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    Anne Frank is a sad, but true story about a teenag Essay

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    e Jew living during WWII. Throughout the story Anne goes through a lot of troubles, trials and hardships.

    But also on the other hand she finds friendship, and she grows up. Throughout thewhole story Anne is constantly fighting with her mother and her sister Margot. The thing about Anne, is that you could really look up to someone of her characterand nature. She was always firm about what she believed in, and she was notafraid to stand up for it.

    Anne was also very grateful about every gift that she gotin the “Secret Annex. ” So in short she had a great outlook on life, even though shewas in a small compact space with strange and annoying people. The story starts out at her thirteenth birthday. Then one day her older sister,Margot, gets the call from the German Police, the Gestapo. Her parents had beensecretly sending things to the Secret Annex, without Anne and Margot knowing it,but they didn’t know that it would come this soon.

    The Secret Annex was locatedover top of the building that “Pim,” Anne’s father owned. So the next day after thefamily packed up their stuff and went to the annex. Anne didn’t even get to saygood-bye to her friends. When they got to the annex, they heard through a goodfriend that there was another family that also needed a place to hide away from theGestapo.

    This family was the VanDaans, so the Frank’s got ready for theVanDaans and awaited their arrival. The VanDaans also had a son, Peter, whowas always quiet and always pretty much stayed to himself. Anne was very contrary, and she fought, and bickered with everyone in thehouse. Then as if they didn’t already didn’t have enough people in the annex, Meipfound another person that needed some assistance and shelter.

    This man was Mr. Dussel, and his wife was already over in the states away from the Gestapo, but hedidn’t get so lucky. A few days before he had asked Meip about finding him aplace to live, the Gestapo came and gave him his notice. So Meip told the Frank’sand the VanDaans, so that they could think about it and contemplate whether theyhad room for him.

    And they pondered over it and decided that they did infact haveenough room for him. He would have to sleep with Anne in her room and theywould share the room equally. But as time went on Mr. Dussel became stingy withhis space and time, and he would not let Anne use the desk in her room for herown studies. So Pim decided to tell Mr.

    Dussel that he was a guest in their house,and when he came here they decided that they would share everything equally. And so with much persuasion Pim finally talked Dussel into letting Anne havesome time to the desk by herself. So over time everyone got familiar with each other. The families of theSecret Annex didn’t have very many means of entertainment, so they wouldentertain themselves. Peter and Anne would do little skits with each other dressingup as different people in the house.

    And most of the family members also tried outaerobics, but they got too sore too quick. So that was the end of that really quick!They would also tell stories and jokes to each other, they would read magazinesthat Miep brought them, they would read books, and they also would listen to thelittle radio in the office. This radio became a very important part of their life, andthey didn’t even realize it. They would rely on that radio to tell them what wasgoing on in the world with the war and with Adolf Hitler. But Miep was alsoanother good source of information. She would sometimes tell them bad storiesabout what was happening with all the Jews.

    Things that they wouldn’t hear on theradio. If you lived in the Secret Annex, then you had to stay extremely quietthroughout out the main portion of the morning. Because of the workers that werein the office down stairs that didn’t know about them. Which there were a wholebunch of. So to keep themselves quiet Peter, Margot, and Anne would do theirschool work and studies.

    Pim, Mr. VaanDan, and .

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