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    A Technological Humanity Essay (701 words)

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    The technology surrounding everyone in modern society affects everyday activities. Since the dawn of man, humans have produced ideas to make life more enjoyable and easier. From Galileo’s telescope to Gates’s computers, people have developed objects to enrich their everyday lives. The technological advancements throughout history, affect humanity in many several apparent ways.

    Computers contain information sometimes unwanted by others.

    They influence minds in both good and bad ways, and allow people to share information that they would otherwise be unable to attain. Even if a person does not own a computer or credit cards, information about anyone can be discovered through this technological advancement. Technology, just now beginning to be manipulated and harnessed, is affecting the minds of small children and adolescents in ways that could possibly become harmful. It also gives another form of communication and exchange of information previously unavailable.

    Anyone owning computer can access offensive material such as pornography or violent websites. With just a few clicks of a mouse, one can view a problem that jeopardizes the nation’s moral and ethical values.

    Often times the young people accessing such websites in cyberspace aren’t even old enough to understand the complete meaning of human sexuality. More often, the adults accessing these websites, who do have a common understanding of sexuality, obtain distorted views of normal sexual behavior. Violence plagues the streets of America today. If kids see gangsters in Los Angeles committing drive-by shootings or the KKK burning the cross, they receive a false sense of reality. In order to save our children’s innocence and America’s moral values, the Internet should be strictly regulated.

    With the new online wave, minds not only of small children, but also adolescents and adults become influenced by outside information.

    As the mind develops, things such as pornography is no longer the main concern. Now, because of the easy access to information, the fourteen years old who has just discovered that she failed ninth grade can find out how to make a bomb out of household detergents. The laid-off business man, the dumped boyfriend, and the deranged psycho also find potentially dangerous information at the tips of their fingers. What is to stop humans from using weapons of mass destruction instead of committing less violent acts with this technology at hand?

    Curiosity of mankind has led to the development of varying types of energy. As a result of these new power sources, many consequences seen light. Solar energy is an extremely efficient method to produce power.

    It is used in certain areas to charge things such as household utilities and lighting for expressways. This technological advancement is quite expensive and space consuming. The discovery of Nuclear Fusion has produced a breakthrough in science: nuclear energy. To production of this power is less costly and more affective. However, the waste produced after the fuel is burned is not recyclable. Nuclear fuel is very radioactive and can contaminate miles of land if not properly disposed.

    In the past, Nuclear Plants have malfunctioned and caused great grievances with deaths. Nuclear Fusion has not only produced nuclear energy but also the most detrimental technological breakthrough in history. Through Nuclear Fusion, weapons, such as the Atom bomb, have made it possible to completely destroy the surface of the Earth. Chemical Weapons were first used in World War I, and still play a tragic role in the destructions common today. A recent incident involving Americans and Chemical Warfare was from the Persian Gulf Conflict where US soldiers were exposed to chemical weapons. Since then, many soldiers have become ill with a strange “Gulf-syndrome” that has been attributed to Chemical Weapons secretly used by Iraq.

    Chemical Weapons are extremely dangerous and hazardous to life. Danger being their sole purpose, chemical weapons affect humans and the environment incredibly. The effect of a chemical weapon depends on the type employed. Nerve agents can cause death. Along with their fatal properties, Nerve agents can be colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Other Chemical agents, such as mustard gas, can be used to render their victims unable to fight.

    Mustard gas causes huge blisters on the skin and has caused many causalities in war. Other chemical weapons agents can be used to cause blindness, mental .

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