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    A Turning Point in My Life Essay

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    1. Life of every human being is a gift from Almight ALLAH. Every body out of us endeavours to spend his life in the best possible manner to be known as a respected and good human being. Life of every person is differnet from the other indiviuals in many aspects. Every body has a different vision of success and has his own ways to achive his goals. We have our own role models, our own heroes and above all our own circumstances which drive us on the path of our life. At the end, the aim of every body is almost identical, to lead his or her life in the best possible manner and to become noble and respected indiviuals among the society.

    Every person has turning points in his / her life which changes the human behavior. I personally, believe that in every humans life there are turning points that change their outlook, change attitudes, interests, attitudes towards life and other people, when glasses are broken into small fragments. These turing points are not always sudden, they may be gradual as well in creating impact in our lives. In such situations smart people make conclusions. Such was a point in my life when I took a decision which changed all the dimensions of my life.

    This decision was a very important one, as its impact was going to be very long lasting, almost next three decades of my life were going to get imprinted by it. The time when I decided to join Armed Forces of Pakistan. i. e. Pakistan Air Force, was the decision which changed my life, and undoubtedly it was the turning moment in my life. As student many of us dreams of joining this elite organization and become proud of the nation. I too was carrying the same dream. Thus I applied for commission in Pakistan Air Force to fulfill my lifetime dream and By Grace of Almighty Allah cleared all tests and reported at PAF Academy Risalpur.

    From here onwards, that turn started to curve me and my life, which resulted in totally molding and changing my life. When I reported at PAF Academy Risalpur, my parents came with me and dropped me at the gate. At that time I didnt knew, but actually from here onwards I was at my own. From here on in the coming years, I had to travel alone in all provinces of Pakistan. From hot deserts to lush green cities of Pakistan. From high plateaus to coastal areas of Pakistan. And that was the beauty of decision which Allah Made for me, which turned my life.

    Before joining PAF, I always travelled with my parents and siblings and never travelled alone, especially outside my city, like most of us do. It was after joining PAF, that confidence inculcated in my personality, which enabled me to travel anytime and anywhere in the country and outside the country as well. Its the part of training that was given to me at PAF Academy Rislapur which groomed us to face all the challenges of life bravely and come out victorious. It was after my this decision that I travelled to hottest and coldest parts of country to perform my duty whom I took oath for. The life in PAF is very versatile.

    No doubt its demanding and challenging but interesting. It provides great opportunities and experiences of life so that one could learn various lessons and live a better life. Whether its ones personal life, professional life or family life, PAF is a complete package. It makes us a disciplined and a well learned man. A man who can work with other fellows in good ethics as well as lead them too when and wherever required. Because guarding motherland is a sacred and a very delicate task, and only those are entrusted with it, who can do it with pride, honour and dignity. As lives of millions of people are at stake.

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