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    Although Americans perceived Manifest Destiny as Essay

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    ” a benevolent movement, it was in fact an aggressive imperialism pursued of an expense of others. “In fact, James K. Polk only wanted land south of Texas and the land of California without a war. With the beginning of immigrants settling in the United States, American natural destiny was to expand and that was what Polk set out to do.

    Polk stood on a plank and said it was “clear and unquestionable” that the U. S had a right to the land of Oregon and Texas. Polk, who inherited a quarrel over Texas when Congress annexed Texas, was thinking of the national interest and not his own. Polk offered 25 U.

    S. million dollars for the land that our nation wanted and needed so that we could expand the United States. Polk gave Mexico its chance to comply and accept the generous offer, but Mexico did not accept. The last resort he wanted to push was war with Mexico and it shows this by Polk avoiding a war with Britain over all of the land of Oregon during the same time. Polk had no choice but war.

    Mexico refused the 25 U. S. million dollars and as well as paying the 13 U. S. million dollars they owed on American losses and damages. His last resort was now reality when he had to order General Zachary Taylor and his men to take defense on Texan’s Rio Grande River.

    General Taylor was just on the other side of the river from Mexico, fulfilling their orders, when Mexico made the choice to go over the Rio Grande and cause the blood shed of 16 Americans on American land. Polk said, “not withstanding all our efforts to avoid it, exists by the act of Mexico herself. ” This intolerable behavior of Mexico led Polk to ask for Congress’ consent on going to war with Mexico. Former Dictator Santa Ana who was in Cuba said Polk could get into Mexico through America’s blockading squadron. Santa Ana was really doublecrossing Polk by making him sell out his country.

    Instead Polk gained land in the war. As soon as possible Polk tried to make a compromise for peace with peace. The only way Polk could achieve his goal of peace was by giving Mexico 10 U. S. thousand dollars upfront in part of a one U. S.

    million dollar peace agreement. Instead Mexico used our peace money to help them in the war. Polk was fruited. While Mexico still had a government, a peace treaty was encouraged and was soon made. It was called the Guadeloupe Hidalgo Peace Agreement. The United States received north West of the Rio Grande, plus California for 15 U.

    S. million dollars. Polk was a giving and nice guy and felt bad for not giving 25 U. S.

    million dollars for the land that the U. S was now going to pay only 15 U. S. million dollars for. In return, Polk convinced Congress to pay the 3 U.

    S. million dollars to the American citizens for Mexico’s debt toward the U. S. Through all this hype, Polk showed his will for peace and territory for the good of all. His contribution of expanding the United States by 50 percent is clearly shown as being loyal to the U.

    S. Polk’s hard work and commitment through this war identifies Polk as a true American Citizen. .

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