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Air Pollution Essay

Short and long air pollution essays in English for college students

Air pollution is an extremely urgent problem in the modern world as nobody can skip its influence. We breathe the air every second of our life and even do not think how polluted it is. The worst thing in this complicated situation is that we have no opportunity to choose what air to breathe in. We can only use what we receive after our mistakes and harmful activity. However, it is extremely important to distinguish the reasons and try to damage them in order to save our health and the health of our children. Here are examples of argumentative essays about air pollution.

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Air Pollution Essay 1 (500 words)

Air pollution is an issue none of the modern individuals can omit. It touches everybody and is a general problem of all of us. People are talking a lot about the high level of air pollution that occurred in the atmosphere. For the last years, this question has definitely hooked the attention of the Earth members, and they obtained a deep awareness of how damaging is the process of air pollution.

Air pollution is not a sudden action but a state that has been continuing from the ancient ages until our days. An extremely high level of air pollution states that people in earlier times would not mind about their atmosphere and at the time when the industrialization was born nobody thought it could lead to the air pollution of such massive scopes. Those who are struggling to distinguish the reasons for such a complicated situation claim that there are lots of points that make the problem even worth.

The classification of reasons includes all the means that fill the atmosphere with dangerous and harmful components. They are not far from us and lots of them we meet daily. The main reasons can be classified in the several groups:

  • motor vehicles

It is one of the most widely known and often used sources of air pollution. Modern society is impossible without transport, and every street of the cities is filled with automobiles, motorbikes, and other transport means that bring a high concentration of harmful components in the air while you use them.

  • factories

The development of industrialization causes enormous problems for the atmosphere. Factories are burning different damaging fuels such as coal and their concentration in the air overgrows the norm. Air has become extremely heavy in those areas, and people who live in the surroundings are forced to breathe it leading themselves to various diseases.

  • agriculture

In order to grow power plants and gather a rich harvest, professionals in the agriculture field use various fertilizers, pesticide, and other substances. These components have an important positive impact on culture success, but at the same time, they are extremely harmful to people to breathe in. Chemicals from these substances come to the fresh air and make it strongly polluted.

  • indoor activities

We used to think that air could be polluted only by huge industry buildings or the transport means. However, we do not mind how our daily routine can make negative effects on the condition in the air. We apply daily cleaning means, washing powers, different painting substances that fill the air with various toxic components.

Air pollution is an issue for everybody to think over. There are not concrete individuals who can carry the fault for the created condition. Each of us is an Earth member, and we are supposed to take care of our living space. We have no right to stay aside and wait while the problem is becoming even worse. We have so many ideas on how to improve the situation and should act without any hesitation to see the positive changes.

Air Pollution Essay 2 (600 words)


Air pollution is a question that lots of people are struggling to solve. There are lots of investigations, researches, and accomplished articles that prove the increasing level of air pollution and try to find the problem solution. Scholars are confident that air pollution is an urgent problem and it does not lose its actuality through the years. They state that if we do not take this fact into consideration and try to find the proper ways to solve it, the living condition on our planet will be considerably worse.

There are lots of different ways how the fresh air is filled with harmful components. The classification of them presents such reasons as traffic flues, power plants, factories, and their burned toxic substances, dust, kitchen gases, domestic components, agriculture and lots of others different for the level of air pollution they lead to. All of these pollutants fill the air with heaviness and cause the list of problems for human’s health and for the condition in the ecosystem.

Some people say that the problem would be solved if the reasons will be fully resolved. However, the situation is not as simple as it seems. There are no reasons for the air pollution that would be created especially with the function to pollute the air. It is out of the logical way of thinking. The real condition shows that all of the causes have their positive sides and are used in different spheres to help people. All of them have their advantages, and it is not easy to find proper alternatives for them.

As an example, you can look at the problem of the travel means. It is impossible to imagine the life of modern people without them, but the huge damage to the planet is evident. It is also impossible to stop all the factories that produce so many goods for people existence. Undoubtedly, they have lots of disadvantages that are explained by their influence on the growing air pollution to an enormous extent. The only opportunity is to reduce the negative effects maximally.

Why is air pollution so dangerous? It affects the human’s health condition and the state of the ecosystem we are living in. The general effects of this process are as follows:

  • It provides an extremely high risk to be sick for respiratory illness such as asthma and other complicated ones.
  • Air pollution is the main reason for destroying the function of the human’s lungs. They are suffering from the inflammation, and this leads to the complication in the health.
  • Those who are living in the extremely polluted area are under the risk to be involved in cancer disease. This is an awful disease that has not the means to be completely treated.
  • The residents of the big cities with the higher pollution degrees more often suffer from the wheezing and coughing.
  • Heart diseases have the risk to be developed because of the harmful components that fill the human’s body.
  • The immune system is weakening and has not enough energy to protect the organism from the sickness.
  • The process of burning fuels leads to global warming and changes in the ecosystem.
  • Dangerous chemicals come into plants and water damaging their functioning.


Air pollution is an issue that should bother everyone’s attention. This is the problem that has already become really complicated and caused lots of negative results. Air pollution damages the human’s health causing the list of complicated diseases. It also has a dangerous impact on the ground, plants, and animal life. Those are the considerable reasons why people need to stop the developing of the problem and find the options for its solving.

Air Pollution Essay 3 (100 words)

Air pollution is a problem that has already gone out of control. Air pollution is a high concentration of harmful components in the air. There are lots of damaging effects polluted air has and modern people are suffering from them.

It is not a secret that air pollution can lead to different diseases connected with organs that are responsible for breathing. People are suffering from the illnesses that eventually can end with the death. That proves an urgent necessity to react to this situation.

Fortunately, everything can be improved. All the people need is to face the problem and act immediately.

Air Pollution Essay 4  (200 words)

Air pollution is an extremely popular topic among modern society as it expresses the urgent need to find the solution to this problem. People are worried about what they are breathing in and are struggling to take actions in order to lower the level of air pollution. To control this process, they need to reduce the causes for the air pollution.

Air pollution is the result of long-term human activity. Most of the harm is done by automobiles and other means of transport, enterprises, fabrics, and different other influential factors. All of these pollutants are characterizing the growth of the industrialization and mostly refer to the large cities. Harmful gases that are produced and thrown out in the atmosphere created great damage for the human’s health. City policies all over the world are establishing laws that are supposed to rule the situation with air pollution. They forbid using dangerous substances in the areas near the living territory. They also decrease the use of means that produce harmful gases and try to find their alternatives. For this sake, lots of people reduce the use of the car and choose to sit on their bicycles instead. Everybody understands the importance of his health and try to take some actions.

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Air Pollution Essay
Short and long air pollution essays in English for college students Air pollution is an extremely urgent problem in the modern world as nobody can skip its influence. We breathe the air every second of our life and even do not think how polluted it is. The worst thing in this complicated situation is that we have no opportunity to choose what air to breathe in. We can only use what we receive after our mistakes and harmful activity. However, it is extremely important to distinguish the
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Air Pollution Essay
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