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    Abolishment Of Capital Punishment Essay

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    More than 4,300 people have been executed in the United States since 1930.

    There is no way of knowing how many people have been executed in the United States because executions were once a public affair with no central agency keeping track of them. In addition to these judicialy imposed actions, there were 4,730 recorded lynchings by vigilantes in the U. S. with most being publicly displayed. Some people, such as Pope Johm Paul II believe that these punishments are cruel and outright evil. While on the other hand, many feel that these actions taken are well deserved, like Missouris Gov.

    Mel Carnahan who has allowed 22 men to be executed during his 7 years in office. I believe that Capital Punishment is a neccesity in our society being that the crime fits the punishment, such as murder and rape. Many offenders of these malicious crimes often end up being released out into society only to be back on the same track of mischief. Eighty percent of first time violent sexual offenders, such as kidnapping rapist and child molesters, commit the same crimes again after their release from prison (where they had zero rehabilitaion). The average time served by first time kidnapping rapist and child molesters is 4 years.

    In 4 years theyre terrorizing children once again. If these repeat offenders would have been terminated, we would not have to worry about them roming our streets once again. With the high rate of crime we have, it is sometimes inevitable that we encounter overcrowding in our penetentiaries. As jails and prisons reach their maximum capacity, we ask ourselves, where are we going to put these criminals? The rate of our input into overcrowded prisons cannot keep up with the output of criminals. We have such a high rate of crime in the United States ranging from just petty offenses to malicious acts of random violence. I sometimes wonder, if we show that these acts are intolerable by publicly displaying deaths or other types of punishment, would our crime rate decrease? Many people disagree with the showing of someone being put to death, or even being wipped and/or tortured.

    But, if most potential criminals were to realize what theyre getting themselves into, Im sure they would think twice about their proposed delinquent act. In a foreign country, a young man from the United States was apprehended while vandalizing a vehicle on the street. The man was then deterred in one of the countrys jails for several days with numerous public lashings awaiting him. Our president even tried to negotiate with the countrys leader, but his efforts went unrecognized. After a few days of waiting the boy received his lashes, and was released.

    Im sure that having this act of torture publicly displayed in the foreign country deterred many criminals from proceeding with their plans there. If public tortures and executions were held, I believe that many people would stop dead in their tracks before even thinking about crime. In conclusion, I believe that capital punishment is suitable as long as it fits the crime. We would have no problem with repeat offenders, such as child molesters and kidnapping rapist, disturbing another soul. Our tax dollars will also be spent for more productive causes rather than keeping convicted killers alive in a cell receiving no rehabilitation.

    And, if shown publicaly Im sure that our streets will be filled with less crime and mayhem. I advise you. If you want safe streets for yourself and your children, support capital punishment to the fullest extent.

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