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    August Wilson’s “Fences” Review

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    August Wilson’s Fences was based on the life of Troy Maxson. In the play, Troy grew up with a heartless and cruel dad, his dream was to become a Major League ballplayer, but he was rejected because of his race and skin color. Troy also went to jail because he was very poor and needed money so he robbed a bank and killed a man. Troy’s life was definitely not simple or easy, it was all but that. In the play, Cory and Troy were told to build a fence around their home by Rose. the fence could represent many different things it could represent Rose’s love and nurture because she wants to keep all the bad things out, but Troy and Cory might think that the fence is a drag and that it’s not necessary.

    In the story when Cory and Troy fight, Troy kicks Cory out of the house and Cory said, ”Tell Mom I will be back for my things, (Troy) They will be on the other side of that fence, Cory.” Troy utilizes the fence to show or represent the line between Cory and him. Troy’s dad wasn’t very kind to troy which makes his total emotional overlook towards his family logical. The fence being a barrier could also symbolize Troy’s attempt to protect himself from feeling too attached towards things which could end up being disappointing him. For example, when Troy was really into being a Major League ballplayer he was extremely disappointed when he was rejected because of his race. It was this experience that reinforced Troy’s childhood of emotional neglect towards things he could either want, love or feels passionate about like his family and friends.

    Troy has felt fenced all of his life for a few reasons. He needed to deal with a careless and abusive dad. Troy tells us a story from when he was younger, “My daddy was looking for me. We down there by the lake enjoying ourselves when my daddy come upon us. Surprised us. He had the leather straps off the mule and commenced to whupping on me, quite naturally I run to get out the way”. After the beating, Troy’s dad rapped the young lady that Troy deeply cared for. Troy feared his dad until that minute. however, right then and there, Troy knew he turned into a man. Troy stated, “I picked up them same reins that he used on me. I picked up them same reins and commenced to whupping on him”. The abuse of his dad caused Troy to become a responsible and independent free man. After Troy stood up for himself, he left home and went to the city. Troy most likely felt fenced in the city. colored individuals couldn’t find a job or a place to live in.

    Despite the fact that Troy wins the fight, he loses his son until the end of times. This lead Troy to feels this bitterness for the world in general, making this a defining characteristic of Troy’s personality. For example, he began questioning the responsibilities of his job, explaining the differences between black and white men. He made a request to his bosses to give the colored men a chance to drive the garbage trucks too. even when they gave him the job of driving the truck and made a great step for African-Americans, he didn’t appreciate what he has done, and what he has been given to him. It was just not enough for him. Whenever he had the chance he will complain. Whenever Rose confronted him about letting Cory play football he always said no. when Rose said that the white baseball leagues are accepting dark players, like, Jackie Robison he answered: ‘I done seen a hundred niggers play baseball better than Jackie Robison… Jackie Robison wasn’t no one’. Troy was blinded by his hatred, ignoring the fact that Jackie Robison was granted the Rookie of the year for his excellent performance.

    After reading August Wilson’s play Fences, It turns out to be really evident that Troy Maxson, the primary character, can’t overcome his past. A past that isn’t only affecting him, but also affecting the way in which he acts towards his family. In my opinion, Troy’s actions are only a representation of what he lived in the past and how hard he was treated by life.

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