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    A Personal Analysis of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech

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    “I have a Dream” these famous words were spoken in 1963 by one of the greatest peaceful protesters this world has ever seen, Martin Luther King Jr. Martin fought for equal rights in America but he fought not with guns and violence but with peace and witt. He managed to bring a whole nation together with just his words. As a person who believes in equality, I truly look up to Dr.King. He has inspired people for many generations and will continue to do so for many more.

    The “I have a Dream” speech is one of the most famous speeches that Martin Luther King ever gave. He did not intend to talk about his dream but according to “During a pause Mahalia Jackson called out from behind the poteum tell ’em about the dream Martin”. Because of this I believe the beginning of the speech is planned to inspire as in him mentioning Abraham Lincoln who freed the african american race and trying to inspire. This is also shown in him bringing up the Emancipation Proclamation.

    But after Mrs. Jackson Mentioned the dream I believe martin was speaking from the heart. And there was no clear true purpose but to share how he felt about racism. This speech is very relatable to most people today because many people now believe all people are equal even if there are the naysayers who would disagree. Equality is not as important as people think, equality is commonly confused with acceptance. We will never truly have equality because everyone will never agree on everything that’s why agreeing to disagree is better than equality.

    This speech did inspire many and is one of the most memorable speeches to date this is most likely because King did an amazing job of word choice and as I sometimes say “Everyone was thinking it, I’m just the one who said it.” saying this reminds me of Dr. King and other Great leaders and minds. At the time having the guts to stand up and say something is wrong when so many people are against it or are scared to speak up this is what makes this speech memorable because the amount of courage it took.

    The words he used also aided in this as in him repeatedly saying “I have a dream” to add inthisiss on his thoughts. Also as i read on at the very begining of his speech he said “I am happy to join you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.” Even at the beginning of his amazing speech he is already giving hope and talking about freedom. This speech is relatable to me because i to have a dream but my dream is not for equality it is for acceptance for if people can leam to accept each other we can accept ourselves.

    The “I have a Dream” speeches meaning is that people should accept each other’s differences and that people should not be segregated because of their color or beliefs. Martin Luther King Jr was an amazing man and he achieved much for our great country. Without this man we may still be a segregated country. It may be true our country is not perfect but without Dr. King it would be a lot worse. This country continues to grow and thrive everyday and great people will continue to improve it with their ideas. Use Dr. King as an inspiration and try and change the world you may surprise yourself in what you can do.

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