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    Actors Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme Essay

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    Chinedu Ikedieze, alongside Osita Iheme are excelling actors who have created lots of impact throughout the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) and Africa at large. They have been able to apply their personal lives as well as their attribute as comedians throughout their acting career and the roles they play. Aki Na Ukwa (2002) and Adaobi and Adaeze (2014) bring out the strengths of Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme not only as actors but also as friends and partners over a decade. Their dual cast in Aki Na Ukwa (2002) serves as a great account to why they excel on and off screen.

    Bringing out the similarities and differences of these actors in both movies, helps to show their personalities in real life and how they relate to each other. The intent of this paper is to demonstrate the similarities and differences of both actors, how they relate or differ from each other in and out of the acting world, and how they have been able to succeed as two of the most popular actors of Nollywood. Chinedu Ikedieze who was born in 1977 attended primary, through secondary and graduated college with a degree in Mass Communication. In 1998, he had his first cast into the movie titled Last Burial. Biography of Osita Ihieme and Chinedu Ikedieze).

    During this time, he was just twenty-one years old and brand new in the movie industry. This explains why his fame and popularity were in evident. However, he had an impressive start which was thanks to fans who enjoyed watching this movie. The role he played in the movie, placed him on a high stool towards his cast in his subsequent movies together with his long lasting partner Iheme when they met in 2002. Their bond was a boom which served them a limelight into the world of fame and field of acting.

    Iheme who is much younger than his copartner Ikedieze was born in 1982. However, they acquired same level of education, ending up as graduates through college with degree in mass communication. Unlike Ikedieze, Iheme had his first shot on camera in 2001 where he featured in the movie, Cold War. (Biography of Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze). Similar to Ikedieze, Iheme did not gain much popularity or attention from his viewers. The popularity of both actor cracked boundaries in 2002 when they had a duo cast in the movie titled Aki Na Ukwa.

    It would great interest to know that there are many things in common between these two actors despite the fact that they are not of the same parents or neighborhood. The lights and brightness of both actors came to life in 2002. This was when they had a duo cast in one of the most popular movies in the history of Africa and Nollywood. In 2002, Philips being the produce of Aki Na Ukwa, served as the driving force to the fame of both actors. These actors inherited the names “Aki and Pow-Pow” which they are popularly known by. Ikedieze, who is the eldest to Iheme, went by the character “Aki” and Iheme went by the character “Pow-pow”.

    According to the story line of Aki Na Ukwa, Aki and Pow-pow are two brothers who course problems everywhere they find themselves. They go around the neighborhood and coursing trouble to the people around. As a result, their parents abandoned them, did not provide them with money or food to eat. This makes them to take advantage of a village beggar who then gives them her money in the name of love. Also, these two truants figured out other ways to get money for survivor. They decided to dance in the market square as entertainers. Those who enjoyed their dance, then gave them money.

    These two actors played the merged characters as teens which contradicts the reality of their ages as adults. Majority of the African population who loved this movie, ranged between the ages of five and 17. However, adults, especially parents, loved watching this movie for two reasons. Firstly, they use the names Aki and Pow-pow to teach toddles how to speak their first word. This was thanks to the popularity of the movie. Secondly, the ages of Aki and Pow-pow in real life did contradicted their role in Aki Na Ukwa. It was unbelievable to those who heard of it for the first time.

    Seeing them fit so well in their character as little brats from their 1998, 2001 through 2002 movies seen in the previous paragraphs. Up to this point, questions feel the hearts of fans and views of African movies when it comes to the debate as to if Aki and Pow-pow are really adults or teens. Some people find it hard to believe that they have actually gone through college and complete with degrees. The duo act of Aki and Pow-pow in their first movie (2002) as little village boys, did not only give them a lime light into their career as actors or comedians, but it also gave them a better position into their acting field.

    Over the years, they have been acting as great partners in their career. Examples of some movies they have jointly acted after Aki Na Ukwa include; School Dropout (2002), Two Rats (2003), Brain Box (2006), and their most resent, Adaobi and Adaeze (2014). Majority of the film which Aki and Pow-Pow have both acted, they have featured in as kids. However, they also have other movies they acted as adults though their physical structure as dwarfs could not really feet completely into their character.

    Contrary to Aki Na Ukwa (2002), Aki and Pow-Pow have also acted as ladies in their latest movie titled Adaobi and Adaeze (2014). According to Nigerian customs, the names Adaobi and Adaeze could only be given to females. This explains the more reason why Aki and Pow-pow went by the names Adaobi and Adaeze respectively. The interesting aspect from this movie, is how perfect they fit in their female character. A good account for this success, could be attributed to their body structure, and skin color. From a physical perspective, these two actors are approximately equal in height and body structure.

    A good similarity between them, is the fact that they both have fluffy body structure as well as full chest and breast that gives them added advantage to suit their role as females throughout the movie. Despite the above similarity of Aki and Pow-pow, what differs between them is the fact that Aki is much older when it comes to age difference than Pow-pow. This explains why he had an upper advantage of being the first to act in the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) (1998). Also he has a dark skin color as opposed to his copartner Pow-pow.

    With reference to the biography of both actors, it brings out a clear fact that they come from separate families. With this being said, the question that has not yet been answered up till date, is how come they are able to relate to each other without problems and make great success not only in their field of acting, but also in real life. These talented and inspiring young men gone a long way in exceeding their limits not only as actors on stage but also jointly agreeing to build a twin building for themselves after having several other buildings in their separate hometowns.

    In looking at the similarities and differences of both actors, it is important to note that they have more in common as opposed to their difference. Examining their relationship in and out of the acting field, brings to mind the fact that no matter the qualities of an individual, there is always a potential that lies in them. All that is needed, depends on courage, aiming high and believing that fears are a test of time, courage is the weapon to fight and success is the trophy. Their achievements off-stage has greatly inspired lots of other upcoming actors to a positive mind set.

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