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AP Euro Chpt 11

Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt was part of the same development as
Catherine the Great’s seizure of Crimea
Which of these illustrate the influence of Romanticism on religion?
Complete the analogy: Rococo artists are to Renaissance models as Romantic artists are to the
Middle Ages
AP Euro Chpt 11

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In 1805, which two countries joined the British against the French?
Austria and Russia
Which of these was closely connected with English Romanticism?
What treaty gave France control of areas north of Rome?
What figure surprising came to wield great influence at the Congress of Vienna?
Metternich – Austria
THe concordat and the Spanish nationalism both reflect which of these?
Catholicism as a force in European affairs
Revolutionary policies regarding what organization garnered the most domestic opposition?
What resulted from the Haitian uprising?
Haiti independence
What Empire was formally dissolved in 1806?
Holy Roman Empire
What caused the end of the Holy Roman Empire?
Confederation of Rhine
Jean-Jacques Rousseau laid out how to live a good life without being adversely influence by society in
Food canning was invented by
The Hundred Days refers to the
return of Napoleon
In the political cartoon of the Congress of Vienna, which nations are shown to be linked in a dance?
Russia, Prussia, Austria
The Treaty of Campo Formio marked the French defeat of
Immanual Kant argued that human perception is as much a product of the mind’s activity as of
sensory experience
Which of the following statements best articulates the success of the Congress of Vienna?
The congress can be credited with preserving general war for a hundred years.
In Spain, Napoleon faced
guerrilla warfare
Religious toleration in Napoleon’s empire was influence by
need for loyalty?
What did John Wesley learn from the German Moravians in his transatlantic crossing?
unshakeable faith and confidence
What prompted Napoleon to abandon Louisiana to the U.S.?
war with Britain
The Quadruple Alliance was an agreement between
Austria, Russia, Prussia, Britain
August Wilheim von Schlegel’s Lucinde was typical of German Romantic writings in what way?
characters as symbols
A major difference between Napoleon’s coronation and earlier imperial coronation was that
he crowned himself
What is the Third Estate? was written by
Abbé Siéyès
The Organic Articles of 1802 established
state over church
What was the impact of the Hundred Days on the Congress of Vienna?
harder for France to make peace
What Enlightenment writer was most appreciated by the Romantic Movement?
The relationship between Napoleon and Pius VII demonstrates that
they wanted to appease each other
What motivated the French government to pursue the invention of canned food?
provisions overseas with nutrition
Napoleon’s reconciliation with the French political factions illustrates the fact that he was most concerned with
internal disputes and revolution
The British Houses of Parliament are a prominent example of
For the English Romantic poets, rational analysis was rejected in favor of ______ as a driving force.
Who was the commander who destroyed the French fleet at Abukir in 1798?
Horatio Nelson
Napoleon worked to restore order in France, in part by
bribery and flattery
Napoleon’s Grand Army was defeated in Russia by ____ and ______.
What was the name of the 1802 accord between France and Britain?
Treaty of Amiens
What was the effect of the Treaty of Amiens?
took Britain out of the war (temporarily)
The battles of Abukir and Trafalgar both demonstrated
French weakness
What group had a key influence on the development of Methodism, following an encounter with its founder?
In the Napoleonic Wars, Britain and Russia were alike in
The Romantic movement in the late-eighteenth century and early-nineteenth century Europe was characterized by
absolute inwardness
The English Romantics generally opposed the ideas of
rationalism and classical rules
The Second Coalition against France was made up of
Britain, Russia, Austria, Ottomans
On what issue did the Congress of Vienna continue earlier conflicts among the major powers?
After the Treaty of Tilset, Napoleon aimed to cripple the British by
the Continental system – blocking out trade
François-Dominique Toussaint L’Ouverture led an uprising in
Which of these created the Consulate?
The characters in Romantic novels were
Which statement would most likely be embraced by the English Romantic writers?
poetry was about the beauty of the mind
The Continental System initially extended as far east as
The Battle of Trafalgar
ended any possibility of France invading England
The thing that made Lyrical Ballads unique is that it
rejected 18th century rules
Who were the members of the Confederation of Rhine?
German states
Two interests in such art forms as folklore and folk songs reflect the convergence of what two dominant trends of the early 1800s?
history and philosophy
Napoleon’s primary aim in establishing the Continental System was to
weaken Britain
The long peninsular campaign in Spain
drained French strength and hastened Napoleon’s eventual defeat
In what country was canning invented?
One of the central features of the Romantic movement in Germany was the emergence of
female roles
The Confederation of Rhine is just one example of
The divorce of Napoleon and Josephine de Beatharnais was part of the same ambitious design as Napoleon’s
marriage to Marie Louise
In sharp contrast to German nationalism, Spanish nationalism was closely tied to
monarchy (Bourbon)
When Napoleon invaded Russia,
the Russian forces retreated, destroying food and supplies as they went.

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AP Euro Chpt 11
Napoleon's invasion of Egypt was part of the same development as Catherine the Great's seizure of Crimea Which of these illustrate the influence of Romanticism on religion?
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AP Euro Chpt 11
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