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In Cold Blood Capital Punishment Essay

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Susan Smith purposely drove her car off into a lake with her 2 children strapped to the back seats. Think of how they must have felt as the cold water started to fill the car, and then ultimately drowned them. Barbaric is the word I would use to describe her actions. But yet, the jury rejected the death penalty and chose a 30-year sentence instead because capital punishment was not enforced in the state. Broken up from the death of his 2 children, Mr. Smith said, Me and my family are disappointed that the death penalty was not the verdict.

I am going to convince you that capital punishment has to be enforced in all states. I will tell you about the problem, the solution to the problem, and what it would be like if my solution is implemented. The problem is that the current criminals that commit these brutal crimes are not fearful enough of the consequences and punishment they have to pay. Life in prison is too easy on the convicts. We have to be harder on them.

Another problem is capital punishment is not imposed in enough states. All of the states need to adopt it in the United States for it to be effective. Another dilemma is that it is not fair that an individual who took the life of another receives heating, shelter, clothing, 3 meals a day, and indoor plumbing while a homeless person who does not cause any harm to anybody else receives nothing. An additional problem is the current prisons are very low on cell space.

The criminals that have life in prison are taking up many of them. The solution to the problem is to adopt capital punishment in all states. It lowers the number of brutal crimes and murders. According to a study composed by Isaac Ehrlich in 1976, 8 murders are deterred for each execution carried out in the United States. He goes on to say, If one execution of a guilty capital murderer deters the murder of one innocent life, the execution is justified.

To most supporters of the death penalty, like Ehrlich, if even one life is saved, for countless executions of the guilty, it is a good reason for the death penalty. The theory that society engages in murder when executing the guilty is considered to be invalid. Supporters feel that execution of convicted offenders expresses the great value that society places on innocent life. There are 5 ways to actually perform the executions: lethal injection, electrocution, gas chamber, hanging, and firing squad.

Lethal injection is by far the most painless and is the most widely used. It only takes about 15 seconds for the criminal to loose consciousness. If capital punishment is not implemented by all of the states, criminals will not receive the punishment that they deserve. Criminals are not afraid enough of just going to jail so they do not care if they get in trouble for their crimes.

There are many additional murders and brutal crimes without capital punishment. It is proven in statistics that capital punishment does work to deter potential criminals. Also with capital punishment, there would be less murderers taking up jail space so there would be more space for the criminals that committed less harsh crimes. Capital punishment needs to enforced in all states because it is not used in enough states, it is proven that it lowers the number of murders and brutal crimes, and the criminals are not fearful enough of just life in prison. You need to support capital punishment and vote in favor for it when you can and give those criminals the penalty they deserve.

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