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    Background of the study

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    Creative writing is included in the syllabus of every English language students. It is a skill to be practiced, just like a prerequisite in their first year in an institution. Creative writing indicates an essay which is being taught in the prior year in school. The researchers want to know the existing difficulties of the students when writing an essay and discover some ways on how to address this difficulties that have continued to prevail. Lack of reading, low writing practice, and motivation will result to difficulties that can be encounter by the English Language student whenever they create one.

    This research paper will report the findings of a thorough study to understand the common mistakes, establish effective ways to eliminate these poor skill in essay writing, and how such success prevention can be applied in any English students of MinSCAT Calapan city Campus. The researchers put emphasis merely in the factors which hinders the students to produce an outcome of having a well-constructed essay, whatever type of one maybe. It could be persuasive, informative, comparison and contrast and argumentative.

    Instead, the central of this study is on the similar or common mistakes made by the chosen students, enough to prove that this study is able to distinguish certain errors, it could be in structure, grammar, punctuations, and vocabulary. The researchers choose fifteen participants to create an essay colliding in a singular topic. To test their essay writing skill. More so, to serve as the basis of the analysis and interpretation.

    One of the emphases is placed on the exploration of the errors common in the fifteen participants of this study. They may be different in ideas but it is a must to determine the commonalities among their essays.

    The researchers contend that most of the students construct poor essay and only a few of them ended up in creating a good essay, which is consist of the complete components namely; thesis statement, problem or question, evidence to become more authoritative in giving information, analysis and reflection, and organized structure. Through comparing first the components of a good quality essay with the poor one, it will be easy for the researchers to detect the difficulties or the common mistakes made the writers.

    To support this here is the statement in account of Saadiyah Darus (2014) “Subjects in English are taught for about 600 minutes a week only, while the other remaining subjects except English and Mathematics covers 920 minutes per week.. Chinese is learned for 120 minutes a week. The time allocated to study English as a subject is less than Malay.

    Thus, we can safely say that English is the third language that Chinese students have to learn and it does affect their proficiency level, as they do not have sufficient time to practice English”. Considering the fact that we shared the same continent, Asia, and English is one of our preferred medium of speech. It is one of the proof to defend the fact that most of the students were not good in speaking especially writing it. How can the student be able to compose a well- constructed essay if they do not have the foundation in making a good one?

    The objective of the study is to investigate errors in essays written by the first year English majors of the chosen participants in BSEd. The researchers assign this as an activity that does not require a long period of time to complete. The study will seek to find first the components of an essay affected by the difficulties as the students write their own composition and later on compare it to the said components. Also if the study accompanied in the neighboring countries’ universities will be similar with the findings of this study conducted in the mentioned institution.

    Come to think of this situation, teen agers in many college and universities specifically speaking those English language students have been involved with lots of writing exercises in the past seven years including their junior and senior high school, since we are now facing the K-12 curriculum, yet there are still lapses whenever they were asked to do one. For this unwanted situation to stop, it is going to take a combined effort of the students and the teacher as well to eliminate difficulties and errors in writing an essay.

    In relevance to this proof of individuals who successfully administered the same study in countries in Asia, the purpose of the researchers is to know whether the study conducted to China and Thailand will end up the same result as the researchers facilitate the same study here in the selected students of MinsCAT incorporated with the difficulties in writing an essay.

    This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism.

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    Background of the study. (2022, Dec 21). Retrieved from

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