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    Air Strike Essay

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    History: American:air strike March 04, 1998IRAQ AND THE UNITED STATES In the past seven yearsthere has been a great deal of tension concerning the UnitedStates and Iraq. The United States have been discussingconducting air strikes against Iraq. The 1991 Gulf War maynot have been as successful as believed. The United Statesspent millions of American dollars to support the war effort inthe 1991 Gulf War. Taxpayers money is not the onlyexpendable thing during the 1991 Gulf War. Many UnitedStates Soldiers are now suffering from an unknown Gulf WarIllness that allegedly the government knows nothing about.

    The United States is also seeking American support in an airstrike in Iraq, but it is evident that the government is lackingthis support. The United States Government needs to realizethat they are killing Iraqis but the moral, economy andpatriotism of the whole country. The United States is sufferingfrom homelessness, poverty and hunger. In many cities in theworld including in Iraq people can be found in famine. However, the United States is spending U.

    S. tax dollars invain. Many congressmen are also unhappy in with the waythe U. S.

    tax dollars are being spent. Senator John Warner,Republican Virginia, a senior member of the Senate ArmedServices is very unhappy of the unnecessary spending of theU. S. dollar.

    Warner stated: Based on briefings tax payershave spent $750 million on the Gulf War effort, (USA TODAY2/27/98). This outrage spending could be used to solve theUnited States economical burdens, and it would be horrible ifthe world’s only remaining superpower uses its awesomemight to slather a stricken little country where hunger is adaily menace. The U. S Patriotic Spirit is at question with theUnited States People.

    At the end of the 1991 Gulf War thecountry went into a great recession. Many Americans losttheir jobs and homes. Americans according to a recent CNNPoll are not supporting an air strike. The poll stated: 41percent of people favoring an armed strike, with 50 percentopposed and the rest unsure, (Charleston Gazette).

    After the1991 Gulf War many war veterans have had many medicalproblems. One is known as Gulf War Illness. The UntiedStates Government hid circumstantial information from theU. S. people.

    A majority of the troops may have been exposedto hazardous particles of uranium from shells and wreckedIraq vehicles. The vast majority of soldiers who had physicalcontact with Iraqi vehicles were on post war missions to clearthe battlefield or to destroy what remained of their equipment. One soldier Victor Suell, a radio operator with the Marineshad one kidney removed from the effects of the uranium. Suellstated: Nobody ever told us to stay away from the vehiclesthat might have been contaminated with depleted uranium,(USA TODAY 3/02/98). The U.

    S. Government failed to informthe soldiers of the dangers of the shelling. What else is thegovernment failing to bring forward? Is Clinton threatening tohave an air strike to cover up his alleged affair with a formerWhite House Intern? The U. S. has been through many warswith the majority of the public support. The United States isjust coming out of a recession.

    The United StatesGovernment needs to take care of the Gulf War Veterans andthe homeless on the harsh streets in this country. WORKCITED IRAQ crisis. Charleston Gazette. www. wvgazette.

    com (Feb 21, 1998). Group warns of newGulf War exposure. USA TODAY. www. usatoday.

    com(March 2, 1998). Iraq deployment costs top $600million. USA TODAY. www.

    usatoday. com (Feb 27, 1998). History Essays

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