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Ch 1-4 Cos

Haircutting and hairstyling were practiced as early as the Ice Age.
Ancient people used animal hide as a colorant for hair.
FALSE – Ancient people used animal hide to tie hair back or for adornment.
Queen Nefertiti erected a personal cosmetics factory next to the Dead Sea.
FALSE – Queen Cleopatra erected a personal cosmetics factory next to the Dead Sea.

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Throughout the Chou Dynasty (circa 1100 BC), the royal colors were gold and silver.
The croquignole wrapping technique was introduced after World War II.
FALSE – The croquignole wrapping technique was introduced after World War I.
The preheat-perm method was introduced in 1931.
U.S. hairdressers ushered in a new era in highlighting with the art of hair weaving using aluminum foil in the 1970s.
FALSE – In the 1970s, French hairdressers ushered in a new era in highlighting with the art of hair weaving using aluminum foil.
Brazilian straightening techniques were introduced in the United States in 2006.
Having good life skills builds high self-esteem.
Explore is an example of an active, problem-solving word.
Exercise and recreation stimulate clear thinking and efficient planning.
If you find studying overwhelming, you should focus on large tasks all at once.
FALSE – If you find studying overwhelming, you should focus on small tasks one at a time.
Dental floss should be included in a hygiene pack for use at work.
Perfume oils are usually acceptable when working in a salon with a no-fragrance policy.
FALSE – A no-fragrance salon policy includes perfume oils. Perfumes should be saved for after work regardless of whether or not a salon has a no-fragrance policy.
It is not necessary to wear makeup on workdays in the salon.
FALSE – It is important to always wear makeup at work to accentuate your best features and promote your professional image.
A hydraulic chair can be raised or lowered to accommodate stylists of different heights.
In cosmetology, customer service is central to success.
A consultation need only be performed prior to the client’s first service and salon visit.
FALSE – A consultation should be performed, to some degree, as part of every single service and salon visit.
When discussing haircolor with a client, photos can be confusing.
FALSE – Because vocabulary can be confusing when discussing color, you should use pictures as much as possible.
Older clients do not like gum chewing, slang, or the use of yeah instead of yes.
The art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair is called:
The term cosmetology comes from the _______ word kosmeticos.
The first to cultivate beauty with extravagant fashions and use cosmetics as part of their personal beautification habits were:
the Egyptians
Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to infuse essential oils from:
leaves and blossoms
Which of the following was created by ancient Egyptians from a mixture of ground galena (a black mineral), sulfur, and animal fat?
The process of steam distillation was refined by the:
In ancient Rome, women used hair color to indicate their:
class in society
Poor women in ancient Rome colored their hair:
During the Renaissance, the unusual practice of shaving eyebrows was done to give a woman a look of greater:
During the Victorian Age, women pinched their cheeks and bit their lips to:
induce natural color
The barber pole—symbol of the barber-surgeon—has its roots in a medical procedure called:
The salon industry depends heavily on its relationships with product distributors, which are referred to as:
distributor sales consultants
Types of facilities in which cosmetologists work include which of the following?
specialty salons, day spas, full-service salons
Your license will unlock countless doors for employment; however, your career will be fueled with:
personal dedication and passion
A success strategy where you imagine yourself working in your dream salon is:
A symptom of taking on too much, which, in turn, is a symptom of faulty organization, is:
An unhealthy compulsion to always do things perfectly is:
The inner desire that propels you to do something is:
A talent and unlimited inner resource of ideas and solutions is:
An essential part of a business plan is a(n):
mission statement
Which of the following is an example of a long-term goal?
graduating from cosmetology school
Which of the following professional behaviors demonstrates ethical behavior?
be courteous, provide competent services, be honest
A combination of understanding, empathy, and acceptance is called:
Professionals who have an easy time talking about themselves and listening to others have developed effective:
communication skills
The hallmark of professionalism is:
Sitting improperly puts stress on all of the following:
neck , legs, back
Guidelines for good work posture include all of the following:
elongate the neck, sit with a straight back, keep chest up and out
The design and planning of the workplace for maximum comfort, safety, and efficiency is known as:
Stressful, repetitive motions have a cumulative effect on joints and:
Which of the following will help counter the negative effects of repetitive motions?
stretching and walking around at intervals
A tennis ball is useful in exercises to release stress from repetitive movement of which body part?
A fundamental factor in human relations involves a person’s sense of ______.
An important aspect of human relations is to:
talk less, listen more
The act of successfully sharing information between two people, or groups of people, is known as:
effective communication
The client consultation is also known as the:
needs assessment
Prior to sitting at your station, every new client should fill out an intake form, also called a:
consultation card
A client who prefers simple and sophisticated clothing, monochromatic colors, and no bright patterns is said to have what kind of style?
The first step in the 10-step consultation method is:
review the intake form
You should ask the client what at-home products she uses as part of which step of the consultation?
analyze client’s hair
Counseling clients on salon maintenance, lifestyle limitations, and home maintenance commitments is part of which step of the consultation?
discuss upkeep and maintenance
When suggesting options to a client, which of the following criteria should be used?
lifestyle, hair type, face shape
When handling a scheduling mix-up with a client, it is recommended that you:
never argue and be polite
When communicating with your salon manager, you should do all of the following:
be open and honest , get your facts straight, check your attitude
New York chemist who introduced permanent hair color and founded Clairol.
Lawrence Gelb
Period in history during which Western civilization made the transition from medieval to modern history.
Pioneer in the modern African-American hair care and cosmetics industry.
Sarah Breedlove
Austere and restrictive period in British history, from 1837 and 1901.
Victorian Age
Mineral that is the chief source of mercury, used to make vermillion.
Name coined by beauty legend Noel DeCaprio.
day spa
Modern version of the cold wave.
alkaline perm
Inventor, in 1872, of the first curling iron.
Marcel Grateau
The moral principles by which we live and work
To list tasks in the order of most-to-least important
Putting off until tomorrow what you can do today
Establishes values the institution lives by as well as target goals
mission statement
Conscious act of planning your life, instead of just letting things happen
game plan
Also known as tact; the ability to deliver truthful messages in a kind way
Your posture, as well as the way you walk and move
physical presentation
The impression you project through your outward appearance and conduct
professional image
Daily maintenance of cleanliness through the practice of good sanitary habits
personal hygiene
Collection of items to maintain sanitary habits at work
hygiene pack
The verbal communication with a client that determines the client’s needs and how to achieve the desired results
client consultation
Term commonly used by spas because of the amount of time clients spend there
Collected photos of a stylist’s work
Listening to a client and then repeating, in your own words, what you think the client is telling you
reflective listening

Ch 1-4 Cos
Haircutting and hairstyling were practiced as early as the Ice Age. TRUE Ancient people used animal hide as a colorant for hair. FALSE - Ancient people used animal hide to t
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Ch 1-4 Cos
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