboutstabilizing the population because you can not possible stabilizes thepopulation if you allow everyone to have as many children as theywant.

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